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JG Enhanced LiPo Ready M16A3 Airsoft AEG Rifle (Package: Black)

64 Customer Reviews

by Trevor p. on 05/22/2008
"This gun was my first AEG purchase. For a beginner, this gun is perfect. It is at a perfect price. You get a battery charger and some cheap bb's. The Matrix bb's are as good as Airsfot Elite. This gun has a long range and the hop up is easily accesed. It's not good for CQB however it's perfect for the outdoors. The removable carrying handle has a nice full metal picatinny rail for any optic you want. Mag holds 300 rounds and is full metal.
by Nicholas M. on 05/03/2008
"Pretty much the same as the other JG M16's, it has high accuracy and is just a great gun. I put metal bushings and shims in this. Great gun for the money and can compete with high end AEGs.
by Laura O. on 02/15/2015
"great starter cant wait to get more mags and go to a war

good rof


a little inacurate nothing upgrades cant fix
had some problems with jamming could been my fault
receiver is sturdy plastic makes it light could be pro
by Andrew H. on 06/28/2014
"Bought this about two or so weeks ago. So far pleased. Test fired it with both the battery it came with and another small type I have. LIke it so far, sounds a little weird, but that may be because I was under a patio with horrible accoustics. Won't be able to field it for a while as the field I go to is starting night games next week until August.

Pros: Lightweight
sounds hard hitting for a budget rifle
Fun to aim with

Cons: little too lightweight
Feels slightly fragile
Not too much else.
by Zach N. on 04/07/2012
"Very good considering the price that you pay. Consistently shoots around 380fps, and gets some pretty good range if you mess with the hopup a little bit. Unfortunately, the hopup bucking included is really not that consistent, so it will start to shoot everywhere during full auto fire. Its pretty solid, and a little weighty, the internals are good and the exterior is pretty durable considering its made of plastic.
The only issue right now is that the handguard has a lot of wobble to it, but it's not really that big of a deal.

-Accurate in semi auto mode
-Good ROF for an 8.4v gun
-Surprisingly good stock battery

-Hopup is inconsistent firing automatic or bursts
-Handguard has a lot of wobble

That's pretty much it, the first thing you should do is get a new hopup bucking and a tighbore barrel; it will add a surprising amount of range and accuracy to this thing. Get a better battery though, the stock one is fine, but if you plan to use this competitively then I suggest either going Li-Po for higher fire rate and lifespan, or getting a 3,000+ mAh battery for a longer play time. Certainly worth the money.
by Robert M. on 06/12/2010
"This was my first AEG and my main airsoft weapon. It is pretty strong and the accuracy is very good. The only downsides to this gun is there is a slight wobble in the barrell which I find incredibly annoying, and the gun does slow down a little bit the longer you have it. I would reccomend this as a starter gun for anyone new to airsoft. It's a pretty good value for the price
by paul a. on 03/09/2010
"i've had mine 4 about half a year and im satisfied...not the best gun out there, but for the price and 2 free mags....its pretty good

nice range
decent rof for the price
2 free mags (evike special)

quality isnt the best but its alright
only 1 rail
easy battery installation

not bad 4 the price...really nice range but its not brother has the cyma ak74u and its much more accurate but doesnt shoot as far...if ur lookn 4 an m16 base gun...get it, but get a tightbore and a better hop up
by Harry M. on 03/03/2010
"My friend has this gun. It has a crazy rate of fire with an 11.1v lipoly. Good range for an m16. I Have not had to fix anything on this gun so far. Great gun for the money
by Vince V. on 03/07/2009
"The JG M16a4 is a decent gun.

When I first bought this gun, I thought is was going to be amazing. But, every gun has its cons. This gun's accuracy is great for the first 100ft with .20s. However, this gun with .12s is TERRIBLE. Dont even bother with those bbs. The gun's range isn't too great either. For the first 70-100ft works well, but the second it passes, bbs go straight up in the air. Maybe you folks, you'll be able to fix it with the hop-up system, but f***ing kapowwe sent me one with a broken hop-up that just jams my gun when I try to adjust. The FPS is rather nice. The velocity kicks serious butt :)

-Accurate and good with .20s
-Great FPS
-Good ROF on full charge
-Battery lasts a lifetime

-HUGE gun
-Bullets fly when shooting far
-Not much range
-.12s suck so bad with this gun
-Jiggly barrel (the railing)

Overall: 7.5/10
Worth the money? Yes
Last long? Probably not too long. I'd say about 3-5 years at the max
by Michael G. on 09/23/2008
"Ok the reason I am giving this a four and not a two is cause I put welts all over my opponents but I have a few problems 1.This thing works with midcaps and lowcaps But I have to tip the gun upside down to get any performance out of it and it has bb's jam up every 10 or so shots the high cap works alright but the midcaps and lowcaps hardly work at all anyone able to help me with suggestions? Also this fire's at 405 FPS don't use it in close range I found that out the hard way!
by Jamie D. on 09/03/2008
"This is a great gun for beginners or experienced players. i would recommend getting another battery, not cause its weak but it runs out after like 3 or 4 hours of play. i would also recommend staying with the 8.4 volt. the 9.6 are just really hard to get in the stock and u don't wanna like rip a wire or something. i got an 8.4V 36 MiH battery and it last alllll day. I don't know if it was just mine but wen i got it there was a little barrel wabble which was easily fixable by taking off the stock and unscrewing the outer barrel and then screwing it back on harder. the accuracy is great and it shoots incredibly far. Whats great about the M16 is that is can be used and an assault weapon, and support gun, and even a sniper in some cases. I highly recommend this.
by Peter N. on 07/07/2008
"great gun, strong, accurate, i just got it so im sure about the reliability but it seems sturdy enough. its really easy to break the little catch on the dust cover which i did within 5 minutes of opening up the box. ive heard some people complain about the barrel being wobbly but its an easy fix. take off the two pieces of the foregrip and then twist the ring that locks the foregrip in place. you should be able to tighten it easily. the only thing i dont like about the gun is the sound when it fires; it sounds more plasticy than a lot of similarly priced AEGs. but no biggy. overall awesome gun
by Andrew T. on 05/30/2008
"I bought this gun not to long ago and I am pleased. The biggest problem I had with it was the barrel is very wobbly. I re-ran my battery wire under the shelf for the battery and it's easier to get in now.

-barrel wobble
-battery compartment
-wish it had higher FPS

-Good for the woods
-hop up is easy to sight in
by Erika J. on 11/19/2017
"This gun is really good as for firing. High RPM good FPS and power. However, the polymer/plastic feels really cheap. It has already cracked on the frame where it connects to the stock with very light use. I wish I would've saved up for a better starter gun. Also, this growing crack occurred only a week or 2 after Evike warranty went up.
by Vincent M. on 08/01/2017
"had this thing for about two weeks before the barrel fell out of the gun. it seems that the screws holding it in broke and now it is mostly useless and to make matters worse i cannot find any replacement parts for it.