Reviews: Echo1 M16A4 DMR Airsoft Rifle w/ CNC RIS (New STAG Arms Licensed Version)


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Model: AEG-E1-JP14

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by Danny B. on 2010-01-28 15:10:09
"this gun is outstanding. it has a lot of realistic features on it. the battery is worse than life to put in. don't even try to fit a 9.6v in there, because i had to take apart the stalk because it wouldn't come out. insanely accurate and has decent power and range. the body is plastic, but still has that cool deer on it. mine came with a BB stuck in the gear box, broken in halve and smashed up. so if you don't care about warranty, i would check it.

well built
decent power/range

battery compartment is small
you need two different screws to take off stock?
by Ryan T. on 2010-01-08 15:49:34
"this gun is freakin awsom it is the best gun that i have and its the best gun from echo 1 i recomend buying another magazine it runs out quick if your firing on fully auto and if your pinned down and u run out your dead and it takes a long time to reload. this gun has a long battery life this gun has a lot of back spin at long range when on no hop but it is for close quarters to mid range if u have this gun u can hold ur own in a bunker or behind cover. this gun isnt light and it isint heavy. i was thinking should i get the scorpion from jg/ well?
by Paul C. on 2009-09-28 11:40:44
"Very very very very nice rifle.
Nice build and shoots like a dream
Going to get one soon but my question is what type of threads does it have on here I'm thinking about getting a flash hider for it but I can't find the type of threads it has...I'm thinkin it has a -14 but I just want to be sure.

Webmaster: 14mm negative threading
by Susan W. on 2009-04-04 15:16:02
"i have had this gun for about 3 months now and its untouchable! Once u fix the wobble problem for the ris, the gun is rock solid. Its shoots super accurate and straight(Adjust the hop-up).Also, the rate of fire dominates over my friends M4 and AK-47. I put a King Arms acog on it and i can now hit targets up to 200ft!! A must buy if u love M16s.
by Patrick F. on 2009-02-13 04:10:19
"Inernally this gun same as JG, without M130 spring (M120 installed). However there is a differance Echo 1 has a metal carry handle JG has plastic. Echo 1 has black realistic Plastic body, JG has green/grayish plastic body. Echo 1 M16 DMR is a very good replica very sturdy platform for upgrade and accessories. The gearbox has metal bushings, metal spring guide, ball bearing piston head, and steel gears. No need to upgrade internals, unlees you want to.
by Orion W. on 2009-01-20 18:12:36
"Just to put it out there right now, this is my favorite rifle. I love M-16's, and i love Echos.
Now, onto the rifle. The RIS rail does wobble, however this is easily fixed, i simply have the scope mount go from the receiver to the barrel on my rifle. Out of the box performance, accurate to start with and shoots about 335-345 with .25g bb's. Its reliable and even though it isn't full metal, its pretty sturdy. Back to the Rail system, with that much space, one could put any number of RIS compatible accessories on this rifle. Such as a RIS grenade launcher (yes echo makes one), flash lights, laser pointers, battery boxes, fore-grip handles, bi-pods, anything. This is arguably one of the most flexible rifles Echo makes. I love it, you'll love it, and you'll buy it if ya want one amazing AEG.
by joshua t. on 2009-01-09 11:34:59
"I've had this gun for a year and it's great. I've replaced the plastic body with a metal one and the front ring also with a metal. The front ring I bought from here was like $12 and it doesn't fit too well with the front grips. I might have to buy another, they wobble way too much and don't seem to fit at all. Other than that it's a good gun.
by Jerry C. on 2009-01-08 20:15:03
"The barrel comes wobbly but all you need to do is take off the R.I.S. and tighten 2 little screws where the barrel connects to the body. The R.I.S. is a bit wobbly, but is metal and very nice. This gun isn't really that heavy if you are of a good build. This gun looks awesome(especially since I added a King Arms red dot ACOG, vertical foregrip, and a AN/PEQ2, so now it looks just like what the USMC use). It has a great rate of fire and accuracy. A proffessional airosfter could use this gun, by just adding a tightbore barrel and metal body(as I will soon) Overall Great gun and fantastic looks.
by denise D. on 2008-12-18 21:20:07
"to anyone who is asking, yes the RIS handguards rattle, but u can fix it easily, also it does come with a carrying handle
by David N. on 2008-12-14 19:59:43
"The new version has one piece laser engraved rail which is a lot better than the 2 pieces screwed together rail in the old version.It now comes with carry handle instead of flip up rear sight.I just wish Echo 1 makes metal receiver with the Stag Arms logo instead of the ABS plastic ones
by Zack P. on 2008-12-10 16:19:15
"Excellent gun! It's extremely accurate, with tight groupings out to 150 ft. It has 380 fps, and a very high fire rate, probably because of it's beastly 9.6V battery. And yes, it does come with a carry handle, but you should really ask that in the forum.
by cameron b. on 2008-11-05 20:42:17
"hey sry about askin questions in a review but I really need to know if this comes with the carrying handle/rear sight? But i have fired this gun and it is really nice and i hate being in the line of fire from this aeg.

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