Reviews: JG Newest Version AUG Civilian Full Size Airsoft AEG Rifle w/ Metal Gear box

$140.00 $119.00

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Model: AEG-JG-0448A
Location: L7-001 WSO5-T07

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by Jack M. on 2011-04-08 15:02:58
"This gun might not look like a super promising gun due to the low price and the fact that JG makes it, but it is worth wayyyy more than the price says. Externally, the gun is magnificent. It is made out of high quality ABS plastic, and I think the real steel gun is also a type of ABS. The gun is front heavy because the barrel is metal, though. The finish is also excellent, and looks very good. The performance is also great. The gun is very accurate out of the box, and unless you want a DMR, you don't really need a TBB. The hop up could use upgrading, though. It is pretty consistent, but not very effective. The gun is so accurate that I proceeded to buy a scope. You probably won't be using this gun for CQB, so you definitely don't need a super fancy 9.6v 2500 mah battery, but you should upgrade a little on the battery. The rof is ok out of the box, especially on a woodland field at longer ranges. The barrel does need periodical cleaning, or your fps will sink like a rock, but shouldn't all airsoft guns be maintained well?

super accurate
good rof
not too bulky
looks realistic
rail instead of built in scope on military version
great range

orange tip is huge (sometimes a con, sometimes not)

Final Word: This gun is amazing, especially for the price. You should buy a scope with it, because it has that range.
by joe h. on 2010-10-18 19:07:54
"i like, it is a vary good gun way better than m4s in my oppinion which makes up most of my team only complaint is no room for bateries so for woods its the 9rps but cqb i crank it up to 16rps by tapeing a 9.6 4000mha to it overall good gun well worth 140$ i spent im adding 60$ in upgrades and its gana be amazing buy this
by Mikie D. on 2010-09-22 18:18:27
"what scope would you recommend for this gun? for those of you who own this gun
by Hugo R. on 2010-09-07 16:29:25
"Excellent gun! It has great accuracy and really good fps! I`m waiting for it for a long time (almost 6 months) and I`m dying to get my hands on this gun and destroy all the enemy team!
by Tera T. on 2010-03-22 12:42:48
"First I would like to say this is a great gun for the money. I've owned this gun for a year and never had a major problem with it. Now for the review. JG isn't as high-end as say Classic Army but this gun can still perform in a skirmish. For this gun I use .20g bb's but the AUG can handle .23g and .25g bb's if that's what you prefer. The gun has never broken down or jammed on me but at times the trigger can get a little stiff. Another problem I find a bit annoying is the battery compartment size. I have yet to find a 9.6v that can fit in the small space provided. The range isn't what I would call amazing but still a huge step-up from your backyard wars. This gun is great for beginners and with some upgrades, can perform with the best of them. If you are looking for your first AEG, this is definately one to consider. With most people going with AK's or M4's, the AUG also gives you a unique aspect. I would definately recommend this to anyone.
- Do-able range
- Nice magazine capacity
- Has some weight (if thats what you like)
- pretty accurate

- Battery compartment size
- stiff trigger at times
- strange rail size
Overall, a great gun for anyone looking to get a unique, AEG.
by Justin N. on 2010-03-15 12:11:40
"good gun, with great accuracy. shoots to about 360-380, thats after about 3 months of owning it. When i say accuracy, i really mean that the shots are more consistant in a single area, and would need a bit of tweaking of the sights to really make the gun deadly accurate. the only thing though GET A SIGHT(which evike also sells) the tiny plastic sights are exactly what you want to bring into a skrimish. Another problem seems to be the magazine, for me it seems that it jams every so often, but i fire only in semi automatic, because whenever i try to go full auto, i reveal my position with the single shot in sequence to pulling the trigger all the way. as far as a railsystem goes, it isnt really that good for attaching gear, however solved by purchasing the A3 model. All in all its a great consistant gun, requires some cleaning, and the tip is a dead give away to your position. i would give it a 4.5 stars but im nice so why not a 5
by Ryan B. on 2010-01-08 23:34:12
"Ok, This is a pretty decent gun. The Design is just perfect. It is the size of an M4, with the accuracy on an m16, and believe me, thats very useful and the field. This things got a nice ROF, even with the stock battery. The mag release is very easy (im used to bullpups though it might take you some practice.) This gun is pretty accurate, i recommend using .23 TSD bbs. Well its very accurate. Now here are some bad things. This rifle does not preform well in the cold weather, or i got a lemon, the internals are not the greatest. In other words this thing is going to need some upgrades, like a tightbore barrel, new piston piston head, shim and lube job, and a higher voltage battery. 9.6 p90 style battery or nunchuck should work. Mines in the shop currently to get some upgrades, im afraid to touch the augs crazy trigger system. Another thing, the iron sights are S***, dont even waste your time putting them on your gun a piece of cardboard would do a better job of iron sights, id recommend a tube scope or a dot sight, or a zoom scope
Alright, here are my pros and cons
This thing is very compact and accurate for its size
The Price Is VERY NICE
This thing can go from dmr to cqb rifle with just a switch of optics and a barrel
Very easy to get in the insides of this rifle
Charging handle is fun to mess around
ROF is pretty decent, im guessing around 15 bps?
FPS is good for field use

The Internals arent as great as they should be, upgrades will be needed
Fold down grip is nice, but a tad wobble is noticed. Not a problem unless you are OCD
Kind of loud?
Not much you can do with an aug Only things i can think of is (laser, Rails {expensive} phantom kit, Bi pod, scope.........)

