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by dominick c. on 2011-06-02 18:05:16
"I got this gun 2 years ago and loved it! when I got it it was very powerful and accurate. 2 years after purchase I hit a circle about a half ft radius at 175 ft.(with .28g bbs) I got mine when they came with a bipod it was really not worth extra. You don't need an upgrade for this sniper. one problem is sometimes the bolt wont go down its really the back square just tighten the screw on the back and your problems are solved. You should clean this gun every 2 or 3 months (or more if you play a lot)for better accuracy. You need .28g or above.

very high fps
extremely accurate
solid for very long time(sometimes you need to tighten all the screws)
big magazine
hand grip (very comfortable)
heavy it almost ways 10 pounds(I took out the weights then it was around 5)
very hard to get into
long (some might like)

All around great gun! I love it!
by Keith L. on 2011-04-04 18:37:17
"This is an OUTSTANDING sniper rifle for its price. The tri-rail is a bit wably but no worries on that. It shoots about 480 with .20 but I recommend using a .30 or .25 to really pack a punch with the opposing players. Also, be sure to have enough strength to carry this thing around if your the Scout Sniper in your team, but if your just the average sniper...Sit put because this rifle is a bit too heavy to run around in. The scope that you buy in the package as an option, the scope ring screw that hold it on the rail comes off pretty easily, I lost the screw on my first game with it and the scope itself is alright but I would invest on buying a better scope.

When you buy this rifle, just buy the bi-pod and not the "Scope and Bi-Pod package"

Oh, make sure to lube the rifle before you use it. Just saying.

* Packs a punch with a womping 460+ of fps
* Easy to assemble
* Great feel to it
* Really quiet when your shooting
* An amazing rifle for its price, shoots quite and fast (can barely see the bb's when firing)
*the Scope that comes with the package is kinda dissapointing
*Kinda Heavy
*Digital camo looks horrible so stick with the OD Green,it looks better by far
* A real pain when loading the clips

Hope this helps! =D
by stephen h. on 2011-02-22 17:56:37
"This L96 airsoft sniper rifle is the best one I have used. I have owned this rifle for over a year now and have run across only a few minor problems. I have a generation two rifle (can be determined by the screw in the back of the bolt assembly; flat head = gen. two, and Phillips head = gen. three). The problem was that this screw kept coming loose and was literally falling apart with each time the action was worked. I solved this using a thread glue (can still be disassembled after application of glue) after over frustration. This is not a problem with a generation three however. After solving this issue, this has become the ultimate sniperís rifle for a battle. Please note that this review is written by an experienced player and marksman.

- High accuracy and FPS, good up to 250 - 300 feet maximum, most effective if under 200 feet. I am able to get 3 inch groupings at 200 feet (with a scope in the sitting position).
- Easy to clean WITHOUT taking the barrel and assembly out of the stock. To accomplish this, there is the piston release lever located in front of the trigger. Simply push down on the lever, and pull out the cylinder and bolt assembly. The airsoft rifle can then be cleaned from the barrel to the receiver without complication.
- Magazine release, simply push the release lever and the magazine shoots out into your hand.
- Smooth action
- High capacity for a sniper (30 rounds)
- Suppressor adaptor available, on this website for $18. The orange tip is removed by UNSCREWING it, not cutting or pulling. Then add the adaptor and suppressor and ta-da!
- Quiet when fired.
- Bipod mount included upon purchase of just the rifle. If you already have a bipod, donít waste your money on buying one for this rifle.

- Long barrel (this is a con to some but is a perk for a sniper)
- Heavy, about 12- 13 lbs.
- The grip does take some getting used to, but eventually is accustomed to.
- Loud when using the bipod, not too sneaky when metal is clanking together.
- Difficult to reload clips, unless you know a trick. This is my trick; because the magazines are spring loaded, push down the spring and put your thumb on the bb port. Then take your index finger and make a pinching grip on the other side. Lastly, get your speed loader and have at it!
- Bulkier than other rifles.
- Scope add-on isnít great but gets the job done.
- Some complain about the fact that this is a sniper rifle and is most effective while being a sniper. Not recommended for closer ranges.

Overall, this is an outstanding rifle and very effective at longer than average ranges. I have been getting nice groupings using .28 gram bbs by matrix. This has a very nice range, power, and accuracy without further modifications. A scope is recommended for this rifle because no sights are included. Before using in a battle, actually take your time and sight in your scope. Before I sighted my scope, I was hitting almost three feet left (over 140 clicks!!!!) and over 5 feet low (240 clicks!!!) and only at 200 feet. This is because of the scope, not the rifle. I recommend getting a few extra magazines (as you should do with any weapon). I rank this at a 19/20 for combat effectiveness after sighting in.
by Matt O. on 2010-12-15 15:32:23
"This gun is amazing!! I have used this in many wars and it makes my friends cry!
good scope: adjustable zoom
very quiet
awesome bolt if you maintain it
difficult to assemble/ deassemble
sometimes loads 2

