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Model: AEG-HK-KWA-G36C

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by mckee c. on 2012-05-03 17:31:42
"Amazing gun. Period. Best G36C on the market. People will often underestimate this as a JG but trust me, that's a lethal mistake. The range on all KWA products never ceases to amaze me, their hop-ups are like some form of sorcery. The gearbox is the BEST on the market so don't try and argue with a gun that is virtually impossible to break, at least in my experience. Another plus is that it comes with a full rail-ed hand guard and it's licensed by H&K. Epic. There's just one problem, THE MAGS ARE $26 EACH! Nevertheless, great gun, can't go wrong with any KWA.
by ryan q. on 2012-02-15 18:42:04
"This is a good gun overall. The only bad thing i see about it is the fact that the charging handle seems a bit flimsy. when you pull it back a lot you can see the pin start to come up. Just push it down though and its all good. The battery compartment can fit all small type batteries, and the stock is very durable.

Rate of Fire (especially with a lipo)
great accuracy even with .20gs (i highly recommend .25gs or higher for best accuracy.)
folding stock (good for storage and turning tight corners in cqb)
and it has a very durable built. Most of it is ABS plastic, but not to worry, abs plastic over aluminum keeps the cost low and for airsoft i think abs plastic is all you need.
Lipo ready!

charging handle is a little flimsy
heavy (especially for cqb)
nothing else really

Overall i feel this gun is great for its price because i've noticed with the three kwa guns i own, they choose to use abs plastic a lot more than they use metal because it keeps the cost down so that means they can use more effective internals for the gun itself always making it a great deal for the price. Be sure to use .25g bbs for great accuracy. I notice with .20g bbs the bbs start to drop down after about 40 feet.
by Robert W. on 2012-02-11 08:09:01
"The problem with the semi-auto is actually a common one with AEG's and will happen to any AEG if you are firing very rapidly in semi-auto. It is not a problem with the gun, but a problem with the design of all AEG's in general
by diane m. on 2012-02-09 18:52:05
"this gun is one great gun must say i love everything on it nothing worries me if you think ur gunna break a gun then its bad if you know your not then this is it u cant go wrong when u get this gun no problems what so ever nothing wables nothing breaks and its amazing accurecy it could be a sniper that shoots 17 bbs per second or something like that

adds battery for 10 bucks cant go wrong there an extra battery yeah lol
folding stock shoots back like a spring lol
sight ajustable
holy cow deal below 2 mags for 5 bucks :D
its like the metal version of carbon fiber
battery easy on
very smooth mag realeas
hop up looks like a pro
the whole gun is a pro
modes on both sides amazing cuz ima lefty
the gun is lower price for kwa tthe best airsoft company on earth

haha funny none :D
by Michael M. on 2012-01-27 22:05:04
"I got this gun today and here is what I have found out about it after i got home.
1. The ROF is great.
2. It will shoot at about 390-396 no problem.
3. It is all plastic good and bad how ever you look at it. It is really light.
4. It is a KWA.

No the part that I would be worried about.
1. It is plastic.
2. 9.6 small battery fits but I did break the tab where the battery is first time I put it in.
It is way to tight of a fit and ripped the plastic cover on the battery every time I put it in. KWA should have give just a hair more room.
3. Pulled the red wire of the connecter, be very carfull.
The pin that holds the front cover it really hard to put in, I would say if you loose the pin you done for the day.

Now KWA is just over the hillI may call them on Monday to see if they will do anything about this?
by Jason O. on 2011-10-24 20:47:24
"Absolutely the best gun on the market as far as G36's go. I've had the gun for a little over 4 months now and it still preforms beautifully. The gearbox has no need for upgrades and the externals of the gun are almost completely solid. I have had two minor things that poped up however, those being the hand guard kind of pulls apart a small amount too much when your trying to put the battery in, but it's easy to push back together. The other problem is like the guy below be mentioned, as sometimes the semi doesn't work and the trigger just clicks. If this happens all you have to do is flip it to full auto, then switch back to semi, and you should be good.
All in all it's probably the best gun I've ever owned and would buy it again.
by Nathan H. on 2011-09-24 08:30:29
"This gun is amazing. When i first got it, i was very impressed with its accuracy, speed, and especially its looks. The magazine it came with is very good, and I have had no problems with it yet. I was playing airsoft, and me and my friend were playing against 2 other friends, and me and my teammate ambushed them, and i UNLOADED with this gun. The guy that I shot's pain was so bad (i was a little close, but far way enough to make it a fair hit) that he dropped his ak74 on the ground and it broke. This gun is awesome.

The only problem that Ive had with it is not a major problem, and it rarely occurs, its happened to me 2 or 3 times already, but what would happen is I would be shooting it on semi-automatic, and all of a sudden the gun would not fire and the trigger would click. However then i would switch to full-auto and it worked fine, then id switch back to semi and it would work fine. I dont know the problem is, but no biggy, it works perfect after full auto. Over all, 5 out of 5.
by laura k. on 2011-08-24 18:09:41
"hey im tim from DevilsAirsoft, i recently purchased this gun to replace my src m4 ris. this is easily the best gun ive ever had. it comes with: a v3 reinforced gearbox, 6.05 tight bore, a steel bushings....there is no reason to upgrade this guns internals! And the fact that this is lipo ready just makes it all better, the material is made of fiberglass, which keeps it light but still very hard to break. In my gun, there are no wobbles, cracks, or dents. This gun is truly amazing.

stock 6.05 barrel
rate of fire
trigger response
build material
accuracy (up to 150ft)
folding stock
li-po ready

doesn't come with battery and charger (i didn't need a battery+charger)

Thanks to evike and kwa for having this fantastic weapon!
by eric b. on 2010-12-05 09:51:02
"this gun is the best gun i've ever had, when i play during games i own. this gun shoots pretty much as fast as a mini gun while still having decent fps. if you are thinking of getting this gun then get it because its awsome

high rate of fire
decent range
decent fps
large battery compartment
takes lypo
light weight
fairly accurate
nicely built no wobbles

mag is hard to put in
mag runs out fast cause of rate of fire
need a raised scope because sights aren't removable

all in all i gave it 5 out of 5 get this gun
by eric b. on 2010-10-17 16:17:43
"This gun is amazing i believe it is one of the best guns on the market. it is strong plastic wich makes it light weight, exteremly accurate has high fps and is really fast
5 out of 5 i havhad no problems at all with this gun
by Andrew F. on 2010-05-17 14:14:16
"This gun is amazing, best gun i ever bought, it destroys people in battles. My friends have yelled at me because of the ridiculous rate of fire, it is just a stream.
Anyone with the money should definetly buy this gun so worth it.

-Rate of Fire
-Nothing shakes: very sturdy
-Accuracy: even with 6.05mm its dead on accurate
-Rail space is overwhelming
-Fully adjustable hop up: easy access too

-Only one i can think of is the front hand guard is massive(still a good thing for some) so my mini type battery rattles around a bit.
All in all this gun is a must have it will dominate any game

Just buy it for your own sake
by Hanzel M. on 2010-04-22 17:51:37
"Easily the best g36 anywhere on the market!

This gun only has a 247mm barrel, but can reach out to at least 180 feet; it shoots over 1,000 rounds per minute with a 9.6v battery

Large handguard
I could go on and on about the pros

There are none; I have never seen a broken kwa g36c to date, whether it was gen1 or gen2

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