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Dboy / BoyI Full Metal M4 Carbine Airsoft AEG

48 Customer Reviews

by Justin C. on 10/12/2008
"Well Nick I just bought this gun and also own two g&gs, a A3 carbine and an A2, and I would say that if your looking for a well finished and reliable gun go with the g&g, the external is second to none in both finish and durability and the internals are custom and good enough for up to a M120 spring without overhaul to the gearbox, (replacing the piston, gears, ect) in short I don't think you could go wrong with a g&g, but then comes the price tag. So the dboy is a nice balance. The externals are very plain but good looking and once again very robust, save for but the hand guards, which are very thin, and do not fit tightly, the internals on the other hand suck, the shim job on mine was crap and the wiring harness was incorrectly installed and a piece of junk, the gun obviously didn't even fire out of the box which is always very frustrating. Still if your looking for a cheaper project gun the dboy is a good selection, who knows maybe I got a lemon, but I do know that quality control stinks with the dboy guns. If your getting a gun that's going to be your main weapon spend your extra money on the g&g but if your in the market for a project gun or just another one to add to the arsenal, get the dboy. hope this helps man!
by Vicki M. on 01/05/2010
"This gun is great for a while out of the box chronoed at 355ish fps out of the box.
Out of the box, my front barrel assembly was wobbling about an inch either way which was real easy to fix, you just tighten the delta ring.
However, after about two weeks i had to replace the tappet plate in the gearbox which was a pain.

After 6 months, the piston's plastic teeth were completely stripped, one of the gears was stripped as well and the tappet plate was broken again. now i have to replace the gearbox.

i've put over $200 into fixing this thing. I could have built my own gun with all of the new parts i ordered. The only thing i haven't replaced is the hopup chamber.

If you want to really be able to use this gun, i suggest a tightbore be installed.

All in all i've had it for 7 months and wished i would have gotten the g&g combat machine for $140.
Or save your money and get a real quality gun for _$200 and it'll last you longer than this thing ever will.

Metal body and metal carrying handle are very nice.

This gun is good for beginners and short term playing, but there are better uses for your money.
by CJ E. on 09/26/2008
"Get a JG or an Echo 1 M4 instead. Dboys' crappy metal M4 bodies aren't worth the lack of accuracy and firepower.