Reviews: Echo1 M16A4 DMR Airsoft Rifle w/ CNC RIS (New STAG Arms Licensed Version)


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Model: AEG-E1-JP14

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by Dr.G S. on 2008-11-02 15:23:27
"I to ask questions in reviews but can an extra set of RIS guards fit on this evenly? I want to get one and hve fiered of a few round in one at the field I go to and it shot prety well.
by Sanzo L. on 2008-10-31 11:27:59
"dude this gun is the best i have it and it never EVER breaks on me lol and this gun also saved me from getting out numbered.......right now iam currently upgrading the externals to metal

5 out of 5
by Brian C. on 2008-10-20 17:29:10
"Get a harris bipod. And this gun is not a piece of crap, you just have to tighten a few things. My friend had this gun for almost a year and the only problem is that the barrel wobbles and all you need to get to fix it is a metal body and a one piece outer barrel. Besides that, gun is a great SPR and i definitely recommend it.
by Brian S. on 2008-10-16 09:24:33
"This guns a piece of crap, I got it and I had to spend 30 minutes trying to fix the wobbly barrel and rail system to no avail, that and the magazine just doesn't feel right. I would not even order from evike again.
by Tyler W. on 2008-10-11 19:54:12
"@Cody Loop
If I were you I would get a good barrel bi-pod, thats what im going to do so I can use a foregrip when im not prone.
by Cody L. on 2008-10-06 15:11:57
"what size bipod should i get for this gun i dont have it but i am getting it. i want to order at same time????????
by Alex A. on 2008-09-30 18:04:54
"Actually you don't have to get this one. You can use other M16 models also. But I would say this is probably your best choice.
by Tim S. on 2008-09-14 18:33:57
"this is the gun you have to buy to use with the echo1 long m203 launcher isnt it? cuz i want to buy an m16 and an m203 so i want to make sure they are compatible
by Bill H. on 2008-09-12 16:01:44
"Best gun EVER!!! it shoots very hard and very accurate. had it for about 2 years now! though it is a little heavy but if ur a big person then its fine. it also feels like the real thing!
by Karl A. on 2008-07-05 13:34:05
"This airsoft gun is great and really shoots far with that long barrel, fps is a decent it clocked out at 360 fps which is ok. The second i purchased this gun i got a tight bore barrel and it now shoots very very far (with the hop up properly adjusted) and consistent ever since i installed it. But the plastic body what they say is ABS is definately not, reason why is I compared my Tokyo Marui's to this and the plastic is crap. I would recommend buying a metal body right away bcuz without it the barrel you can literally move it side to side!!! Oh and its a heavy gun, I weighed mine and it was 9lbs. but with the metal body and bipod its now 10lbs but at least its very sturdy with the metal body, I recommend this gun but it will need modification to improve its overall life span on the battlefeild. Great gun but its really heavy thats why i'm giving it a 4/5.
by donovan e. on 2008-07-02 02:26:29
"This gun is OK but i would recommed that you take good care of the hand guard. The ring that holds it in the front is plastic and isn't that strong. I recommend that you replace the front ring with a metal one. But all in all its a OK gun.

Displaying 25 to 35 (of 35 reviews)

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