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Shadow Op MB01 Type96 MK96 APS-2 Airsoft Bolt Action Sniper Rifle - OD Green (Package: Rifle)

74 Customer Reviews

by adam m. on 02/19/2009
"this gun is so powerful and acurate up to 70 yards you wil love this gun and its so cheap so get this gun
by Jack G. on 01/20/2009
"Great gun!

High FPS, very heavy, great all around. The bi-pod is a little wobbly, but that's about it. The bolt sticks a little bit too, so maybe a little extra lubricant and it will be fine.

The scope is good, and worth the money.
by Austin H. on 01/09/2009
by Mike v. on 12/27/2008
"alright this is probably one of the best snipers i have ever used. it is very sturdy and very well built. its very strong and accurate at about 180 feet. it can probably go about 250 feet though.
by Phyllis H. on 12/25/2008
"u should use at least .25 and above for good accuracy, range, and power. the scope is ok but i would prefer the 3-950 or 40
by Brad G. on 12/20/2008
"this is the best sniper i have ever used. I've tripped with it many a time, and it still works fine. I've taken the entire thing apart cause my retard friend decided to jam it, and it still works nice. i've made a friend of mine bleed from 30 feet away. it has amazing power. it's such a sweet sniper for the price. i've had it since may, and it's only gotten a few scratches. my friends are scared of me when i snipe because of this gun. The pros to it are the fps, range, and the quality. the only thing i don't really like about it is that putting the clip in is kinda rough. oh well. zero the scope in, and you have one devastating gun.
by Kathy W. on 12/04/2008
"got this gun a couple weeks ago and was kinda upset at first as my box had been ripped and taped up sometime prior to my purchase and the gun wasnt even in the styrofoam also had a white water stain on top of the barrel but it eventually came off and it didn't have any scratches or ne thing so i assembled it threw on my 3-9x40 scope adjusted the hop up and let me tell you shes got some power and is quieter than my Mauri Mk23 w the silencer... also the box it comes in says it comes w bipod which it doesnt but other than afew minor problems its a real sturdy gun all metal upper receiver and internals. pinpoint accurate w/ .28's great gun 5 stars
by Joseph T. on 12/04/2008
"Is this gun covered under's 14 day warranty? They say they don't cover spring guns, and sniper rifles are spring. Just wanted to make sure before I bought.
by Max G. on 12/02/2008
"Thanks Dan that helps alot. im not lookin for originality and even if i was i wouldnt go wit the JG bar 10 cus the other sniper on our team has it so ya. I am plannin on keepin it clean our squad leader drills cleanin our rifles into our heads so that will be fine. 2 more questions. wat type of bbs should i use with this rifle and how is the scope in the package
by Dan O. on 12/02/2008
"Ok max, this is the deal with this gun. I have had it for over two years and know the thing frontwards and backwards and guess what it still works beautifully. So if you want a gun that will work well for sniping buy it. One downside is that the L96 is basically the new m4 in sniping in that everyones getting one.i got it when no one had one cus im the kinda guy that likes to be different ( didn't work out). so if your going for originality go with the jg bar10. But in coparison the l96 is more accurate and more powerful with more range and the bolt is much smoother in my opinion but your also throwing another 30 to 40 bucks more out for it.( i dont remember the price). anyway one thing you may notice about the gun that happened with mine is that the greese that utg puts in the gun to lube it is in a hugely large proportion so you just simply open it up and clean it out somewhat but don't knock it all out or you'll scratch your bolt up. On the note that you said about how it has the same range as an electric thats just not true. I f you keep it clean which isn't hard and get your hop up right which may take 10 to 15 minutes then you'll be golden. For instance i can hit targets at around 200 feet. now you may have to move a click or two down to hit those targets but you can do it and it still hurts. One more positive is that this thing is almost mute. in a game nobody ever knows where i am because they can't see me or here me shoot. ( So you know my ghillie suit helps with the seeing aspect) So if its what you want buy it.... take care of it... and shoot your friends a lot harder than they shoot you.
by Mike M. on 11/02/2008
"This rifle is sick! very accurate and with the right upgrades will hit HARD! im shooting 550+ fps with full upgrades. i even changed the outer barrel and put the AI type two flash hider on it (my rifle looks just like the Star 338 rifle a few items up on the rifle page). I would recommend this to anyone. great starter rifle. then instead of buying a new one, just modify it and bam its a monster.
by Jarod R. on 10/19/2008
"About the Coke can thing...YES IT WILL!!! I actually cracked my friends safety glasses with this gun during a war. 150-200 feet should be your prefered range to welt someone pretty darn good. Under $200 is very much worth it, get this gun if your into the sniper position.
by Wesley F. on 10/13/2008
"This gun has to be the BEST Sniper Rifle i've used along a long line of Sniper Rifles. And Mike, the Scope is just fine. You HAVE TO Zero-out the damn thing though. That's probably why you heard it was bad...the person who said that must not have Zero'ed it out right or at all. I've hit plenty of targets about 150ft-230ft away with out-standing results in the field. You can expect a .20g or .25g BB to go through a Coke Can about 50 feet away... pretty rare. I've gone through 2 of these though. The fields i play on are PRETTY tough. Ive tripped over stuff, dropped the gun, and more. Still worked. I just like to get new ones to boost my performance. I'm kind of a Heavy-Duty sniper i guess .AND i LOVE this gun. If you don't know what to buy, GET THIS. For only $155... hands down the best Sniper Rifle under $300 on the web. TOTALLY WORTH MORE THAN $155!!! Get it... no Cons AT ALL. Pros: EVERYTHING. Though the Bipod can wobble and make some noises, not that big of a problem. Like i said... GET THE FREKKIN GUN.
by james k. on 09/26/2008
"Oh my good this is the best sniper for the best price. This gun blew me away first in how heavy its was when put it together. I saved $70 bucks here than buying it anywhere else. The only problem i had with it is when you fully load the magazine it wont pop out like always but i dont care to much and dont use the sling they give you rifle is to heavy for it.
most metal construction

by scott f. on 09/18/2008
"this gun is great shoots beautifully except for a few random 1s, but those but come that often. very comfertable(i know i cant spell so dont give me sh*t for it ) and highly accurate. im hitting 2'x2' peices of card board at 250 ft. great weight. very durable. great buy for the price. only bad thing is that the bipod RIS thing is pretty wobbly but its like that for all type 96's. all in all this is a great gun i give it 5 outta 5