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Echo1 M16A4 DMR Airsoft Rifle w/ CNC RIS (New STAG Arms Licensed Version)

35 Customer Reviews

by Noah B. on 09/04/2012
"Overall this gun is great. It looks good and works well. You should get this gun.
metal rails
full stock for battery storage
almost every m4 mag works with it
high fps and rof

wobbly rails
plasic recievers

Overall it is great! Get this gun!!!
by Joseph T. on 05/26/2012
"This gun is awesome I have had it for 1 year and I havent used in months and today I used it in an airsoft war and I kicked butt with it get this gun!!!
by jon k. on 03/28/2012
"first of all lets start with the only down sides...there are none!

This is probaly my favorite gun then my others its light, shoots hard out of box, and feels great
the only down side is the abs plastic body but can easily get a metal one for 60$

Mine deffinatly needed a shim job and i added a 6.03 tight bore and now its basicly a sniper with its combined range and acurace, and can be easily changed for assualt and all around a great buy for new and experinced players..!
by devin p. on 12/28/2011
"omg i absolutely love this gun, but for the RIS wobble it is a very easy fix it took me about 12min to get it all the way apart to tighten and put it back together. it has a very fast fire rate but for some reason mine when i have a stock battery in it has a faster fire rate then my friends that is identical but has a lypo in it i think its something goofed up about my gun but i like having a faster fire rate then everyone else on the field! this gun is definitively a longer gun i would Highly recommend buying a side arm like i have a KWA Match USP and it is a complete animal to whip out in someones face and pop a few rounds! this gun is even better with a tight bore over all its a 9.5/10 gun


by Laurie R. on 11/26/2011
"I've had this gun for maybe 2 years now, I don't get out as often as I used to, but it packs a pretty powerful punch. It says 350 to 380, but with .2's it hits anywhere from 425 to 450. It's a great looking gun, great price, I'm not a fan of the plastic gearbox cover, but I don't do much in the way of gearbox modifications so it's not that big of a deal to me. It's firing rate is phenomenal, definitely recommend getting a smart charger and a bigger battery (for any gun you buy). Sick looking gun, no problems, good power, and you can stock up the rail and put some nice stuff on it. I'm getting a sniper to have with me, I would also recommend a pistol, because this gun is long, and it's not the easiest thing to move around with in small spaces, sniping, absolutely. I would recommend this gun to anyone, first time buyers and pros. This is a great gun to have on your team!
by daniel p. on 12/27/2010
"I have to say,this gun is great! I love to shoot it, great noise from the motor and gearbox. I'd reccomend if actually using it as a DMR putting an ACOG with 3x will make you dominate. You really have to adjust those iron sites on it, the battery compartment is tight, but if you putthe battery in first, then the wires its not so hard. I love the weight, not too heavy, and definently not light, I think this is from the full metal RIS on the front. I give it a 5/5 in my book, great starter, and for experienced just replace the body with a metal one, and bam, you got a full metal pro gun
by Scott S. on 12/25/2010
"Awesome gun, I just got it. I charged the battery, shot it, and was amazed. My first aeg, although I've had other airsoft guns. For me, it shot perfect with matrix .23g bbs. The only problem was the wobbly ris rail.
by joe m. on 04/02/2010
"Great gun! thats all to say go buy it!! but i got mine cheaper because i got mine for Christmas but still dont wait get it now. u also mite want to get some kind of sight, because the iron sights get boring after a while. but other then that like i said and a lot of other people said great gun
by David P. on 03/31/2010
"Just got this gun about a month ago, and I am really happy with the overall quality of this gun. I had trouble finding a not out-of-stock gun, but the Evike customer support helped me find the perfect gun, and was really nice and helpful going about it. This M16 is one of the most reliable guns i have used in a war due to its versatility and upgrades that are super easy to find. Mine shot around 370 fps right out of the box.
by Graham S. on 03/30/2010
"amazing gun i love it the rail is a little wobbly but thats a very easy fix the price is great for what you get very real weight and feel shoots very accurate and i highly recommend a 9.6 nmh battery for it shoots much better.

i want to know though from the webmaster does it shoot better with .20, .23, or .25 i want to know what it shoots the best with it doesn't say in the description but i very highly recommend this to any one that is looking for a good m16.

@Graham S. - BB weight is your preference. Try both weights to see which one suits the way you shoot.

by Kenny S. on 03/05/2010
"this is amazing i love this gun its so nice.nice rof and fps and accuracey but the battrie is a lil big for the gun it doesint fit smoothly and i think you should get a smaller 9.6 its a amaizng gun it looks even cooler with a vertical grip and a kinfe , the knife is pointless but looks nice. also this gun is long and its a nice gun.but i have some questions is it lipoly ready?
nice rof
nice fps
nice accuracy
nice size
nice looks
nice gun

plastic body metal one is like 50$
battery too big for the stock
by Danny B. on 01/28/2010
"this gun is outstanding. it has a lot of realistic features on it. the battery is worse than life to put in. don't even try to fit a 9.6v in there, because i had to take apart the stalk because it wouldn't come out. insanely accurate and has decent power and range. the body is plastic, but still has that cool deer on it. mine came with a BB stuck in the gear box, broken in halve and smashed up. so if you don't care about warranty, i would check it.

well built
decent power/range

battery compartment is small
you need two different screws to take off stock?
by Ryan T. on 01/08/2010
"this gun is freakin awsom it is the best gun that i have and its the best gun from echo 1 i recomend buying another magazine it runs out quick if your firing on fully auto and if your pinned down and u run out your dead and it takes a long time to reload. this gun has a long battery life this gun has a lot of back spin at long range when on no hop but it is for close quarters to mid range if u have this gun u can hold ur own in a bunker or behind cover. this gun isnt light and it isint heavy. i was thinking should i get the scorpion from jg/ well?
by Paul C. on 09/28/2009
"Very very very very nice rifle.
Nice build and shoots like a dream
Going to get one soon but my question is what type of threads does it have on here I'm thinking about getting a flash hider for it but I can't find the type of threads it has...I'm thinkin it has a -14 but I just want to be sure.

Webmaster: 14mm negative threading
by Susan W. on 04/04/2009
"i have had this gun for about 3 months now and its untouchable! Once u fix the wobble problem for the ris, the gun is rock solid. Its shoots super accurate and straight(Adjust the hop-up).Also, the rate of fire dominates over my friends M4 and AK-47. I put a King Arms acog on it and i can now hit targets up to 200ft!! A must buy if u love M16s.