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Shadow Op MB01 Type96 MK96 APS-2 Airsoft Bolt Action Sniper Rifle - OD Green (Package: Rifle)

74 Customer Reviews

by Peter M. on 11/05/2010
"The video reveiews for this gun say that it comes with a bipod; does it; for free? because the customization options say differently, so im wondering?

Evike Staff: You decide. Buy it with bipod, with scope, with both or just gun alone.
(Please note we cannot answer questions here generally, refer to our facebook or forum please.)
by Bryce H. on 06/07/2010
"This is a great rifle to snipe with. It comes out of the box shooting hot. my only advice is that you sight in your scope with it. a lot of people say that this rifle has bad accuracy. but that is usually because they have not sighted it with their scope. so i recommend this gun.
by Tim H. on 06/03/2010
"good gun. especially for the price

-very good range
-very accurate
-mid range weight
-I use .30's for pinpoint accuracy up to around 170 feet, but .28's could get lucky around 200.

-plastic receiver, although it is very nice.
-there is a hole on the trigger gaurd for the allen wrench to assemble the gun theat just tears up your finger
-rails mounts can move a smudge if you put alot of force on them, but you can hardly tell the difference.

highly recommend for anyone in this price range. Too many people that i play with have snipers now because of this. Someone even got the exact same one. Now that's just against the natural laws of airsoft.
by trevor k. on 05/28/2010
"lets just start off, wonderful
-it has dead on accuracy, at a good 60 yards
-excellent fps (use .28s, they have good accuracy, and you still get a good 450 fps)
-it also has tons of upgrades (theres an upgrade kit for 50 bucks)
-and very nice adjustable cheek rest and rubber butt plate

a butt load of metal parts
high fps wit heavey bbs
dead on accuracy
easy to upgrade
cheek rest and butt
very easy to disassemble

none at all

so as you can see this is a great sniper system, and you
wont regret buying it

by Chris S. on 05/01/2010
"Had this gun for over a year now and was my first airsoft rifle. This thing is a beast even tho the stock is all plastic its still a heavy son of a gun ! after an hour or so it gets to be an arm sore so a sling is a must. And me peronally i took the scope off and use a red dot site so its easier to aim with a mask on and fire rounds down range faster. Might not be for everyone but i almost prefer the red dot rather then the scope, the bolt is easy to load so you can pump rounds pretty quick once you get used to it ! all in all i love it cant complain havnt had any problems in all the games iv played def. a great starter gun or experienced players 5/5
by Calvin N. on 04/17/2010
"This gun is one of the best guns i have ever used. This gun is the perfect gun for the best sniper. Use .28 g bb's in it and you will be shooting dead on everytime. you will also probly have to get some googles and not a face mask. It is pretty heavy, but hey, its a good work out. If your wanting to be a sniper, GET THIS GUN!!!!
by nathaniel f. on 03/17/2010
"well i got the gun today i was so excited on what i saw in the reviews and the movie. well i wasn't excited of i was over joyed!!! this gun kicks butt it shoots about 430-436 fps with .2 gram bb the bolt is metal the barrel is metal

pros. heavy weight
full metal
very high fps

cons. the bolt gets stuck after like 25 shots
its kinda different to put together
and the mag is different

but any way its a great sniper go and get it you get more bang for your buck
by Steve V. on 01/30/2010
"awesome sniper rifle i hav had it for 2 years already and hav had no problems i highly reccomend this gun in addition with agleast a gas pistol for field games what type of lube do u use on the bolt ?
by hayden b. on 01/30/2010
"OK i got this gun at Christmas and it overlapped my expectations. The fps is right at 480 with .20gram bb's but i highly recommend you using .25gram or .28gram which i use. this gun is extremely accurate if you have a scope for it. the bolt pull back is around 20 pounds of force to pull back which to some may be a turn off. The bi-pod for this gun is a waist of money unless you want to tighten it up every five minutes it is a piece of junk so don't waist your money.

1.great fps and range
2.highly accurate at about 150-200ft.
4.pullback is easy

1.the ABS plastic shell feels cheap
2.weight which i think isn't a con but to some it is has a devils hop-up system
by cole p. on 01/18/2010
"I LOVE THIS GUN!!!!! i got i with a scope and i can hit stuff at 100 yrds with .28's overall amazing gun. if you are considering a sniper make sure you have a side arm. This is amazing. Finish dosent come off.

Long range
awsome bolt action
2 mags
easy to remove orange tip

hard to load mags
hard to get to hop up
keep it lubed
overall amazing
by Yongqing Y. on 01/14/2010
"I got this gun a few weeks ago. It is awsome!!! for some reason, my hop up is totally screws. No matter still shoots high. other that that, it rocks

pros: Shoots hard

Cons: Nothing really, just that my hop up kinda
screwing with me.........
by thomas b. on 01/03/2010
"this sniper rifle is straight up amazing with .28 .30 and .43 gram bbs. .43 doesnt move at over 100+ft

my utg gun is completely stock and it will still shoot a .43g bb at 375 fps and is dead on if u sight the scope in right. this is the best sniper rifle on the market for its price its alot better than those who have gas ones
by Kevin S. on 01/03/2010
"I have had my UTG Shadow OPS for 6 months now. I have had no issues with it. The bipod is solid. I put a Center Point 6x-24x X 50mm scope on it. Im shooting 1/2" targets at 25' (legos 4 x 4 bricks 7 bricks tall) Im hitting the brick targets 8 out of 10 times. This is with the stock barrel. This is an EXC. rifle and a great value. Buy a good Scope!!!!!
by james b. on 10/09/2009
"I just for this gun today in the mail, great packaging, i fired this gun today with .25 bb's oh my god, they flew very impressed with this range on the sniper rifle. cant wait to use it on a game.
by toby wessell w. on 03/24/2009
"i love this gun it is so good.but the only problem i have with it is that i cant take the bolt and receiver off from the stock so i cant clean it.