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Model: AEG-ICS-29

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by Tj M. on 2013-06-09 06:56:40
"This gun was amazing it rocked in CQB and it was pretty good outside but it has its pros and cons

Good fps
Nice and compact

The battery Doesn't fit
by Rafael R. on 2010-01-07 10:46:48
"you guys are missing the whole point of the gun.. there is no stock becuase it wasnt designed to have one! its a CQB M4 pistol. so the no stock comment really is a stupid one!
by Ryne T. on 2009-03-01 14:11:11
"I got this gun yesterday and i have to say this this gun rocks for the price. Thing that sucks is that i had to a buy battery and peq box because they didn't have any battery that would the fit peq box that came with gun. Overall this gun rocks.

Metal body
googd rate of fire
comes with 2 high-cap mags
great for cqb

no stock
by Kyle W. on 2009-01-23 10:38:32
"This is a great base to start with. Upgrades are easy to do internally and externally, easy to work on. Accurate with the stock barrel. The brass bushing for the barrel wiggled out but easy to put back in. Came with two mags a thermal and a normal mag. Decent stock internals seen better in other stock guns. Split gear box makes it nice. You can slap a lipo in this it will take the abuse. If you do go lipo get a better piston and piston head takes about 10 minutes do those upgrades. Shots 300 to 315. Good rof with a 9.6 2000 mah. It does not come with a battery but the intellect 9.6 2000 mah butterfly configuration fits the Peq box. If a lipo it is shooting about 19-21 rps.

Can take any external upgrade
Easy to work on the internals thanks to the split gear box
The price is nice
Stock barrel is good
PEQ box is cool

Internals arenít great.
The brass bushing came out
The normal mag sucks (on mine but normally good.)
Needs a stock

I give this a 4.5/5
by Bryce C. on 2008-11-11 19:58:52
"how long is the tight bore on this gun? i want it it looks cool but all the reviews say it is plastic so i wanted to upgrade
by greg g. on 2008-10-15 09:26:02
"i have this gun. been playing with it stock for a while and recently decided to upgrade a little bit. threw a pdi 140% spring in it new tight bore and and mock suppresor. i would also recomend a silent piston head like a polycarbonate one the stock one is loud. new inner barrel is a must the stock 1 is some plastic bs..all in all a great buy split gear box makes it super easy to upgrade and there is almost no plastic on this gun
by Enrique G. on 2008-09-24 13:11:21
"It looks great, but my only issue with it is.. would it function if it were a real gun. I don't think an M4 can work with out a buffer spring. does anyone know if this gun exist in real life?? I know there are M4 pistols, but they have a tube in the back that holds the buffer spring. I mean this gun looks really kul with out it, and I know its an airsoft gun so you don't need a buffer spring.. anyways other than that I think its a kul gun, and I'm thinking about getting it.
by Andrew E. on 2008-09-18 23:51:11
"this is an excellent gun i have used it as my primary for about a year with no major issues. my gun is upgraded internally and externally witch was easy to do since the top end slides out. my gun shoots 380+ reliably with a 110 spring witch seems to have a great life because of the anti reversal latch release. overall great buy
by James M. on 2008-07-24 04:52:58
"A M170 will yield over 650 fps if installed properly. You will need magnum motor, infinity torque up gear set, 10.8V + battery.....yes, there will be a lot of wear and tear on internal parts for that type of power. I recommend keeping this a CQB gun around 380 fps max.
by Raymond P. on 2008-07-23 11:40:00
"it wont damage it any time soon, ics gearbox is pretty solid. it would be kinda pointless though to put an m170 spring because its such a short barreled gun that there wont be much air compression, unless you decide to install a longer barrel
by Raymond P. on 2008-07-18 13:51:43
"This gun is great for starters and pros alike. Excellent for CQB use, looks really cool. Body has a great finish, solid metal, no loose parts. Comes with 2 great high cap mags. The only problem with this gun is the limited rail space, you'd have to get the short grenade launchers. Upgrading it is very easy. I was able to put in a SP120 spring and change just the piston and piston head plus a short tightbore barrel and was able to get it to crank out to 400fps. All in all, its a great buy, very customizable.
by Alec S. on 2008-05-31 23:51:52
"i play indoor cbq games and absolutly LOVE this gun. out of the box it goes about 310 and the hi caps are very reliable. it alos shoots about 13 bb's a second with no upgrades but since using this gun for the past many months i've decided to get a li-poly and now shoots about 20 bb's a second. the two piece gear box is also the BEST when ever u need to fix or change something. i also recommend it for people who are small like me because it allows you to manuever around corners very well. only downside though is that it is quite heavy for its small size but then of course its metal so you get the reliability. for anyone looking for a secondary gun or just started out i definetly reccomend this gun!!!!!! You should buy it. just saying

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