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Dboy / BoyI Full Metal M4 Carbine Airsoft AEG

49 Customer Reviews

by evan k. on 02/26/2017
"You might need to get a new dust cover release that's connected to the charging handle because it's cheap plastic witch only cost 12$ other than that the gun is amazing shoots hard and accurate it's nice and heavy too overall great gun really recommend.
by Derek P. on 01/02/2013
"I've had this gun for about 3 years now, and it still works perfectly! I've had the motor jam up about 2 times since I've had it, and it is an easy fix. Before you read the pros and cons, you should know I am an AIRSOFT GUN'S WORST NIGHTMARE. I'm not very "gentle" with my guns, so keep that in mind.

Good quality (All parts that are metal on a real AR-15 are metal here)
Easily Customizable

Orange flash-hider is glued on, making it's removal very, very difficult
Battery given doesn't fit very well inside the gun (try the Intellect 9.6v Butterfly type instead)
Fake bolt was not included in the gun, so when you opened the dustcover, you saw the piston (easily can install one though)

This is my first AEG, and i've tried many of the more expensive and "better" brands. Nothing else can come close for the price. If your looking for a first gun, this is the way to go.
by Ann M. on 04/16/2012
"This gun is crazy, right out of the box it was shooting very nicely. Once I added the 9.6v battery this guns roy increased by so much. The rate of fire was so great that I blew a fuse, but that is my fault for shooting the gun too much. The weight is heavy, but it makes it feel more realistic to me. Overall the gun is a really nice m4 that can be used for CQB and long range shooting. The only problem I had was mine did not come with the adjustable stock and the screw in the buffer tube cam loose, so it is very hard to fix. The gun would be most accurate with .25 g BB's.

Strong and Heavy duty
Full Metal

Mine did not come with adjustable stock
Stock screw was loose (easily fixable)
by Kyle L. on 04/02/2012
"I bought this off evike over two years ago, and it is still working great. good standard rifle, can't complain. The battery included is not for play so I have a 9.6 and a 12v and both work well in it and make the gun much more appealing. I suggest the battery upgrade right away. However this gun needs no upgrades from the factory for the average player and def needs none for the newbies. Great deal for the price.
by justin b. on 03/02/2012
"this gun is beast.
good acuracy
good weight
eazy to customize
no abs plastic either nylon fyber or metal
i didnt buy this as my first gun instead of this other m4

i love it!!!!!
by sam k. on 02/18/2012
"i got this gun yesterday and i have to say it has good fps,it durable and it a good gun for begginers like my self.. i highly recommned this gun
by Maureen M. on 11/29/2011
"overal great good little bit slow rof but not a big deal. full metal is good a little heavy but if u get a good sling ull be fine. very upgradable. looking for rails to put on any suggestions?
full metal
reinforced gearbox
hop up (suggest replacing it)
still a good gun has a great body and a nice finish
by matt n. on 09/06/2011
"my review is the same exact review as ryan t's review I have had mine for about 1 year and it is really tough and hits prety hard too the flash suppresser is lame but I put on a madbull amplifyer on it the first day I got it and it sounds pretty cool.
by Derek P. on 08/19/2011
"This is an excellent gun for the price. It was my first airsoft rifle, and my favorite. The full metal is certainly a big highlight of this gun. It has a nice powerful sound when it fires instead of that little pop noice you get when you open a soda bottle. It hits hard (mine shoots about 380 after a year of use) and shoots extremely accurate given it's a $160 Carbine. It's great for CQB, but can also take out targets quite a ways down range. It's good and reliable. I have only had mine jam once or twice. It's as tough as nails and can really take a beating before getting any noticable scratches. The magazine winds easily and goes in smoothly once you figure out how to slide it in right.
HIGHLY recommended.
1. Excellent for price
2. Tough
3. Metal
4. Sharp looking
5. Reliable
6. Sounds strong
7. Powerful
8. Size
9. Range

1. The flash-hider you get is plastic and not super durable (especially if you use it like I do).
2. When the gun jams on the rare occasion, it can be difficult to un-jam.
3.The fire selector moves rather easily, and I often find my gun moved out of the saftey position and into the semi or auto position when it is slung at my side.
4. No railing, but can be fixed easily.
5. The battery you get is TERRIBLE! It hardly fits in the gun! You pretty much have to buy a new one. I recommend a nun-chuck battery for easy fit.
by Ryan T. on 06/09/2011
"i love this gun i have no complaints about it long lasting battery it shoots pretty far and leaves a good welt on the person you shoot. I use the 25 gram crossman bb's
by Grant H. on 03/16/2011
Heavy, The real deal.
Accurate at long rang(for price)
Sounds powerful, not weak
Strong internals

Sights don't come off
Stock is a bit wobbly
Jam once in a while
by Luis E. on 02/24/2011
"I got this gun about a year ago and it is seriously sick. I was playing with a guy with a $250 Echo 1 m4 and you could hardly tell the difference. the only problem is that the hop-up is terrible and you WILL meed to buy a better one. The mag feeds nicely, however, it doesn't have a hole to wind it from the side like an Echo 1 mag, but i took it apart one day and found out that the mag DOES have a hex nut on the winder!? dont know why they would do that, so I just drilled a hole through the mag and made one.

Full metal
great FPS (about 350)
the sling is really good (dont know what that guy down there is talking about)
plastic is ok and should last
Really tough
perfect FPS
good weight; feels good

Stock is wobbly
some minor parts seem loose
hop up works like BS
barrel is kinda wobbly

Oh and to answer that guys question no it does not come with rails EXCEPT in the top for mounting scopes and stuff. Extra front rails are about $40. I recommend getting a scope raiser with side rails and mounting a laser on it as well as a holographic sight. did it to mine with a "Shark" flash hider and it looks like super friggin epicsome.
by ron k. on 09/30/2009
"ammmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmazing gun best gun ever
by Christian D. on 09/25/2009
"Webmaster of this rifle marui compatible?
by Joseph N. on 04/03/2009
"Great AEG for the price, nearly full metal, built nicely, good heavyweight, good balance. If you are in the market for a good MPEG, this is your gun!!!!!! Buy it!!!!!