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JG Enhanced LiPo Ready M16A3 Airsoft AEG Rifle (Package: Black)

64 Customer Reviews

by tyler K. on 05/26/2014
"This gun is great. I haven't used it in a war yet but I know this will get the job done.

Good weight (about 6 pounds)
Great FPS ( around 370-390 w/ .2)
Mental and great quality abs plastic


Long (about 40 inches)
Battery can be a pain to get out

Other than that, this is a great purchase
by Taylor L. on 01/05/2013
"ive owned this gun for a couple years now and it has held up for me. JG has got a bad wrap but with there new enhanced version they really out done them selfs. great gun for the price.

very high ROF
lipo ready

abs plastic (i prefer full metal aegs)
heat shield is a little wobbly (not a big concern)
by Dulah T. on 04/21/2012
"This gun is one of the best purchases I've made in Airsoft, it was actually my first purchase for Airsoft nearly 6 years ago and it's still working perfectly fine, never had to strip the gun, never really had to do anything with it. I bought the OLD version of this gun too, and it works incredibly well. It's perfect for a beginners gun. I can fit a 9.6 large type in the stock perfectly I've never had any trouble fitting a battery into this gun, I don't know what the fuss is about.

Accurate to about 80 feet
Good FPS
ROF is great with a 9.6

You'd have to be retarded or just really not careful with your weapon to break this plastic, I've never even chipped it in my 6 years of outdoor play with this gun. I recommend getting a good sling though.
by Susan O. on 12/11/2010
"Sam here! Got this gun on Dec. 8th, 2010. Very good gun!

- Very good weight, light.
- Very good construction, not cheaply made. VERY tough ABS plastic.
- Good FPS, And ROF. Not too much to waste ammo.
- Carrying handle CAN be trusted.
- Vertical grips can be taken off and you can store ammo in them. Very cool. Life saver in wars!
- Metal iron sights are very realistic.

- Hop-up is decent.
- DO NOT buy a 9.6 large type battery for stock! WONT FIT!!!
- Battery can be a hassle to get in and out.
- BB's sometimes drift left to right on full auto.

Over all, 5 out of 5! Recommended for starters and up!
by dave w. on 09/27/2010
"This gun is very durable and is really light . Iv been in several wars with it and I made people bleed this thing shoots hard and accurate I hit targets up to 200 feet away with this thing !
by brian h. on 06/06/2010
"To the last guy who posted... DUDE get a clue, you don't use .12g BB's on any guns other than cheapy's like wal-mart specials. On a gun like this you want to use .25 or .28g BB's. Common sense here.
by Tyler K. on 05/10/2010
"This is a very good gun. I bought it a year ago and it's still working fantastically even with the stock battery! I bought the normal version and got the enhanced version by mistake =] I bought the gun off of airsplat but oh well. I only have one question, what is that silver hole in the stock? I heard it's for a one-point sling but how would a one point sling fit into that? If it doesn't serve a purpose, then why put it on? That's my only problem.
Powerful (I hit my friend in the lower back and it left a welt the size of a quarter)
Looks good (except for that silver ring)
size and weight is realistic (my dad used one in the army and said it was exactly the same)
easy to disassemble

body is a dark gray instead of black
no trademarks (might be a pro)
hand guard wobbles
silver ring in stock (if I figure out what it's for it might be a pro)

overall good gun if you can handle the length and weight of it. If not, mount a rail on the bottom and put a vertical grip on it or just don't complain at all and suck it up.

and the best pro of all....... The US Marine Corps uses this rifle in real life because it is more accurate and has a longer effective range than the shorter M4 and M4A1
by Keith E. on 03/25/2010
"This gun kicks ass, I highly reccomend getting it. I charged my battery for like an hour and it still had great FPS and ROF, but only use .20 gram bb's or higher. I want to be a Marine and this gun is great for getting aquainted with the gun the Marine Corps uses for field training. It is also very easy to field strip and overall an AMAZING GUN!!!!
by danny n. on 02/03/2010
"This gun is great! I highly Recomend it for anyone who is interested in a gun with phenominal rate of fire and accuracy! i just got it yesterday and i already think its one of the best guns ive ever bought!

-great accuracy
-great rate of fire
-well built
-very durable
-great for cqb and long range battles
-a little jiggly hand rail (nothing to worry about)
-heavy (8lbs)
-doesnt come with strap
by James N. on 01/05/2010
"Mine is currently fitted with a 4X scope, and with that I was shelving bbs in on a stack of pallets when a buddy of mine with a G-36C had trouble reaching the same stack (all from about 150ft away). In the first match I took this thing two, I made a head shot on a guy that only had about 4 inches of his head above a rock, something I'm convinced only a few AEGs can do effectively.

The only downside to me is that the dust cover can become stuck open very easy, but this is minor compared to overall capabilities of this weapon.

Although it was in about the same as a fully loaded M16, I'm used to this as I carried one in the Military, and this feels just like one.

If you're an M4/M16 fan, and you're new to airsoft, I highly recommend this rifle.
by Monta C. on 11/27/2009
"Ok this gun is a really good gun i highly recomend it. For starters it shoots over 400 fps.Second you can buy a 5,000 round clip and use it as a turrent/support like i do. Third it is really durable mine has lasted about 8 monthsso far.

1 high FPS
2 exelent range
3 can use as assulting,turrent/support,andmid range sniping if using right kind of bbs
4 many up grades highly recomend a z rail and a scope and a bigger clip

1 my clip broke my fault
2 my barrell messed up my fault again
3 a little to much plastic but still an exlent gun

P.S i would also get a metal boy and stock if u have the money. 10 out of 10

all and all get if you know what you are doing
by Eli C. on 02/20/2009
"awesome gun. first major gun buy, never regretted it. JG has been making excellent guns the past few years and this is one of their best!
by Harold A. on 12/17/2008
"I just got this gun yesterday and i just did my first test fire.The rate of fire is great and has good bullet spacing and high fps i would recommend buying a new battery maybe a 9.6 butt overall this gun is great gun for the money I give it a 10 out of 10
by Craig B. on 12/03/2008
"Yea you can have evike install a new reciever on it.
by GARY H. on 11/28/2008
"i found this gun on another website in a combo pack for cheap its on kapowwe and i was wonderin can i have evike put a new receiver on it? and also can this gun take high quality .12g bbs from this site vuz i am on a budget to get a cheap full custom gun thanks!!!