by cody k. on 2010-12-04 17:42:45
"LOVED THIS GUN!! When i first got it, it was amazing. I could hit soda can from 200 feet 8 out of 10 times. Had it for a couple of months put probably 2000 rounds through it(a little less than half a 5000 round bag) and the trigger assembly housing broke. Good gun but consider getting a zero trigger or something with it.
by Cole K. on 2010-11-27 22:20:12
"This...gun...is...AMAZING! Modeled after the Sako Arctic Warfare Magnum L96A1 in .338 Lapua Magnum, it's a great gun! It's pretty heavy, not something you want to lug around, I suggest getting this with the bipod, and buy a good shotgun with your purchase, so you aren't carrying this around all day. But, anyhow, this is a very good gun, has an effective range of 200 feet (I shot a kid from 200 feet with this and he still felt it pretty well.) I got this for my birthday, with the scope and bipod, what a GREAT scope, 3-9 power, and high quality.


Great range
High FPS (Around 370-400)
Good sling mounts
Very nice solid construction
Strong plastic
Great rail


Must be assembled (it's just two pieces, you must screw together with an allan key)
A bit hard to pull the bolt back, a bit of lube can fix that
If you buy the scope it optionally comes with, the screws for the mount must be tightened often
Scope that it optionally comes with is kind of green, this is not too much of a problem
Bipod it optionally comes with is a bit wobbly
it will jam the first couple shots maybe, to fix these jams, remove the magazine, put on safety, slide the bolt back until BBs come from the chamber, and fire. If this doesn't work, use the unjamming rod it comes with to dislodge the BBs.
Otherwise, this is a great gun
br /> This gun was my first and only sniper rifle. A great buy, perfect price for the quality and performance.

--Cole K
by Jarrod E. on 2010-11-06 16:32:48
"This is a Great Gun especially since its a Maruzen Clone..
Thankfully the people at Polar Star have made some Upgrade parts such as Piston,Spring guide, etc...

Also for those looking for the Right thread adapter to attach a Surpressor here is the link:

Overall this is a great gun for begginers and if your willing to spend some cash you can easily turn this rifle into a QUALITY sniper rifle..

Mine Crono'ed at 490 FPS when i first got it.. and at about 50 feet im getting groupings of less then 8inchs Diameter with only using teflon to seal up the piston head..

There is also a Way to REMOVE the bolt without having to Dissasemble the Gun.. here is step by step.

1. remove mag and clear gun. (also remove the Cheak pad )
2. inside the trigger well you will find the firing pin. all you need to do is Pull Down on it and it will lower, Releasing the Bolt.
3. next you will have to hold down the trigger slightly. It will not be a full trigger pull so dont pull too hard..
4.pull the bolt all the way back and out of the gun..
5. your done..

Putting the bolt back in is simple.. as your sliding the bolt back in place just hold down the trigger sear and the other sear and slide it back in.. dont forget to reinsert the Fireing pin..

**If your bolt gets caught on the Sears and gets stuck then you will need to take off the trigger box to free the bolt..
by Peter M. on 2010-11-05 21:17:21
"The video reveiews for this gun say that it comes with a bipod; does it; for free? because the customization options say differently, so im wondering?

Evike Staff: You decide. Buy it with bipod, with scope, with both or just gun alone.
(Please note we cannot answer questions here generally, refer to our facebook or forum please.)
by Bryce H. on 2010-06-07 15:36:26
"This is a great rifle to snipe with. It comes out of the box shooting hot. my only advice is that you sight in your scope with it. a lot of people say that this rifle has bad accuracy. but that is usually because they have not sighted it with their scope. so i recommend this gun.
by Jordan T. on 2010-06-04 10:55:08
"This gun is a great buy but it has some issues.

Amazing FPS
Easy to carry for its weight
Shoots VERY far

Scope is very hard to sight in
Wobbly Bi-pod
by Tim H. on 2010-06-03 20:05:10
"good gun. especially for the price

-very good range
-very accurate
-mid range weight
-I use .30's for pinpoint accuracy up to around 170 feet, but .28's could get lucky around 200.

-plastic receiver, although it is very nice.
-there is a hole on the trigger gaurd for the allen wrench to assemble the gun theat just tears up your finger
-rails mounts can move a smudge if you put alot of force on them, but you can hardly tell the difference.

highly recommend for anyone in this price range. Too many people that i play with have snipers now because of this. Someone even got the exact same one. Now that's just against the natural laws of airsoft.
by trevor k. on 2010-05-28 20:27:16
"lets just start off, wonderful
-it has dead on accuracy, at a good 60 yards
-excellent fps (use .28s, they have good accuracy, and you still get a good 450 fps)
-it also has tons of upgrades (theres an upgrade kit for 50 bucks)
-and very nice adjustable cheek rest and rubber butt plate

a butt load of metal parts
high fps wit heavey bbs
dead on accuracy
easy to upgrade
cheek rest and butt
very easy to disassemble

none at all

so as you can see this is a great sniper system, and you
wont regret buying it


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