Reviews: JG Enhanced LiPoly Ready M16A3 Airsoft AEG Rifle

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Model: AEG-JG-6610-M16A3
Location: A1-223

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by danny n. on 2010-02-03 09:51:59
"This gun is great! I highly Recomend it for anyone who is interested in a gun with phenominal rate of fire and accuracy! i just got it yesterday and i already think its one of the best guns ive ever bought!

-great accuracy
-great rate of fire
-well built
-very durable
-great for cqb and long range battles
-a little jiggly hand rail (nothing to worry about)
-heavy (8lbs)
-doesnt come with strap
by James N. on 2010-01-05 19:50:46
"Mine is currently fitted with a 4X scope, and with that I was shelving bbs in on a stack of pallets when a buddy of mine with a G-36C had trouble reaching the same stack (all from about 150ft away). In the first match I took this thing two, I made a head shot on a guy that only had about 4 inches of his head above a rock, something I'm convinced only a few AEGs can do effectively.

The only downside to me is that the dust cover can become stuck open very easy, but this is minor compared to overall capabilities of this weapon.

Although it was in about the same as a fully loaded M16, I'm used to this as I carried one in the Military, and this feels just like one.

If you're an M4/M16 fan, and you're new to airsoft, I highly recommend this rifle.
by Monta C. on 2009-11-27 16:56:34
"Ok this gun is a really good gun i highly recomend it. For starters it shoots over 400 fps.Second you can buy a 5,000 round clip and use it as a turrent/support like i do. Third it is really durable mine has lasted about 8 monthsso far.

1 high FPS
2 exelent range
3 can use as assulting,turrent/support,andmid range sniping if using right kind of bbs
4 many up grades highly recomend a z rail and a scope and a bigger clip

1 my clip broke my fault
2 my barrell messed up my fault again
3 a little to much plastic but still an exlent gun

P.S i would also get a metal boy and stock if u have the money. 10 out of 10

all and all get if you know what you are doing
by Vince V. on 2009-03-07 10:08:15
"The JG M16a4 is a decent gun.

When I first bought this gun, I thought is was going to be amazing. But, every gun has its cons. This gun's accuracy is great for the first 100ft with .20s. However, this gun with .12s is TERRIBLE. Dont even bother with those bbs. The gun's range isn't too great either. For the first 70-100ft works well, but the second it passes, bbs go straight up in the air. Maybe you folks, you'll be able to fix it with the hop-up system, but f***ing kapowwe sent me one with a broken hop-up that just jams my gun when I try to adjust. The FPS is rather nice. The velocity kicks serious butt :)

-Accurate and good with .20s
-Great FPS
-Good ROF on full charge
-Battery lasts a lifetime

-HUGE gun
-Bullets fly when shooting far
-Not much range
-.12s suck so bad with this gun
-Jiggly barrel (the railing)

Overall: 7.5/10
Worth the money? Yes
Last long? Probably not too long. I'd say about 3-5 years at the max
by Eli C. on 2009-02-20 21:15:20
"awesome gun. first major gun buy, never regretted it. JG has been making excellent guns the past few years and this is one of their best!
by Harold A. on 2008-12-17 16:58:55
"I just got this gun yesterday and i just did my first test fire.The rate of fire is great and has good bullet spacing and high fps i would recommend buying a new battery maybe a 9.6 butt overall this gun is great gun for the money I give it a 10 out of 10
by Craig B. on 2008-12-03 11:32:44
"Yea you can have evike install a new reciever on it.
by GARY H. on 2008-11-28 07:24:39
"i found this gun on another website in a combo pack for cheap its on kapowwe and i was wonderin can i have evike put a new receiver on it? and also can this gun take high quality .12g bbs from this site vuz i am on a budget to get a cheap full custom gun thanks!!!
by mark b. on 2008-11-22 15:53:33
"is there any ris that can fit on this gun? I cannot find any
by mark b. on 2008-11-22 15:46:17
"does the carrying handel/sights come off to allow a scope to go on?
by Felipe L. on 2008-11-03 19:20:31
"Does this replica have reinforced reinforced gearbox, cylinder, or internal parts as the JG enhaced custom m4a1 that costs $160
by sam p. on 2008-10-25 16:09:08
"To Jon C.:Yes it comes with a hi-cap mag and it's a great idea to get this!

Displaying 13 to 24 (of 43 reviews)

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