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Shadow Op MB01 Type96 MK96 APS-2 Airsoft Bolt Action Sniper Rifle (Color: OD Green)

215 Customer Reviews

by Max M. on 08/10/2017
"Realistic weight, comes lubed, great accuracy, good scope and bipod.
Only complaint is the rail for the bipod is wobbly.
by cody s. on 06/23/2017
"After owning this gun for several months it has not failed me in the slightest. Has great range, not to heavy , very accurate, good mag complicity for a sniper rifle but the only thing that bothers me it the hop up. It is pretty hard to get to but aside from that this is a great gun and would highly recommend this.
by Charlie R. on 02/19/2017
"I think this gun is very dank, read the rest of my review. Me and my friend were having a sniper battle in the woods. He wasn't calling his hits though, so i got triggered. I snuck up behind him and shot his in the back of the neck; he cussed me out, but it was well worth it. He ended up having to get the .46 gram novorich bb surgically removed from his neck, this gun has POWER!!!!!
by Charlie R. on 02/18/2017
"This gun has some serious power. I got mad at my friend and shot him with this gun at point blank range, it hit him right in the forehead. He was crying for hours.
by Brit M. on 04/04/2016
"Very excellent gun, shoots like a beast. I have had this gun for over 4 years and hasn't failed on me yet. Recommend .20's and up for best performance and fps. Check out Angel Customs for the upgrades, I upgraded with their internals for this gun and fps increased a lot.

-Shoots accurate
-Bolt slides smoothly(might take some uses to ware it in)
-High fps
-External of mag is metal
-Safety trigger
-Sling ports on both sides and ends of gun
-Lower receiver made of strong plastic
-External and internal barrels both metal
-All internal parts made of metal except like 1 or 2
-Easy to take apart and upgrade

-Bipod is crap, recommend buying a better quality
-Sling isn't too good, cheap metal ends will snap due to the weight of the gun
-Safety trigger doesnt work to well (You really don't need one, recommend upgrading to a better trigger box)

Overall this gun is one of my favorites, clean the gun every once and a while and make sure bolt slide is greased for smooth bolt-action
by Kent C J. on 03/02/2016
"This is a good gun, but please read the rest of my review.

I got this my upgrade to my UTG SOFT-M324 Gen 5 Master Sniper. That is a nice gun but I never should have wasted money on it because upgrading it is a pain in the rear. You can upgrade everything on the the MB01 except the stock, LOL. Everything. But first...

Is it confusing? Heck yeah it is! Is this an L96, an MB01, an APS2 or an S368? Made you look! No one knows, that's my conclusion. Yes, No, All Of The Above.

Out of the box: It goes together very easily. The speed loader comes with a little thingy that helps you shovel BBs into the MB01 mag. It's funky but it works fine. The first thing I did was load it up and fire a few. At 30 feet I was getting a 2" group using Cobb's .28 BBs. That's right out of the box with a dirty barrel. I noticed right away that it does not have the FPS of the M324. Not surprising as it's barrel is much longer.

Next, I took it apart. You really want to be careful when you do this.

*** Important *** If you don't intend to upgrade this gun soon I highly recommend that you not open it up! There is really no need unless something crazy is going on. That, and use good, polished BBs. It's the single best thing you can do for any AirSoft gun!

First I removed the barrel from the upper receiver. Loosen one small allen and unscrew the barrel. No big deal. It comes right apart and, contrary to internet myths, there is not too much oil or grease on anything. Remove the magazine guide attached to the barrel with a small phillips head and it slid right out. Brass barrel with two cheeseball spacers. You want to tape these in place. The HopUp is a basic one piece unit. The adjuster is a fairly coarse affair so a little turn can go a long way. The barrel is held in place in the HopUp unit with a pressure fitting that you can loosen with a small crescent wrench. Don't bend the barrel... if you remove the barrel from the HopUp you need to take note of the brass washer you will leave behind in the HopUp. Not much to see...

Next I wanted to see the cylinder. * Caution *. Remove the bolt housing with an allen wrench (it has thread tightener on it for a reason). When it is removed you want to carefully pull the piece that it secures back and off. There are small pins in the bolt and bolt holder that you want to pay close attention to. Pull it apart slowly and carefully and note the exact location of everything. Really.

I pulled out the cylinder and glanced at it - not too much grease. I didn't open it up.

I put everything back together.

My conclusion is that A) don't do this unless you are confident. B) they took care assembling it wherever they do this so that you have a usable rifle right out of the box. I didn't take any special care re-assembling it and the quality of the pieces shows. It works fine but I need to make sure I return the bolt solidly to make sure the BB is seated properly or else it will totally jam and freak out. Tightening the bolt holder by 1-2 thousands might fix this.

My recommendations: 1) Upgrade Barrel to 6.01mm SS and HopUp to an AEG version with new Bucking. 2) Metal Trigger 3) Upgrade Cylinder, Spring and Piston (with head to match HopUp).

That's my plan and I predict I will have a monster that places .28-.30 BBs with crazy accuracy and FPS.

Accurate right out of the box.
Plastic trigger is really good with a solid piston guide. Really. I hope a metal upgrade can match it.
Easy to dis-assemble.
Easy to re-assemble.
Easy to Upgrade (and you will want to).

