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Pre-Order ETA July 2018 Shadow Op MB01 Type96 MK96 APS-2 Airsoft Bolt Action Sniper Rifle (Color: OD Green)

235 Customer Reviews

by Cole K. on 11/27/2010
"! Modeled after the Sako Arctic Warfare Magnum L96A1 in .338 Lapua Magnum, it's a great gun! It's pretty heavy, not something you want to lug around, I suggest getting this with the bipod, and buy a good shotgun with your purchase, so you aren't carrying this around all day. But, anyhow, this is a very good gun, has an effective range of 200 feet (I shot a kid from 200 feet with this and he still felt it pretty well.) I got this for my birthday, with the scope and bipod, what a GREAT scope, 3-9 power, and high quality.


Great range
High FPS (Around 370-400)
Good sling mounts
Very nice solid construction
Strong plastic
Great rail


Must be assembled (it's just two pieces, you must screw together with an allan key)
A bit hard to pull the bolt back, a bit of lube can fix that
If you buy the scope it optionally comes with, the screws for the mount must be tightened often
Scope that it optionally comes with is kind of green, this is not too much of a problem
Bipod it optionally comes with is a bit wobbly
it will jam the first couple shots maybe, to fix these jams, remove the magazine, put on safety, slide the bolt back until BBs come from the chamber, and fire. If this doesn't work, use the unjamming rod it comes with to dislodge the BBs.
Otherwise, this is a great gun
br /> This gun was my first and only sniper rifle. A great buy, perfect price for the quality and performance.

--Cole K
by Michael M. on 11/06/2010
"This gun is very nifty and makes me feel sexy. WOOOOO
by Jarrod E. on 11/06/2010
"This is a Great Gun especially since its a Maruzen Clone..
Thankfully the people at Polar Star have made some Upgrade parts such as Piston,Spring guide, etc...

Also for those looking for the Right thread adapter to attach a Surpressor here is the link:

Overall this is a great gun for begginers and if your willing to spend some cash you can easily turn this rifle into a QUALITY sniper rifle..

Mine Crono'ed at 490 FPS when i first got it.. and at about 50 feet im getting groupings of less then 8inchs Diameter with only using teflon to seal up the piston head..

There is also a Way to REMOVE the bolt without having to Dissasemble the Gun.. here is step by step.

1. remove mag and clear gun. (also remove the Cheak pad )
2. inside the trigger well you will find the firing pin. all you need to do is Pull Down on it and it will lower, Releasing the Bolt.
3. next you will have to hold down the trigger slightly. It will not be a full trigger pull so dont pull too hard..
4.pull the bolt all the way back and out of the gun..
5. your done..

Putting the bolt back in is simple.. as your sliding the bolt back in place just hold down the trigger sear and the other sear and slide it back in.. dont forget to reinsert the Fireing pin..

**If your bolt gets caught on the Sears and gets stuck then you will need to take off the trigger box to free the bolt..
by Peter M. on 11/05/2010
"The video reveiews for this gun say that it comes with a bipod; does it; for free? because the customization options say differently, so im wondering?

Evike Staff: You decide. Buy it with bipod, with scope, with both or just gun alone.
(Please note we cannot answer questions here generally, refer to our facebook or forum please.)
by Hope B. on 09/22/2010
"I have this gun but its the old version. This an AMAZING GUN!!!OK. If you want a Powerful and Accurate Sniper, BUY THIS GUN.

450-500 FPS(Can Be Upgraded To 600+ FPS)
Not too heavy
Option for scope or Bipod
Great Accuracy
Strong Body


I would like to know if the barrel is threaded tho??? Webmaster please reply. is it Anti or Clockwise
by Rodney B. on 09/20/2010
"i bought this gun on evike when it was $110 i loved it i was the best i went to play at my local park and i was in the back and someone was on the other side which was atleast 150 yards and i had him pinned up against a tree it was sweet then when he tryed to run i got him right in the safety glasses and cracked them. its amazing without a scope i never used one and i was a beast with it its definatley worth this one instead of that other crap sniper i had the acu it was cheap made but whatever wont that bad i loved but i traded it for a garbage stubbby killer :(

cons: has no iron sights
by Bryce H. on 06/07/2010
"This is a great rifle to snipe with. It comes out of the box shooting hot. my only advice is that you sight in your scope with it. a lot of people say that this rifle has bad accuracy. but that is usually because they have not sighted it with their scope. so i recommend this gun.
by Lucas H. on 06/05/2010
"I like it a lot ,but I bought the upgrade and the scope came without the scope rings.
by Tim H. on 06/03/2010
"good gun. especially for the price

-very good range
-very accurate
-mid range weight
-I use .30's for pinpoint accuracy up to around 170 feet, but .28's could get lucky around 200.

-plastic receiver, although it is very nice.
-there is a hole on the trigger gaurd for the allen wrench to assemble the gun theat just tears up your finger
-rails mounts can move a smudge if you put alot of force on them, but you can hardly tell the difference.

highly recommend for anyone in this price range. Too many people that i play with have snipers now because of this. Someone even got the exact same one. Now that's just against the natural laws of airsoft.
by trevor k. on 05/28/2010
"lets just start off, wonderful
-it has dead on accuracy, at a good 60 yards
-excellent fps (use .28s, they have good accuracy, and you still get a good 450 fps)
-it also has tons of upgrades (theres an upgrade kit for 50 bucks)
-and very nice adjustable cheek rest and rubber butt plate

a butt load of metal parts
high fps wit heavey bbs
dead on accuracy
easy to upgrade
cheek rest and butt
very easy to disassemble

none at all

so as you can see this is a great sniper system, and you
wont regret buying it

by Chris S. on 05/01/2010
"Had this gun for over a year now and was my first airsoft rifle. This thing is a beast even tho the stock is all plastic its still a heavy son of a gun ! after an hour or so it gets to be an arm sore so a sling is a must. And me peronally i took the scope off and use a red dot site so its easier to aim with a mask on and fire rounds down range faster. Might not be for everyone but i almost prefer the red dot rather then the scope, the bolt is easy to load so you can pump rounds pretty quick once you get used to it ! all in all i love it cant complain havnt had any problems in all the games iv played def. a great starter gun or experienced players 5/5
by Alec L. on 04/23/2010
"This gun is amazing! It weighs a good about, approximately 12 pounds, and has a very good fps (About 450-500.) Get this gun. It is great for beginners, and pros alike. Trust me, once you have this thing you wont want to put it down.
by Calvin N. on 04/17/2010
"This gun is one of the best guns i have ever used. This gun is the perfect gun for the best sniper. Use .28 g bb's in it and you will be shooting dead on everytime. you will also probly have to get some googles and not a face mask. It is pretty heavy, but hey, its a good work out. If your wanting to be a sniper, GET THIS GUN!!!!
by Devin O. on 04/14/2010
"This is a very good gun. Just stop looking around and get it. NOW.

I do have 1 complaint tho. The hop-up is really bad, so distances over 160 feet isn't gonna be very accurate.

I recommend .28 or .30 gram bbs
by Mark M. on 03/21/2010
"This gun is AMAZING! I received it yesterday and played the same day. After bedding down for about 20 minutes, I spotted two enemies (two friends of mine) at well over 150'. I pulled the trigger aiming for center body mass and hit EXACTLY where I was aiming. BUY THIS SNIPER!

Other things to buy with it:

.28 gram matrix BB's (For maximum accuracy)
A scope (Not only will you be more accurate, but the gun will look SICK!)
I bought the bipod in the upgrades drop menu. Nor necessary, but it helps a lot.

Overall 10/10.

Hope this helps!