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by Jesse D. on 2014-01-06 12:38:52
"I got this gun for Christmas and out of the box it looked really good. it didnt seem too heavy. putting it together wasnt too hard but.. after reading some reviews it seemed like a great gun (accuracy wise) so after I finished putting it together i put on the scope that comes with it and took out my new BB's. the BB's are .25g. i loaded them in and began to shoot. I realized it was not the pin point accuracy i read about on here. ii dont know if i did some thing wrong putting it together or not but it seems like the BB's shoot downwards if you hold the gun pointing down a second or 2 before shooting. Also, the BB's curve to the left a little even without wind. I need help fixing this very soon. i adjusted the hop up after i realized it wasnt accurate.PLEASE HELP!! thanks :)
by ethan p. on 2012-12-31 08:16:54
"This gun is completely great for beginner and expert snipers. Its is EXTREMELY ACCURATE! It has a weight of about 11lbs to me. Actually does shoot 250ft+ and does shoot about 480-500fps. Metal is strong around bolt. Overall I Think it is a really good gun I give it a 4.7 out of 5.0 because when you take the bolt out to clean it is hard and difficult to put back in. PROS: Awesome Fps!
Good Range
Good Sturdy Feel
Bolt Feels Realistic - Pulling Back is Like 20lb Bow.
Metal Parts!

CONS: When bolt is took out it is hard to put back in.

by Tanner B. on 2012-12-04 15:30:12
"This is a great gun, I have used it for years. Amazing accuracy. I recommend .25g or higher. I mean you are a sniper right? Worked great all the time I had it. The inner workings are made of a cheap plastic, so if you pull the bolt to hard or mash the trigger with the excitement of the kill, you could very easily break its extremely crucial inner works.

-solid outer plastic
-plenty rounds per mag
-realistic weight (could be a con, I loved it)
-dead silent

-weak trigger structure
-mags would sometimes drop if not smacked or a shot loaded while the mag is in
-no easy access to threads in the barrel for silencers and such

Overall: Great gun, would recommend this to anyone looking for a sniper with a great feel and pin point accuracy
by Erik E. on 2012-04-28 16:54:55
"Ive had this rifle for about 6 months and i have truely seen what this gun can do. It has a weight of about 12-15 pounds and would not reccomend it to smaller payers or younger ones.I love the the accuracy and range but the long barrel can be a con.
-Includes speed loader
-Every one in the team LOVE's it

Cons :(
-cheap sling
-Bipod or scop not inclued (unless added)

Over all a great gun i give it a 4.8 out of 5 because weiht and size. I would reccomend this to a freind that can carry a hevey weight gun and is a largr size. Anyways a great gun only peoblems being the weight and size but i love it!!!!!!
by brett c. on 2012-04-26 07:12:25
"An old friend of mine owns this gun and has had it for about two years and it is still lasting him. he is now getting upgrades. from my prespective, this gun is well worth the cash but there is never a perfect airsoft gun there will allways be cons.


solid material,
accuracy is ok
the seal is so good you wont hear it 20 feet away
metal is thick on the bolt receiver


the rear sling mounts cut you
the hop up is very fragile
trigger box is plastic
the plastic is slick and glossy
by Ronald H. on 2012-02-09 17:24:51
"I just got the rifle and the first and only concern i have is the rail system for the scope. I received the gun with a loose rail system. After I adjusted this the rifle is well worth the money. I added the bipod and a different scope then the one evike offers in the upgrade. so far no problems then the one described above. My choice of rifles came mainly from the reviews I saw on here. take the time and read all reviews. great advice from all. Thanks evike and all who left reviews for the rifle.
by Diana M. on 2011-11-26 14:45:29
"ok i had this gun for about a year and it was amazing and i loved it but...... i upgraded the spring without upgrading the cylinder and payed the consequence. my friend and i got it at the same time and it broke at the same time. if you upgrade the spring upgrade the CYLINDER!!!!!!!!! neither of us did it and yah. all around good gun i would buy the new cylinder if it didnt cost 135$. so to recap if you buy this gun dont upgrade it unless you upgrade all the internal parts(including the trigger).
by Sharon S. on 2011-11-24 11:48:29
"this gun is probably the best gun you can get at an affordable price. i love it, i got it in July of 2011 and it has been nothing but amazing! The only problem i have with it is in the magazine. for mine, the pin holding the spring-out part of the magazine, which makes it so that when you press the mag release, the mag pops out without trouble. just something to watch out for. i would recommend buying the scope and bipod with it as well because for one, whats a sniper without a scope, and the bipod makes it a lot steadier.

great accuracy
very good scope and bipod that comes with it
great fps
good magazine capacity
nice bolt slide
good weight for a sniper

only one is the magazine problem listed above^^^
by Kalani C. on 2011-08-15 17:04:19
"good gun and doesn't have many problems. the day i got it i went to a friends house to play and i hit everybody, no misses. i made my brother cry when i hit him.

good fps
hurts good
great accuracy

hard to zero the scope
not really good for playing due to slow rof
by blake t. on 2011-08-11 15:50:25
"I got this gun 11-07-2009 and i love it, this is my main weapon when doing outdoor matches. it hits hard, is accurate, and with some modifications available will look beastly. i recently replaced the trigger assembly (gearbox) with the one available here for around 30$. i recommend you buy that when you order this rifle, it will increase the life of th erifle cuz the new assembly is made of metal unlike the stock assembly which is some form of plastic. the cheekrest is my only complaint, after sniping for over an hour it tends to hurt your face (the rest is just abs plastic).

high quality for the price
realist looks
quick release mags (faster reloads)
high fps (mine chronos at 450-480 stock)
accurate with .20g bbs

plastic trigger assembly breaks after 2-4 months of use
cheekrest is uncomfortable

Conclusion: amazing for beginners, deadly with an experienced player...and is perfect for the price
I HIGHLY RECOMEND: new trigger assembly, the Angel Custom spring guide, spring, and piston set (durability and fps increase), and for added badass factor the barrel adapter and a mock silencer.
do this and you will be far from disappointed
by Joseph C. on 2011-06-25 23:13:52
"Great gun, it's a little heavy and hard to get steady without the bipod. So buy the bipod and scope, it saves you money. It has very few cons, but none are quite that major.

Great accuracy
Fairly priced
Scares others on field at first and every glance


Buy it.
by chad j. on 2011-05-02 20:17:27
"This gun is amazing for the price. I would recomend it for beginner to experienced snipers. I use .30 gram bb's in mine and i hit a penny 50 FEET AWAY! Its an amazing sniper

Displaying 1 to 12 (of 110 reviews)

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