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Matrix Fire Dragon 180 Round XL Compact Airsoft 6mm bb Speed Loader

11 Customer Reviews

by Clark R. on 05/18/2018
"Works just like any other speedloader on the market. Nice to be able to carry and reload a mid-cap if needed in battle or just to save time as most midcaps require more than a standard speedloader holds
by Brian D. on 09/13/2017
"Easy to use and simple.
Shoots 4 BB's in at a time.
Leaves 1 BB in the tip.
Has an optional tip accessory.

Cheap plastic, so it may break if you throw it.
by Ryan R. on 05/27/2014
"I wanted a speed loader that could load 140 rounds in one go and this came to answer! it had no problem filling my elite force mid-caps to full capacity and then having some left over.
by Mark A. on 10/25/2013
holds many rounds
easy to handle
great value

may need some force on both sides to open the container portion
will need to break in the spring can be very stiff during loading
last bb of the load cycle will get stuck in the output hole no worries it can easily get out youll just have a random bb sitting there til the next one comes in and pushes the older one out.

overall great product i'd happily buy another one. why not? evike has lots of promotions lol get 20% off this thing right now!
by Glen S. on 12/06/2011
"Great speedloader. Had it for a few months now. Never jams, does its job. I had one of those M4 mag shaped speedloaders that holds like 500 rounds, a Dboys I believe, and it was horrible so I decided to try one of these. I have had zero issues with this speedloader so far and will probably pick up another one or two.
by Michael C. on 09/02/2010
"Holds more like 200 bbs and feeds awesome!!! Better than the m4 500rd speedloaders. They usually only feed like one at a time! I own 3 of these, and they rock!
by brian G. on 12/21/2008
"Cool holds 180 rounds !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
by sam p. on 08/30/2008
"Great for mid/low cap magazines!I used to own alot of speed loaders(I lost them when all the noobs borrowed them and lost them and they didn't have anything else except for spring guns under $10 and a pocket-full of 12g ammo and Slim Jims)But i kept this one to myself and it very rarely jams up.This thing is also great for a quick load in high cap mags when you dont have the time to pull out a bag of ammo and reload each JG M4 magazine one by one
by Edric C. on 06/26/2008
"WOW! this is a great speedloader but i got it somewhere else. It holds a lot and when the lever is locked it fits easily into your pocket. The reason i gave it 4 *s is because it fells awkward to hold and all the edges are too square
by Nicholas M. on 05/07/2008
"Everyone with a midcap needs a speedloader. this one is good because it has 180 rounds instead of 100 or 120. also its cheap and fits in a mag pouch.
by Colin P. on 05/02/2008
"Great speed loader just really awkward to hold. One suggestion for the maker, make a grip into it.