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Dboy / BoyI Full Metal M4 Carbine Airsoft AEG

49 Customer Reviews

by ryan m. on 03/18/2009
"i just got this gun and its GREAT!!!!!! there are a few cons tho but nothing to worry about.

the mag and stock wobble a little bit, but not bad

when u fire to fast on semmi, the trigger trigger lock up, but just fire once on full, and go back.

lastly, ever like 1000 rounds, it shoots 2 bbs at a time and it fire wierd for like 2 seconds, but thats it.

BUY THIS GUN, ITS A TANK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
by Matt J. on 03/06/2009
"My friend brought this to me when he made an order some time ago, and I have had the chance to field test this and work on some of the internals. Overall this is a surprisingly good quality rifle for a 3rd party gun and the feel of it is great compared to other M4's i've used. The entire body is metal and the nylon parts feel nice and solid, including the grip, front grip, and stock. Internally this is also a surprisingly good gun, however it doesn't break down like my ICS M4A1 RIS I had some time ago, but this method is just as easy imo.

I ended up upgrading the motor to an ICS Turbo 3000 that I had lying around and man, that really kicks up the ROF of this gun with a fully charged battery(8.4v 1100Mah Shuang Ba that came with my JG G36c) to about 15rps.

It has a counter clockwise 14mm flash hider and metal hop up(big plus) and just about everything other than a few parts on this is metal, pretty much the polar opposite of most conventional guns at this price range that is mostly plastic and some metal.

All in all I give this gun a very well earned 5/5, it's metal, it's cheap, feels good, is a good performer for the price, and can take TM parts leading to a myriad of upgrades like an M203 and Acog I've already used on it like a charm and RIS kits or new stocks.
by Tuyet L. on 03/02/2009
"This gun is FREAKIN SWEET!
-Heavy Durable Metal Construction
Extreme High quality nylon plastic foregrip, pistol grip and stock
-Weighs in at about 7lbs. and 4oz.
-Turbo gear gives it a high rate of FIRE
-High quality 450 mah charger that charges realy fast
-Evike says 340-380 FPS....Actual FPS: Highest of 391.6 w/.2g----Low of 337.1 w/.2g
-300 rd metal hi-cap mag never miss feeds
-Accuracy is great!

***!Highly Recommend this gun to any airsoft player!***
by Matthew P. on 01/16/2009
"does this have a 14mm threading and if so clockwise or counter?

Webmaster: Counter-Clockwise. (Yes)
by Shaun B. on 12/25/2008
"This is a great rifle. Mine hits hard with stock internals. I upgraded it with an RIS system, a scope, a flip up sight and a custom made sling. Again, this gun is great, for ranges of players.
by Riley S. on 12/15/2008
"I have this gun freaken sweet great everything just was wondering if you can get the rail hand grip ?? If so where!

Webmaster: External Upgrade / RIS / M4 RIS
by marcelino h. on 11/23/2008

by Wallace W. on 11/10/2008
"This is a standard M4A1 without any RIS or special stocks. It what they use in the military or what you see in movies. A great gun! There are other full metal body M4 out there by G&G which is really nice too.
by Chase M. on 11/08/2008
"I was wondering if i should get this or the jg custom aug. I like the way this m4 looks alot but i dont know how good it is. are there better m4s that look just like this one
by Nick S. on 10/05/2008
"Hi, I am thinking about getting an A.E.G now. I was just wondering which M4 Is a better buy. The the DBOY / BOYI New Version Full Metal M4A1 Airsoft A.E.G or the G&G GR16 Carbine Full Size A.E.E. I noticed that this one is basically $120 cheaper then the G&G If i were to get the battery and charger and BB's. So yeah anyways tell me which M4 do you think is better. Thank You
by Jason D. on 10/02/2008
"lots of bang for the buck. that pretty much covers it.
by andrew f. on 09/28/2008
"This gun is great its pretty accurate and mine shoots about 345 . And thats good for the airsoft playground / indoors . Also has metal body witch is very good . I've had mine for 2 years now and its still in good shape I've only had to fix the selector switch . Also easy to upgrade for out doors and easy to add attachments . The best thing to put on it is an ACOG scope . Its range is also good enough for a scope , like 1x32 or 2x34 . If you need a gun thats good enough and full metal , then i highly suggest this one .
by justin t. on 09/21/2008
"i am goin to order this gun but is it accurate...and wut is a good size batter?
by mark m. on 09/15/2008
"what kind of battery does this take i want to buy an extra one but it doesnt say what kind of battery it takes.
by sallyann B. on 08/02/2008
"This gun is one of the best guns i own. The exterior of this gun is mostly metal and the extendable stock makes it comfortable for any shooting style. Also the Hi-cap mags work fine and is easy for reload. The RPM is rather slow i would say around 600 RPM. The only problem i have run into with the gun is the stock fell off. But to get the stock back on you can call Evike and they will let you talk with a technician to fix it, so it's not really a big deal when the stock falls off.