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Bobster / Zan Shodanna Nylon Balaclava (Color: Olive Drab)

13 Customer Reviews

by Russell B. on 09/11/2017
"Great balaclava, nice color, nice feel, fits perfect.
by James D. on 12/27/2013
"Good product, covers my face well. Great for concealing, I even wore it waterfowl hunting.
by Tom B. on 12/31/2011
"This is a very nice balaclava, I love it very much. I use it for my ghillie suit and it works a whole lot better than a bandana

- Fits perfectly
- Breath incredibly easily in it
- Although its made of nylon, you cant see your face through it, other than the defining outline of your
nose and possibly mouth
- Doesn't have a shine to it; I don't know why others are saying that.

- The seem on the outside is highly visible and looks like a seam would look under the clothing
- The eye hole seems a bit wide; my sideburns can poke out of it at times
- Isn't very lengthy neck-wise. For certain shirts, it may leave skin exposed. I wore a bandana around my neck to combat this.

Despite the cons, it is a very good balaclava, and a good buy if you're looking for a breathable one in green
by Deanna C. on 12/16/2011
"I love this Balaclava so much that I in fact named it Bertha.

*Makes you look like a pro
*Endures cold weather
*Fits perfectly for me
*Awesome color.
by Michael S. on 12/07/2011
"This balaclava fits perfectly. I used to use the Nike Under Armor one and it was uncomfortable compared to this. If you're having doubts about how it fits, please just forget them. This mask is high quality, looks great, fits great and unlike some other types it allows you to breath perfectly normal and speak fine.


-Fits great
-Keeps your head warm
-Allows breathing and does not impair speech
-My big nose fits under it without a problem
-Cheap cost for good quality


-Does not come in black
by Rusell C. on 03/11/2010
"I'd definitly give this a 5. it fits great, and after the first use you completely forget about the sewing line. it also fits great with my new goggles, and makes you look awesome.
by Ben F. on 04/23/2009
"I bought this thing, and I look like Snake-Eyes from GI-JOE when I wear it.(That's a good thing. I'm 29 so GIJOE was big when I was a kid) This item is very durable like bro said, but it is also small, just like other bro said. And I'm a pin-head, so.....anyways, 100% great buy if you want to look ferocious. 4 and a hizzle stars
by Adam K. on 11/23/2008
"this balaclava is amazing. It makes you look mad sweet. Its durable too. I dont know what that guy is talking about. Theres no irrtation for me. 5/5
by reid h. on 09/29/2009
"this balaclava is great its a little shinny but im sure it will go away when i use it more
by Weston B. on 04/20/2009
"I bought this balaclava it is great snug fit and it isn't as hot as the cloth ones but if u have a big head its kinda tight and might cut off your circulation i had a mad headache after wearing this for 4 hours in a airsoft war and never wore it again so if u have a big head don't buy this
by Jeffrey K. on 08/05/2008
"This is a pretty decent balaclava. the only thing thats irritating is sowing line that goes through the middle. also the quality is ok. mine is already starting to ripe even tough ive only used it 3 times.
by gian s. on 10/08/2009
"just got this today, decent balaclava with its 'snug' fit it will surely hug your face throughout the whole game and you wont need to worry about it moving to the side but there are 2 cons here 1st its a little but shiny and 2nd just the first guy commented the sewing line is pretty anoyying should have stopped from the eyes, its really irritating when your lips touches the sewing line but overall its a decent item but you might want to consider the other ones first
by La L. on 03/22/2009
"okay... so here's my view on this balaclava...
gets its job done
a little bit too small for me
the threads started to break after just the first put on...
but i guess my head was just too big

other than that its perfectly fine...nice and tight
so i give this a 3...