Mine didn't come with a cleaning rod, just a plastic thingy that can slid down the barrel and clear a jam, not hold a cleaning cloth.
While I haven't adjusted it, the Allen Screw that adjusts the HopUp seems too loose and coarse. If you can't upgrade I would add some thread seal to this ASAP.
The rail adapter that attached to the front of the rifle in unforgivably loose fitting. I rolled my eyes at all the reviewers that mentioned this until I got this gun. Given what UTG does and is capable of, they should have just made a decision to re-machine this piece so it fits properly. I wrapped some tape on mine...
by Ryan L. on 11/16/2013
"This is a great gun. the only problem I had with it was the hard to reach hop up chamber. The bolt pulls very easily and comfortably. The bipod screws are crap but i don't mind it. Great price
by ethan p. on 12/31/2012
"This gun is completely great for beginner and expert snipers. Its is EXTREMELY ACCURATE! It has a weight of about 11lbs to me. Actually does shoot 250ft+ and does shoot about 480-500fps. Metal is strong around bolt. Overall I Think it is a really good gun I give it a 4.7 out of 5.0 because when you take the bolt out to clean it is hard and difficult to put back in. PROS: Awesome Fps!
Good Range
Good Sturdy Feel
Bolt Feels Realistic - Pulling Back is Like 20lb Bow.
Metal Parts!

CONS: When bolt is took out it is hard to put back in.

YOU DONT HAVE IT [email protected] GET [email protected]
by Tanner B. on 12/04/2012
"This is a great gun, I have used it for years. Amazing accuracy. I recommend .25g or higher. I mean you are a sniper right? Worked great all the time I had it. The inner workings are made of a cheap plastic, so if you pull the bolt to hard or mash the trigger with the excitement of the kill, you could very easily break its extremely crucial inner works.

-solid outer plastic
-plenty rounds per mag
-realistic weight (could be a con, I loved it)
-dead silent

-weak trigger structure
-mags would sometimes drop if not smacked or a shot loaded while the mag is in
-no easy access to threads in the barrel for silencers and such

Overall: Great gun, would recommend this to anyone looking for a sniper with a great feel and pin point accuracy
by Elijah g. on 08/01/2012
"Just got this gun today, and I have to say, Amazing gun. It is hands down the best airsoft gun I have bought (there was one problem I had with it, these two little screws fell out of the inside and messed up the bolt, but I figured it out and put them back in and it works great), other then that, best gun for the price, shoots so freakin far it's not even funny. Five stars~

Nice weight
Feels and looks nice

None really, except that one fact that the screws came out, but other then that, a perfect gun!
by rob p. on 06/30/2012
"this gun is fairly accurate until you brake it in. this gun shoots about 460 fps or 480fps with .25 gram bbs. it doesn't come with scope rings so it you have your own scope you want to get scope rings.

pros cons
lightweight the sling
accurate orange tip
mostly metal
looks real
by Chris S. on 06/06/2012
"This will be the third L96 type Airsoft sniper rifle I've owned and thus far it is the best. I recommend at least .23g BBs and at most .30g BBs for optimum accuracy/velocity distribution. I use .25g BBs as a sort of happy medium and in this rifle, they offer great range and accuracy with this gun as it comes (stock.)

Over all I highly recommend this L96 rifle.

High velocity (measured with .25g BBs)
Smooth bolt pull
good weight
(Mine came with) 2 Mags

In-Trigger safety is a little wide but this doesn't affect the gun
by Kevin T. on 04/30/2012
"This gun is awesome, i got it in the mail a month ago. It is amazing for the price, as good accuracy and range as a sniper should have. The bi pod and scope that come with it if you select them at the bottom of the page are awesome, full metal and work great. The magazines are full metal, and heavy, and spring loaded witch is a very helpful and cool feature. I would recemend getting extra magazines, i got one extra and it wasn't enough, not because the magazines don't hold alot, because you blow through ammo. The pull back is heavy, but you get used to it. the one problem i had with this gun is how when i got it, all of the bullets shot like 5 feet to the right. I was about to take the gun apart, but then i relised that the orange tip was rubbing against the bbs, so i rotated it with pliers, and the gun is now perfect.

Realistic feel
fps 450
incredible accuracy
bi pod
ajustible stock and cheek rest

only the orange tip, but that was fixed imediantly

all in all, great gun. Th only reason you shouldn't get it, is if you absolutely hate L96's
by Erik E. on 04/28/2012
"Ive had this rifle for about 6 months and i have truely seen what this gun can do. It has a weight of about 12-15 pounds and would not reccomend it to smaller payers or younger ones.I love the the accuracy and range but the long barrel can be a con.
-Includes speed loader
-Every one in the team LOVE's it

Cons :(
-cheap sling
-Bipod or scop not inclued (unless added)

Over all a great gun i give it a 4.8 out of 5 because weiht and size. I would reccomend this to a freind that can carry a hevey weight gun and is a largr size. Anyways a great gun only peoblems being the weight and size but i love it!!!!!!
by brett c. on 04/26/2012
"An old friend of mine owns this gun and has had it for about two years and it is still lasting him. he is now getting upgrades. from my prespective, this gun is well worth the cash but there is never a perfect airsoft gun there will allways be cons.


solid material,
accuracy is ok
the seal is so good you wont hear it 20 feet away
metal is thick on the bolt receiver


the rear sling mounts cut you
the hop up is very fragile
trigger box is plastic
the plastic is slick and glossy