I recommend this gun if you are looking for a gun to be different than everyone that will fill every scenario, and have some gearbox experience.
Thanks guys, and get some! ;)
if you have any questions just email me at
by greyson s. on 2009-09-18 16:31:49
"F****ng Amazing gun. I have had it for almost a year now and it has never failed on me. It has amazing fps, amazing rof, and all around good looks and accuracy. This gun breaks down like a real Steyr Aug, and only the body is not metal, but it is still high grade ABS plastic. overall this gun is probably the best AEG I have ever bought and I would highly recommend it to anybody looking for a reliable main weapon.
by kenneth l. on 2009-04-15 11:27:10
"This gun is amazing. I got this gun and went to my first OP with it, and that was operation Reindeer Games. It lasted for an entire year before having any kind of problems with it. Its got a high rate of fire, its accurate, and it shoots hard. Its worth alot more than the low price suggests. This is better than the standard aug due to it having a rail instead of a built in scope, so you can put whatever you want on top.

High ROF, metal parts where there are supposed to be, easy to maintain, easy to upgrade, RIS rail instead of built in scope.

Only has one rail, bbs fall into the body every now and then but its not that big a deal. rail notches are weirdly spaced.
by Suzanne S. on 2009-03-15 16:52:32
"Great gun! The cost to performance is outstanding.
First off I would like to recommend getting it from Evike. I got from another website and when they shipped it there was a pack of salt like stuff (that was supposed to keep the gun dry) and it was opened and there were pieces inside the gun and everywhere. Anyway on to the review.

The body is plastic and the front reciever and rail is metal. It comes with two turd plastic sights but there okay for short term use (I plan on getting a scope soon enough). There is a little metal piece that keeps the front reciever and the plastic body connected which is very annoying. The piece, if taken out, becomes sort of loose and will accidentally slide out. This can easily be fixed with tape, just be aware that if your not holding the front grip and the piece comes out the front reciever could just drop right off. As far as extra mags go, get anything marui compatible EXCEPT BE mags. I bought two and they feed terribly, the mid-cap doesn't even work.

Accuracy!!- with .25 bb's this thing is sick! At 75 ft I easily shot (3 shots to get him) my friend
through a 2in wide crack (really recommend you buy some Elite .25's)

FPS- Good fps. Where I play we have to have 350 or under with .2's so this is perfect.

ROF- Actually not that bad considering I was getting 10ish rps with a half charged stock battery...

Easy to disassemble- simply taken apart for cleaning (highly recommended, alot of junk in the barrel)

Front Grip- Some people don't like it but theres only a very slight wiggle and it helps share the weight between both arms

Weight- Some people say its pretty heavy but I'm 5'3 (slightly on the smaller side =[) and can easily carry it around for hours

Not much at all, just the junky sights and the annoying metal piece.

Final thoughts:
Great gun, can hit people at 150 feet fairly easily (even with the stinky sights). Does need some barrel cleaning but all airsoft AEG's should be cleaned and lubed regularly. Great accuracy for length, the size and accuracy was the main reason I bought it. With the possibility of Marui upgrades this gun is the perfect intermediate player weapon that can be turned into even more amazingness! Don't bother looking around, I searched this site inside and out for a 100-200 dollar gun that could hold its own, this is it. It has a different kind of look that some people like and others don't. Some of my friends think its the ugliest gun I could have got, but I like it!

by graham b. on 2009-03-05 11:13:57
"The thing I like most about this AEG is how simple it is to take apart: A latch behind the foregrip lets you slide out the barrel, a button behind the rear grip allows removal of the mid section, then two more accessible screws lets you take out the gear box.

The best thing about the AUG is the bull-pup designs long barrel length (20 inches, aka 509mm) without having a long, cumbersome body. To truly utilize the AUG's barrel, I recommend getting a tightbore, a new air nozzle, piston head, and spring. I have a 4x scope on mine and I can nail a target at 150 feet using .25 BBs. Accuracy is diminished after that, but a well-placed burst can still hit someone 200 feet away. A simple mod to the battery compartment will let you use a 9.6 nunchuck, but beware of JG's use of nylon bushings and plastic piston with the higher ROF.

The foregrip is wobbly, but that's the nature of folding foregrips, and isn't that big a deal. The carrying handle on top is nice because it raises whatever optics you install so you can still look through it with your mask or goggles on. The clip is easily removed and replaced one-handed.

The JG Styer AUG is great for most play except CQB, since the stock is not adjustable and the whole thing can feel a little bulky. But I highly recommend it for woodland combat and medium- to long-range fighting. A good value AEG, but you'll need to do a few mods to really get the bang for the buck.

FYI, I had a friend open them up, and he showed me the internals of the three JG AUGs (the A1 Civilian, A2 Military, and A3) ARE ALL THE SAME.
by brian r. on 2009-02-27 22:39:15
"this was a very decent gun while it lasted. i received it late september 2008 and then it just died while in battle on feb. of 2009. If u r gonna get this gun id beware that it may break so make sure u prepare money to buy new gearboxes and stuff. Overall about the gun as outstanding, covered in very durable plastic and is all in one huge piece.

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