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by David G. on 2010-01-03 11:04:51
"This gun is the greatest! I got it on Christmas morning and could barely sleep the night before. When I finally opened the gun, I had watched so many reviews( about 60) I didn't even open the manual. The scope fits very nice with the gun. But defiantly get the bi-pod! It helps so much with sighting in the scope and getting that perfect angle on your target. This gun has the best FPS of all the Snipers on I recently had a match and took out tall 8 players on the other team! Everyone else on my team didn't even fire one shot!

FPS: 470 (.25 g BB's)
Action: Spring Bolt
ROF: about 1 clip/minute

Overall, this gun is for any hardcore Sniper. But if you are getting this, either have a spotter or carry a side arm for CQB situations.

by Leigh F. on 2009-11-26 19:54:39
"Kevin here!!

I recently purchased this gun off of evike, still my favorite airsoft site, and i really am impressed with this gun. this gun shoots about 450-500 fps, as stated by EVERY OTHER COMMENTER. but what i really like about this gun is how the scope you can add onto it magnifies! which may sound stupid but i had no idea. durr. if you are planning on getting this gun as your first, please reconsider, although the gun is great, i highly suggest buying an AEG!! this gun is great beacuase...come on, its a sniper, but its not for a beginner who has no other gun. buy an AEG (off of evike) and have some experience before purchasing this beast. haha.

Also I recommend buying an electric or gas pistol, to save you in cqb and when on the move, evike sells both kinds and they wont let you down. also maybe a small AEG would come in handy, an mp5 or m89 UMP, something small and deadly.

I only use High Precision .28 gram bbs, but thats just me, but i wouldnt switch between different weights, because youll have to adjust the hop up, AND ADJUSTING THE HOP UP IS DIFFICULT,
you have to take an included allen wrench and adjust it, it takes a while, but thats not anything too time consuming, but still.

solid construction
metal barrel
shoots hard (welts, breaking skin)
shoots FAST
nice feel
awesome scope and bipod
looks nice
no rattle

hop up adjustment
tri rail mount a little shakey, no big deal

by Jake M. on 2009-11-09 15:09:52
"Very nice gun actually. What i really like about it is the professional feel with this rifle. It weighs a hefty 9 pounds or so. I cant get enough of using it on the field.

Now of course the bad stuff.
VERY HARD GUN to get the hop up just right so. If your hop up is off you'll get good accuracy for at least 1/2 the range it's supposed to fire. To much hop, and your bb is going into the clouds. It has to be just so that the bb can fly strait and get a good range. What i recommend is working the hop at least once a game. That way, you can insure your accuracy is good.

I give it a 4/5

Oh yea, Use .23 or .20. If your daring use a .25. anything higher, the range and fps will be below average
by Talon S. on 2009-10-08 22:59:10
"After Figuring out what size BB to use this gun "Dominated Everything" says my friend, im personally not the one to use ranged weps but seeing my friend use my own gun and hit someone wayyyyy out there atleast 120 yrd out; i was in awe. This Gun is really Pretty good AND Reliable! If your gonna get a sniper this is a bang for your buck, It hasnt failed me.
by Kristine G. on 2009-09-16 20:40:45
"This gun is AMAZING!!!!!!!! I got it about 6 months ago and it still works like the first day I shot it. It works best with .28 rounds and i recomend you get alot. This gun is very powerful, and accurate as soon as you get your scope aligned. IT IS A BEAST!! Before I got my scope, i was just free aiming it and i shot my friend in the groin from 100 yds away and made him keel over for about 5 minutes (he always gets hit in the worst spots) and i had a sinister smile when i popped him. Great gun, great price, highly recomend from beginner to pro.
by Jennifer N. on 2009-09-06 07:24:36
"i just got this gun it is wonderful... if you want a sniper and dont want to pay through the roof for one then this is your gun. webmaster or anyone does this gun have a stud mount on the bottom??? i don't know what it is and i want the Matrix Harris Style Spring Eject Socom / Sniper Bipod, but i dont know if it will fit.
by Kevin M. on 2009-09-01 15:51:05
"Most amazing gun i ever bought. One suggestion however, definatly buy a ton of .25g or .28g!!!!! not .20g because they arent that accurate
by Evan J. on 2009-04-15 21:04:30
"If you're looking for a great sniper rifle, look no further. It doesn't matter if you are a beginner or an intermediate player at airsoft, this weapon will rock your world (until you break it). The FPS on mine is above 450 and the range is about 175 feet. The only thing I stress about this gun is that you need to take care of it. Constant lubing of the bolt slide and internals will give you grief, but once you have done it enough you will be able to upgrade and lube it without difficulty. The only things I would have changed would be better construction, flip up iron sights, and better mags. But overall I love mine and I would totally recommend it.
by David C. on 2009-04-09 04:00:43
"I just got this gun about 2 weeks ago. It is really great. Amazingly quiet, And most important it is dead accurate. It works great with .25 but i haven't tried .28 in it. The only thing is that the bipod comes out really easy and is wobbly. but everything els on the gun is great. If you want to get a high powered airsoft gun particularly a sniper, I would lead you to this gun cause it is cheap for what it does.
by Chris S. on 2009-03-31 11:28:07
"I purchased this gun and received it in the mail a week ago. I purchased a 3x-12x scope with A.O. on it and my bipod. The scope was more than the gun but it that's okay because now i can figure range and use for recon. I took it out 2 days ago and consistently hit a 8'' spread at roughly 70 yards after a couple hours of tinkering using .28 gram bb's. at 15 yards, just for fun, i can hit a beer bottle cap the first time every time. I watched videos on youtube before purchasing it, and the kids have to put everything they have into cocking the bolt. If you have any muscle whatsoever it's not hard at all. With no upgrades this gun is spectacular for the money. The only cons are the 25 rnd mags which are a pain to load and go very fast when delivering support fire. BUY EXTRA MAGS. This is the last gun in the world you want for short range firefights. get a backup. a shortened MP5 works nicely.
by Roger M. on 2009-03-31 01:48:42
"recently got this and have finally sighted it in.WOW!I got the bi-pod and an upgrade on the scope (armored Leapers) and an extra magazine.This thing is powerful and will hit whatever I'm capable of shooting.Lose the sling that comes with it and order a real one as this gun is too heavy to carry without a good one.Make sure you hose it all down good with silicone and wipe it off good...also swab out the barrel good too as theres a coating of preservative on it.I taped the tip you have to use on the speedloader specifically for this gun and it works a lot better.I'm using .28's but .3 or even .35's may be even better...I'll be checking that out in the future.This is a HUGE rifle and really intimidating.The bolt flicks easily once cleaned and gets better with use.It's a lot of fun to shoot and an excellent sniper.It's also the quietest airsoft I have...both in the action and the muzzle report. Excellent rifle and a good value for the money...get a 52" case it IS THAT big LOL...
by Jordan B. on 2009-03-05 18:13:36
"I got this gun aand it was CRAZY! Tested 496 fps at evike out of the box! Only bad thing is dont reccomend the scope, bolt fell out and now it wont zoom. Im gonna upgrade the internals and get a new spring and make it even better! Shot friend and he was CRYING! He;s 15 and shot him in his face and made him bleed. I definetley reccomend this over all the others at evike for the price and preformace

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