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by Steve G. on 2008-12-17 18:42:14
"So im guessing Evike not getting this back in stock anytime soon? what a bummer i want one so bad

Webmaster: The reason the ETA was moved back to 1/30/2009 was because the first batch that arrived all went to the guys who pre-ordered them. We barely filled all the orders so they are out again.
by sean m. on 2008-10-17 18:11:19
"This looks like a awesome gun!!! If i had the money, i would buy this gun in a heart beat
by keith h. on 2008-10-13 08:22:58
"thats makes more sense thanks so wich ak74 has recoil again?
by keith h. on 2008-10-13 08:22:55
"thats makes more sense thanks so wich ak74 has recoil again?
by Kahold C. on 2008-10-12 22:55:47
"VFC has A pretty cool recoil system on the Ak 74 AIMS so i think they can easily makes a recoil system for this gun
by keith h. on 2008-10-12 19:58:55
"well how then would a air soft gun have "realistic recoil" it tis a replica i uses electriciti to shot, so how then do you propose it would have recoil?
by Brooks l. on 2008-10-12 19:31:41
"keith you fool some bars do have realistiv recoil so you need to be quiet and get a life
by keith h. on 2008-10-12 09:08:48
"david you sound like an uter idiot of course it doesnt have "realistic recoil" its an airsoft gun. also in ww2 the BAR could fire semi and auto so shut up.
by Keith K. on 2008-08-24 03:38:07
"I was one of the 1st couple people to buy this gun from evike. I have never handled a more impressive and realistic airsoft gun. The gun is full-auto only, which adds to the realism, because the WW2 1918A2 BAR was fully automatic only. It had 2 different rates of fire (the airsoft version does not have this, however.)

There is no other airsoft gun like it; it is 100% unique. I love it.
by David C. on 2008-07-14 18:56:04
"If you've never used this gun, please don't talk like you have......this gun is a really really really really nice of my friends (darn rich people jkjk) has this gun, and he keeps it with the rest of his dad's shotguns and rifles. i was actually over at his house for a get-together of sorts, and all the other adults were ogling this gun and kept asking where my friend's dad got it. with a hearty laugh, he told them it was only a replica!!! ANYWAY, using this's a bit annoying that there's no realistic recoil, but hey, its a really nice gun...price is a bit steep, but yeah...if i had the money, i'd spring for this gun.
by ronald r. on 2008-07-05 19:22:53
"this gun is stinky not its so nasty i was in some and it saved me and i felt like rambo i got hit 7 times bt hit htat person 80 times i recked the other team and it was 30 0n 3 and i was on the3 team and im better than ever with the bar!!!!


get this gun its worth it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Displaying 1 to 11 (of 11 reviews)