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JG Newest Version AUG Civilian Full Size Airsoft AEG Rifle w/ Metal Gear box

54 Customer Reviews

by WILL K. on 07/18/2008
"This gun is awesome. At first I thought it would be an ok gun made by an ok company, but it has completely changed my views. This gun hurts! It's fps is high and it's rof is crazy. Not to mention, due to its bullpup arangement, the barrel is really long, giving it increased range and accuracy. Put a scope on this AUG, and you have a sniper rifle. The vertical grip and bullpup way of handling this weapon takes a bit to get used to, but once you become familiar with it, you won't want to use anything but bullpup. (My last review had some spelling errors.)
by WILL K. on 07/18/2008
"This gun is awesome. At first I thought it would be an ok gun made by and ok company, but it has copletely changed my views. This gun hurts! It's fps is high and it's rof is crazy. Not to mention, due to its bullpup arangement, the barrel is really long, giving it increased range and accuracy. Put a scope on this AUG, and you have a sniper rifle. The vertical grip and bullpup way of handling this weapon takes a bit to get used to, but once you become familiar with it, you won't want to use anything but bullpup.
by Jerry D. on 07/11/2008
"The battery compartment of this gun in in the stock. The range is around 100~120 feet. The power is around 360~380 fps right out of the box. A very good AUG, another great gun by JG that is just like the Classic Army AUG with higher fps, more reliable gearbox and half the price. (With free battery and charger too!)
by Brian J. on 07/04/2008
"GREAT GUN!!!! I got it in and added a tight bore barrel, and 9.6v 2300mah battery and WOW!!! None of the guys I play C.T.F. with have been able to stop me. If you get this gun just add those two items and you'll have it made. Oh yeah, I almost forgot, get a decent red dot too. It's super accurate.
by Jason C. on 06/27/2008
"Get the G&P 511 or the Samurai aim point type red dot scope. They will look sick on this rifle.
by james v. on 05/31/2008
"my friend got this weapon not to long ago, and i must say its one kickass weapon system. i personally like the the whole "bullpup" design concept and this weapon shoots accurate, far and hits hard! I really like how easy it is to access the version 3 gearbox, normally you have to remove screws and body pins and upper recivers and whatnot, but not with this gun! simply pop off the back rubber butt plate and remove a plastic wall that keeps the gearbox in place and itll come right out! plus the version 3 gearbox is really easy to fix wich is an added bonus! with the size of the battery i was impressed with its rate of fire. overall id say for the price its an outstanding weapon!
by D. D. on 05/13/2008
"JG / BOYI / CYMA / DBOY AEG in general are very affordable #1 deal AEG as many reviews will point out. However, the free battery that come with the gun is just a standard 8.4V.

Because all the guns are upgraded to shoot over 360 FPS, it is recommended to buy a better battery to result it's true capability.

A good recommended battery to get for this aug that will fit into the stock without much work - from low capacity to high (better performance)

8.4V 1200mah small type
8.4V 1500mah small type
9.6V 1600mah small type
9.6V 2000mah nun chuck type
9.6V 2300mah nun chuck type
11.1V li-poly (recommended for experienced players only)

Overall review: a good gun, can't go wrong with this price. It is overall a better rating AUG than the Tokyo Marui or Classic Army model, and only half the price. (Marui and CA don't include battery in their guns, and if upgraded to shoot 360 FPS with a free 8.4V 1000mah battery, it's cycle rate will be slower than this AUG, the CA motor probably won't even shoot.)
by Andy P. on 05/11/2008
"The JG AUG is probably my favorite gun due to its simplicity, accuracy, and looks. Along with the AUGs fairly hefty weight, the gun's looks are stunning. The front grip is kind of flimsy, but I have yet to have any problems with it. The rifle is very accurate stock, but high quality bbs and a different bucking have helped mine immensely. Many of the problems stated in the last review I have not had. My stock pin stays put, and the front reciever has never fallen out. It is pretty easy to remove though, allowing jams or modifications to be made pretty easily. The magazine feeds excellently and seats well. It has a pretty fair rate of fire in my opinion, and the only problem I have had with it is the rail. It is awefully difficult to mount a sight on the AUG that can be used with goggles. A high rise scope mount makes things a lot easier, and is the main thing I would recommend for this gun. All in all, an excellent buy.
by Tyler C. on 07/19/2017
"Ymtge gun is great for stock. Grip is a little wobbly but fixable. The set up could use a better trigger system its a little harder to pull than a m4.
by Benjamin I. on 05/22/2016
"A good gun for the money for sure. Granted, it's still a $150 gun, so out of the box it won't match up with most guns on the field, especially at range. This, however, is easily fixed with a tightbore barrel (509mm), metal hop up, and a good bucking (I use a maple leaf 75degree). Turned a decent starter AEG into an intimidating DMR. The gun is mostly pretty good quality, except for the stock hop-up (brittle plastic) and the wobbly and delicate foregrip, which broke off after the first day I used it. Also, the outer barrels on these guns are notoriously shaky. A dab of gorilla glue fixed that. The FPS is low compared to the advert (290-330fps) with .2g BBs. A guarder piston/cylinder upgrade definitely helped out. Now chrono's at 375- 410fps on semi with a 9.6. Great buy for a tinkerer who wants a bullpup at a cheap price, and has some patience.
by Michael M. on 01/29/2013
"I just bought this gun and it feels really nice, but there is a few problems i have found with it.
Nice weight (might be con for some)
Balanced out
good range
Mid caps did not feel good at all.
grip is loose(i dont use anyways)
Charging handle is loose
There is a hole inside the mag well, and bbs fall in there inside the gun and they rattle around it is hard to get them out.
by Nick C. on 12/29/2011
"Metal Parts:
"Upper" Receiver
Barrel Assembly (Flash Hider and Folding Grip are plastic.)
Sling Points

