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Model: AEG-JG-0448A

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by graham b. on 2009-03-05 11:13:57
"The thing I like most about this AEG is how simple it is to take apart: A latch behind the foregrip lets you slide out the barrel, a button behind the rear grip allows removal of the mid section, then two more accessible screws lets you take out the gear box.

The best thing about the AUG is the bull-pup designs long barrel length (20 inches, aka 509mm) without having a long, cumbersome body. To truly utilize the AUG's barrel, I recommend getting a tightbore, a new air nozzle, piston head, and spring. I have a 4x scope on mine and I can nail a target at 150 feet using .25 BBs. Accuracy is diminished after that, but a well-placed burst can still hit someone 200 feet away. A simple mod to the battery compartment will let you use a 9.6 nunchuck, but beware of JG's use of nylon bushings and plastic piston with the higher ROF.

The foregrip is wobbly, but that's the nature of folding foregrips, and isn't that big a deal. The carrying handle on top is nice because it raises whatever optics you install so you can still look through it with your mask or goggles on. The clip is easily removed and replaced one-handed.

The JG Styer AUG is great for most play except CQB, since the stock is not adjustable and the whole thing can feel a little bulky. But I highly recommend it for woodland combat and medium- to long-range fighting. A good value AEG, but you'll need to do a few mods to really get the bang for the buck.

FYI, I had a friend open them up, and he showed me the internals of the three JG AUGs (the A1 Civilian, A2 Military, and A3) ARE ALL THE SAME.
by brian r. on 2009-02-27 22:39:15
"this was a very decent gun while it lasted. i received it late september 2008 and then it just died while in battle on feb. of 2009. If u r gonna get this gun id beware that it may break so make sure u prepare money to buy new gearboxes and stuff. Overall about the gun as outstanding, covered in very durable plastic and is all in one huge piece.
by Amy k. on 2009-02-27 17:56:16
"this gun is good its durable ( IT WILL NOT BREAK ) on you. its good for mid range games i get pwnd in CQB you should buy a red dot for it it will help alot
by Jeremy H. on 2009-02-21 20:39:39
"I just got this gun today. It's amazing and very powerful. I recommend getting a scope for it because it is very very accurate. It will shoot through 4 layers or more of cardboard with ease! Simply awesome in better terms. If you have the money, I suggest you get it. It's totally worth it. :)
by John P. on 2009-02-01 10:04:57
"My neibor has this gun, it hurts like $H!T it is amazing highly reccomend it.
by David N. on 2008-12-03 23:11:17
"This gun is very accurate.Due to the bullpup design most of the length of the gun is housing the barrel so if you put on a silencer about 8 inches then you can put the longest inner barrel you could find i.e.650mm with 6.03 tight bore barrel and the whole length of the gun is still less than 40 inches which will make it one of best airsoft sniper in the market with shortest overall length.
by marcus r. on 2008-11-25 16:59:20
"Im planning to get this it worth it....i wanna own my friends who have echo 1 mp5s....please help
by Jeff T. on 2008-11-03 15:43:17
"This gun is sweet. I don't personnally own this gun but one of my friend does. I used it earlier today and i have to say it is awesome. I didn't really like the design of the aug but once i held this gun it was totally awesome. Range is pretty good. My friend took one of the guys in my squad out with it and the guy had a saw. The accuracy is also excellent. The front foregrip is kind of wobbley but it folds which is awesome, but the wobble is barely noticable and doesn't bother you at all, certainly not with saw rounds wizzing over your head. Also, the charging handle can lock in place which makes the hop up adjustment really awesome. Finally, those who worry about winding the mag in bullpup guns, it works fine. Really Comfortable. It is compact for smaller players, but works fine with bigger players. My friend is 6' 5'' and he can use it perfectly. Overall great gun, everyone on the field with think it looks totally Bad Ass!!!!!!!!
by Tom O. on 2008-10-15 18:24:46
"This gun was good for about the first few weeks. Then, It started having all kinds of feeding and shooting problems. I tried everything possible and still doesn't work. NOT WORTH YOUR MONEY!
by Aaron B. on 2008-10-06 15:21:08
"i got this gun it was amazing but it broke on me in 2 weeks.=(
by Richard S. on 2008-09-28 22:21:31
"This is the first gun I ever bought. I liked the look of it. I still use it to this day, and I own people with it. The inner barrel is 409. It can be fired one handed. I use mine as a sniper/assult rifle. The hand grip on the front is trash, use it if you want to, I don't. I put a 6.04 tight bore, 120 spring, metal bushings, piston and head, and a 9v battery in mine. After I did all that, I have a nice shot group of 1 foot at 150 feet, and a fps of 400. Great gun for the price though, solid constuction. I also use a G22 custom gas sniper rifle (750 fps) that I got from Evike.
by jake c. on 2008-09-23 22:55:14
"well always beware of guns that show pictures like this! and the reason it has such a long barrel is not because its a sniper! its because its the civilian version and it has a long barrel so it cannot be concealed

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