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Model: AEG-E1-JP12C

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by Garret H. on 2013-06-03 12:01:20
"I have had this gun for just over a year and it is the BEST gun you can get for the price. I do agree with other responses though about it being slightly inaccurate so tight bore inner barrel is a fantastic investment. Also getting a suppressor makes the gun look amazing.<-
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Those are links to an amazing and huge tight bore inner barrel that i use and h huge suppressor that i use to cover up the barrel, but it makes the gun.


BEST gun for the price
High ROF
Detachable rear sight
Realistic feel and weight
Comes with battery
Hurts (Chronoed at 385 fps)
SEXY as a Mother


Slightly inacurate (easily fixed)
RIS wobbles
Plastic body (not as durable, but lighter)
Butt plate can break
Comes with battery (i ordered an extra that i did not need)

Over all a fantastic gun that is well worth the money. Looks great with a suppressor, grip, bipod, holo, and a flip to the side magnification scope (makes it like a hybrid from MW3), and it shoots sooo accurate with the tight bore inner barrel.
by sebastian t. on 2013-03-25 08:02:33
"I bought this gun about a year ago, and straight out of the box it is a great gun. it doesn't 'need' any upgrades, but I would recommend a tight bore barrel, because it can be a little in-accurate. The only problem I have with the gun is that the butt on my crane stock broke. Beyond that, it's an awesome gun. I would recommend this gun for everyone, from beginners to veterans.
by Monica M. O. on 2013-02-22 18:13:52
"This gun is a MUST buy, its amazing!
Pros: High ROF, Perfect FPS (about 390), durable/solid, feels great, removable back sights, easy to upgrade & dissasemble, stings like a mother, great crane stock for butterfly battery.
Cons: little bit innacurate but fixed with tight bore barrel, new hop op & bucking, stock is a little hard to remove (not a big deal), the hop up that comes with it isn't the best.

Overall this gun is AMAZING for such a low price and with a few upgrades is a complete BEAST. Get this gun!!
by Scott L. on 2012-12-31 20:23:52
"I've had this gun for almost a year now, let me tell you, it's not for the feint of heart. It stings like a mother with .2s.

Realistic weight
Very high ROF
400 FPS out of the box
Crane stock battery
Easy to disassemble

RIS wobble became TERRIBLE, fixed with a free float system
Motor plate broke (I bought a new grip and heat sink which fixed this)

Really makes your friends go "wow". They also claim to have taken enough after one 40yd shot on semi auto. This is not a beginner rifle.
by James M. on 2012-09-21 19:48:31
"Excellent airsoft gun, I would recommend getting a 9.6v battery.


Great ROF.

Great FPS.

Realistic Weight.


None that I can think.
by John B. on 2012-09-16 17:15:21
"Gun is great. FPS and ROF are both perfectly fast. Battery cover is a little hard to get of but over all this gun is a great gun for the money.
by Garret H. on 2012-08-12 11:01:18
Great Gun
High Rate of Fire
Comes w/ battery
Good in Pornos

Butplate breaks easily
by Dan L. on 2012-08-04 21:50:39
"I love this gun i've had it for a few months now and it his hard shoots fast and has great range and accuracy. I put a custom paint job on it and am soon getting a red dot sight and foregrip. It's definitely worth the money as I have not had a problem with it in the field. So if you want a m4 that shoots great outa the box get this and get a 9.6v battery for it.
by Tyler C. on 2012-07-09 22:14:18
"I got this gun about 2 weeks ago and out of the box it was sooooooo sexyit shot 360 to 370 with 20s and the range was above most of my friends guns and the rate of fire is amazing to the only problem I had was one of the tops of the crane stock that holds the battery in place fell out but not a big deal.
hits hard
good rof
great range
good price
stag arms engraving

top fell off
by Ryan C. on 2011-05-14 07:24:23
"Very good reliable gun stock. Gun is very easy to upgrade, and for that reason I gave it a 5 over a 4 star. The gun is able to keep up with any other stock, and most small upgraded AEG's out there. With a new battery, longer inner tight-bore barrel, bucking, and a cylinder tune up kit, I went from hanging with the top guys I play with, to being a few steps above them. Went from using a red-dot sight to an actual scope on it during day play due to its increased accuracy and fps. Recommendations for upgrading are M120 spring, new bucking unit, tight-bore inner barrel, and a cylinder tune up kit. All are for sale right here on!
by CHRIS P. on 2011-02-06 19:09:40
"i recently got the echo1 m4 mod4 ris amazing gun first of all. peq box could have been better the cap to hold the battery in just kept falling off. The battery is nicd but im going to put a 8.4 5000 mah battery in it and tight bore the accuracy is really good and rof is ok. I let my friend shoot me with the gun from about 35 feet away, and i have never in my life felt such pain by an airsoft gun just about fell to the ground and i have been shot by a string m4 cqb and it didt hurt that bad. overall it gets a 4and 1/2.
by jake c. on 2010-12-15 19:06:36
"this airsoft aeg is very good, I got it about a month ago and it hasnt jamed or had any problems.the only thing i hate is the battery CANT go in the foregrip or stock, but in this lame pqc box, but you get used to it.

PROS-380 fps.
130 ft. range
mostly metal

CONS-pqc box

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