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Shadow Op MB01 Type96 MK96 APS-2 Airsoft Bolt Action Sniper Rifle - OD Green (Package: Rifle)

74 Customer Reviews

by cody k. on 12/04/2010
"LOVED THIS GUN!! When i first got it, it was amazing. I could hit soda can from 200 feet 8 out of 10 times. Had it for a couple of months put probably 2000 rounds through it(a little less than half a 5000 round bag) and the trigger assembly housing broke. Good gun but consider getting a zero trigger or something with it.
by Jordan T. on 06/04/2010
"This gun is a great buy but it has some issues.

Amazing FPS
Easy to carry for its weight
Shoots VERY far

Scope is very hard to sight in
Wobbly Bi-pod
by John J. on 02/13/2010
"this is a very good gun. mine took a while to get here (lkie 10 days) but this was easily understandeable as it was over thanksgiving and it was ordered over the weekend before. but another thing i encountered was that my bbs, which were .25 grams, were curving to the left and going up as well after about 50 feet. i easily fixed this after about a month of thinking i needed heavier bbs: the hop up was in the barrel at an angle so that it put spin on the right side of the bb, not the top. i then took the gun apart and, with a screwdriver i used as a lever, put the hole for the allen key in the moddle of the surrounding oval. after that, i tested the gun and it works like new.

good FPS
Color blends well with forest where i airsoft
durable; solid feel.
very good accuracy and bbs usually travel about 200 feet before descending to th ground
barrel is very rust proof; i was airsofting in snow and accidently shoved the barrel into a packed in snow bank and it still shoots fine

mine came with a bad hop up; however this is easily fixeable
a bit heavy; not a gun you want to be a hit and runner with
low cap mags, i would recommend getting more mags which can be found here
no iron sights, you must buy a scope to be accurate
included sling is very low quality; save it for a lighter gun as the clippy things bend with this guns weight

is expensive and useless in cqb and low fps fields

despite all the cons a very good gun for sniping, however if you dont have the kind of money to afford thid gun i would recommend the Super 9 by UHC, it comes with iron sights, is lighter and is only a fraction of a second slower in FPS standards
by Zack C. on 12/23/2008
"I just got this gun today.

The whole gun is amazing.
Evike is great on shipping items fast.
Buy the scope and bi-pod. (its worth the money!)

The magazine sometimes has issues going in the slot, but not that great of a problem.
The bi-pod is wobbly, and takes awhile to set up.
Somewhat heavy gun, but can't really complain, heavy wight is better. :)
The scope is on back-order, but not much of a problem really.

It is a great gun, and worth buying.
by Mike V. on 10/04/2008
"is this gun actually accurate? and how is the scope it comes with? i heard it was really bad.
by Nancy L. on 07/18/2008
"well i'm not sure how i should write this review...

the gun is obviously really good but when i got mine, i could even shoot 25 feet.... i don't know maybe factory defect or something but the gun i got sucked! i dunno...
by Eamon O. on 07/16/2008
"Well i love this gun but it has some problems like the hop up even on zero it still curves up i hate it i cant hit anything. But over all its a good gun but the clip doesn't hold much.
by Jack Y. on 05/09/2008
"The UTG MK96 is a very good and reliable sniper rifle. It's very sturdy and made mostly of metal besides the stock. It is power and hurts like hell!!! pretty accurate at long range except when windy (most airsoft guns aren't anyways) the include bi-pod (also full metal) is awesome and sturdy. the only problem I have with this gun is that it is a little too heavy for people who like to move around. so if you like to move around consider getting a UTG M324 instead. Also, if you get the scope that comes with it, get rid of it ASAP it is horrible and nearly impossible to zero it in because in order to adjust it you need a screwdriver and it will just tear up those soft little screws. try getting the Leapers 3-9x40/50 its way better.
by Pavlina F. on 03/31/2010
"i am P. Fox's Son I got this gun today and im "eh" on it, i give it 3/5 stars...

Good FPS
Nice Metal Barrel
Scope is really good
Nice and heavy

Bipod is VERY unstable
Feels Very Plasticy
Accuracy needs to be fixed before use
It gets hard to cock

This gun is decent worth the money but u need to spend sometime on it, cant wait to use it in a war ;) Hope this helped
by Tom F. on 01/11/2009
"This is a great rifle but it does have some cons. The inner barrel is a free floating barrel so the manufacturer put in two cheap foam discs that dont really help reduce the inner barrel vibrations. What i did to fix the problem is got thermal duct tape(its dark gray) and wrapped the inner barrel to the width of the foam discs and made two of those. One an inch away from the end of the barrel and one at the beginning. Then i wrapped blue painters tape in the middle. Doing this made it amazingly accurate even with 20s. Another con is that the "gearbox" is a plastic gearbox. In other words it sucks. I ''reinforced'' mine with the thermal duct tape cuz it came with two in it. Overall the gun lasted 3 months with little problems. Oh and remember to check your gearbox every week or so to watch out for in it. Hope this helps
by Michael P. on 09/12/2008
"is it really heavy and does it really shoot 500 fps???would i need a strap because its sooo heavy?is it loud when you fire it or is it like a click??????????
by Carl C. on 07/11/2008
"This is an okay rifle, performance and the looks are great but it jams a lot and I can't get a target from more than 120 ft away. If your a hardcore player I would say to keep looking. But evike is an exelent place to find anything you need, so I'm just saying if your looking for distance find something else.
by Will A. on 06/18/2013
"Eh, an OK gun, I would not recommend it, but it shoots well. The plastic body and cheek pad broke very easily, and the under barrel is EXTREMELY wobbly. Hop up is the worst I've see. Ever.

Shoots well (accurate and powerful)
springy mag ejection
Bolt action is smooth

Hop up is difficult
Not very durable
Speed loader doesn't work very efficiently and doesn't connect with mag well. Expect A LOT of dropped bb's
says MADE IN CHINA in white letters across the body.
Came with a missing bolt. (Chinese manufacturing probably)
by Lucas S. on 12/11/2016
-Cheap (can be a con)
-Durable body
-Decent Accuracy

-Hop Up is horrible, broke before even being field used
-FPS is more around 420-450 FPS
-Returned this gun once for bent barrel, now returning second time for a refund because hop up broken
-Range isn't much farther if not at all then a good AEG
-Paint comes off INCREDIBLY easily
-Bolt very clunky
-Magazines can fall out or "pop" out of place and causes issues with feeding

Overall this gun may be good, but the two guns I've received have been terrible quality and nothing but trouble. I have returned for a refund and saving for a better stock quality such as a Marui and I recommend you do the same if you want a gun with great quality stock and has better longevity to save you from pain.