~Easy assembly/disassembly
~Folding grip (Kind of wobbly.)
~Nice Weight
~Very Solid (With ONE exception.)
~Awesome FPS and ROF with 8.4v.
~Easy Hop-Up Adjusting

~Hard to put butt plate back on
~Gearbox is wobbly, sometimes causing it to come loose and the gun will not fire. (The one exception.) Super easy fix with a bolt through the stock.
~Folding grip is kind of wobbly

Over all I give this gun a 4 - 4.5 because of the loose gearbox and how loud the gun is.
Final Verdict: Buy this gun if you are an intermediate player who knows how to fix the wobbly gearbox. I'm putting a tutorial on how to fix this problem up on Youtube tonight, it's not difficult.
by Tera T. on 03/22/2010
"First I would like to say this is a great gun for the money. I've owned this gun for a year and never had a major problem with it. Now for the review. JG isn't as high-end as say Classic Army but this gun can still perform in a skirmish. For this gun I use .20g bb's but the AUG can handle .23g and .25g bb's if that's what you prefer. The gun has never broken down or jammed on me but at times the trigger can get a little stiff. Another problem I find a bit annoying is the battery compartment size. I have yet to find a 9.6v that can fit in the small space provided. The range isn't what I would call amazing but still a huge step-up from your backyard wars. This gun is great for beginners and with some upgrades, can perform with the best of them. If you are looking for your first AEG, this is definately one to consider. With most people going with AK's or M4's, the AUG also gives you a unique aspect. I would definately recommend this to anyone.
- Do-able range
- Nice magazine capacity
- Has some weight (if thats what you like)
- pretty accurate

- Battery compartment size
- stiff trigger at times
- strange rail size
Overall, a great gun for anyone looking to get a unique, AEG.
by Ryan B. on 01/08/2010
"Ok, This is a pretty decent gun. The Design is just perfect. It is the size of an M4, with the accuracy on an m16, and believe me, thats very useful and the field. This things got a nice ROF, even with the stock battery. The mag release is very easy (im used to bullpups though it might take you some practice.) This gun is pretty accurate, i recommend using .23 TSD bbs. Well its very accurate. Now here are some bad things. This rifle does not preform well in the cold weather, or i got a lemon, the internals are not the greatest. In other words this thing is going to need some upgrades, like a tightbore barrel, new piston piston head, shim and lube job, and a higher voltage battery. 9.6 p90 style battery or nunchuck should work. Mines in the shop currently to get some upgrades, im afraid to touch the augs crazy trigger system. Another thing, the iron sights are S***, dont even waste your time putting them on your gun a piece of cardboard would do a better job of iron sights, id recommend a tube scope or a dot sight, or a zoom scope
Alright, here are my pros and cons
This thing is very compact and accurate for its size
The Price Is VERY NICE
This thing can go from dmr to cqb rifle with just a switch of optics and a barrel
Very easy to get in the insides of this rifle
Charging handle is fun to mess around
ROF is pretty decent, im guessing around 15 bps?
FPS is good for field use

The Internals arent as great as they should be, upgrades will be needed
Fold down grip is nice, but a tad wobble is noticed. Not a problem unless you are OCD
Kind of loud?
Not much you can do with an aug Only things i can think of is (laser, Rails {expensive} phantom kit, Bi pod, scope.........)

I recommend this gun if you are looking for a gun to be different than everyone that will fill every scenario, and have some gearbox experience.
Thanks guys, and get some! ;)
if you have any questions just email me at [email protected]
by Amy k. on 02/27/2009
"this gun is good its durable ( IT WILL NOT BREAK ) on you. its good for mid range games i get pwnd in CQB you should buy a red dot for it it will help alot