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Model: AEG-BI-3681

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by justin t. on 2008-09-21 12:46:11
"i am goin to order this gun but is it accurate...and wut is a good size batter?
by mark m. on 2008-09-15 09:22:09
"what kind of battery does this take i want to buy an extra one but it doesnt say what kind of battery it takes.
by sallyann B. on 2008-08-02 19:51:39
"This gun is one of the best guns i own. The exterior of this gun is mostly metal and the extendable stock makes it comfortable for any shooting style. Also the Hi-cap mags work fine and is easy for reload. The RPM is rather slow i would say around 600 RPM. The only problem i have run into with the gun is the stock fell off. But to get the stock back on you can call Evike and they will let you talk with a technician to fix it, so it's not really a big deal when the stock falls off.
by Jason Z. on 2008-07-30 04:07:04
"Damion: The magazine "rattle" is because all Hicap magazines holds A LOT of rounds. It is still the preferred magazine.

To have no rattling, use the standard magazine or mid-cap magazine.

Which holds much less arounds (68 rounds to 100 rounds for M4)

So, it is just pro and con. If you want a 300 round, 450 round, 1000 round, 3000 round, you will have to deal with the rattling sound.

This goes with Ak magazines, G36, MP5 and everything else in Airsoft.

other than that, the review for this gun: It is a great AEG, it is pretty much a Classic Army M4 since it is same gearbox, motor and also metal body. (Free battery and charger is a plus)
by Billy Y. on 2008-07-18 15:30:33
"This is one of the best guns for the price full metal and nylon just like the pic. says. Shoots an avg. of 350-370. i have used it a few times since i bought it 2 months ago. very nice gun
by Nate R. on 2008-07-15 20:34:25
"It says scope rail, is it safe to asume its RIS? and whats the diffrences between this dboy and the others for $170?
by Harrison B. on 2008-06-29 15:04:11
"Ok this gun is accurate and has a lot of velocity to it, and also it comes with a fore grip. That I don't get because there is no were to attach it. My magazine/clip was damaged and scratched because the UPS truck had a flat tire. But no big deal I just buffed that out with a magic marker. It only says it only has like a 4 position stock but it has six positions. Also i was shooting this gun and the ring on the stock kept coming loose so the whole stock came apart but its easy to fix u just take out the tube on the stock and screw it back in. Oh and 1 last thing the sling is confusing because it's a 3 point 1 but u can just tape it and put it on, so overall this is a very good gun. =D

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by Jim D. on 2008-06-25 18:50:26
"I chrono'ed two of these out of the box now and they are both shooting 400+ FPS with .20's (405 and 420 on Guarder Speeder 2000). Compared to some of the earlier run of DBOY M-4's, the quality of these guns is far superior. I tried TM, JG, and ICS magazines in and they all work fine. This is a definite buy for someone just getting into airsoft or looking to step up from lower guns.
by Harrison B. on 2008-06-25 10:06:59
"This Gun rocks ive been in a few airsoft games and this sucker smokes em
by andrew f. on 2008-06-24 00:11:34
"This is a very good gun its full metal for a good price.I have never had a problem with it and one time i dropped it and it was fine except for some scratches,but that was it. This is one of the best guns there is for a good price.
ps:put an ACOG on it looks good and works good.
by yiwei w. on 2008-06-11 13:43:44
"This gun is a real good gun,been playing with the gun for a while never have problem, shoot very accurate, recommended the gun for this price. good gun!
by Matt J. on 2008-05-28 20:42:18
"believe it or not this actually isn't that bad of a gun, I helped a friend of mine buy this by buying it myself and selling it to him later. This left me time to tinker and play around with it. It's a full metal gun and that's a big plus, along with it having some good marks on performance i can say it's actually a good gun. Rate of fire is rather slow, i'd guess even less than 600rpm, but for a trigger-happy junkie like me that's probably good because i tend to hold my trigger too long. This gun as well, takes other brand magazines, like ICS or E1, so there shouldn't be any compatabilities. Other than that this is your typical, normal, boring, unoriginal M4A1 that everyone wants and makes, if you've seen it once you've seen it a thousand times with M4's in airsoft, this one's just cheaper and fires slower at the same FPS as the other guys.

Displaying 37 to 48 (of 48 reviews)

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