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New Version Echo1 AK47 RIS Full Size Airsoft AEG Rifle (Black)

26 Customer Reviews

by Cameron C. on 08/23/2017
"An absolute great gun! Shoots very well stock and has about average range, highly recommend.
by Scott B. on 04/30/2016
"Been using this gun since 2012. I'll review stock and modded since performance changed so much. Upgraded: AIM Top gears, piston, head; zci motor, barrel, m120 spring, air nozzle; NukeFET; flat hop on Matrix silicone bucking and eraser nub
Stock Pros:
Ranged 150ft with .25's, 380fps on .20 and 365 on .28, solid receiver and gearbox components, holds a monster battery (8.4v large, 9.6 small, or Venom4000mah 7.4v RC lipo), great magazine compatibility, looks pretty modern
Stock Cons:
Inconsistent accuracy (Madbull bucking doesn't help much), poor factory gear shimming (spur sheared 7 teeth after 3000rds), rail and front grip held on by a collar ring (plastic tabs on the lower rail broke after some harsh use)

Modded Pros:
Flat hop/barrel- 2ft grouping at 225ft. Spring/gears/piston- 400fps on .20 and 385 on .25's. With motor and MOSFET, trigger is a bit snappier.

TL/DR- great all-purpose starter gun. Stock will compete with $200+ m4's. Huge improvement with proper gear shimming and flat hop. For $10 those will get reliable and touching DMR range.
by jonathan m. on 06/10/2014


by Frank L. on 09/07/2013
"This gun is remarkably well built. For $150, you cannot go wrong with this. It comes with a full metal top receiver, full metal outer barrel, full metal front and rear sight. The front hand guard, magazines, and pistol grip is some sort of really tough nylon fiber plastic. The body and stock are kind of cheaper plastic, but it's still hard to break. The internals are really what you wouldn't expect for a $150 gun. It's got a metal spring guide (which most guns don't come with). It's pulling what seems to be a M120, and it's gears seemed pre-shimmed. Watch the prelubrication though, it's horrid. Comes stock with what I think is a 6.05mm inner barrel, which I switched for a 6.02. I swapped my spring guide with a Systema, and reshimmed by gearbox my way. I replaced the lower receiver with a G&P Supreme Grade metal body and added a custom made stock sling point. The Echo 1 Dogs of War magazines wobbly like mad in the stock body, but with a little bit of tape, it's an easy fix.

Problems of the gun. The pistol grip can be a little loose if installed incorrectly. The butt plate does come off. Sights are really low to the gun, so it's not good with masks, but it is manageable.

Sum it all up,
385 FPS right out of the box
Very Sturdy construction, only minor flex comes from where the front end assembly meets the receiver.
Hop Up was really unnecessary for this gun.
Very good internals.

Magazines do tend to wobble in the magazine well.
Butt Plate falls off if hit from the top, but that's a problem with all guns.
Sights are mask-unfriendly.

Use .2 and .25s. Any heavier and you might have to adjust the hop up. The problem with the stock hop up is that it WILL make your gun jam.
by Daniel S. on 05/18/2013
"This gun is AMAZING!!! I use it in wood games, field games and CQB. it is useable on virtually any battle field. I have had mine for a little less than one year and sadly I did not buy it from Evike, but a local airsoft store. I absolutely love this gun. You might want to baby the lower front rail as mine came loss. I am an seasoned player and know how to take care of my gun but this was leaning against a table and my darn cat bumped the gun knocking it down. Internally the gun works great but the lower front rail is now loos. Other than that this gun is down right the beast AEG for the money on the market. Please get this gun.
by Ethan T. on 07/27/2012
"This gun is amazing! I have this gun for my self and i use it all the time and love it!! It fills so real and the gun fits so right!


well... you will most likely
always be the terriost :/ lol
by Deneen K. on 07/14/2012
"Awesome gun for the money! Decent rof, great fps, heavy and realistic. I have had the gun for about 2 months and i love it! I had jamming issues, i sent it in and now it is perfect. I now use mid caps to help with the jamming issues.
good fps
heavy (possible con)
hits hard
looks great
well built

mine jammed before i got it repaired
standard large batteries don't fit
selector switch scratches paint

over all, great gun and an awesome value for the money
by Fernando M. on 05/17/2012
"Amzing gun i love it. I bought 8 extra mags for it (7 midcaps 1 very high-cap) a chest rig and acog sight and let me tell you...dead on accurate, complete durability, realistic, heavy(bad and good) full metal and nice ris as well as ironsights. Purely amazing, its a beast. Just today me and some friends played a game in my backyard i loaned it to a friend(he forgot his gun) and he shot me twice in the head(i had protection) so it is really accurate. I especially like where the battery is stored. But i dont like the stock that much. But overall 5/5 stars. Amazing!

I Highly Recommend getting a grip and sight because it helps hold it up cause its top heavy and feels perfect with it. Without a grip it just doesn't feel right. And a sight cause it looks really nice.

Full metal (gearbox/outside)
decent rof
long battery life(8.4v 3000mah battery)
amazing, purely amazing.

After a while it will come loose but i think thats just me i move around a lot
Not the greatest rof
overall great buy

higly recommend to intermediate players.
by Gina L. on 05/11/2012
"Best AK-47 Available.

Dead on accurate
More like 450fps
Very Sturdy (I have jumped from a 5 foot ledge with it in my hands and it works fine)
110-150 yards accurate
Long Battery Life (If you shot unlimited ammo and kept the trigger down, run time is about 1/2 hour)
VERY light weight
Metal Gearbox
Upgrade Battery is optional (I think the 8.4 printed on the battery is a lie. It shoots as fast and as powerful as a 9.6)

Switch (to go to Safety-Full Auto-Semi Auto) severely scratches paint
Long time to charge battery (12 hours first charge, 8 hours for normal charge)

USE 0.25 gram BBs!!! MUST USE .25 gram BBs! MUST USE 0.25 gram BBs!!!!!
Get a minimum of 10,000 0.25 gram BBs
Scope (Optional, shoots perfect without one)
When removing magazine, watch BBs carefully
Comes with 2 magazines
Clean after every use and last shot must be done in Semi-Auto made to put springs back in place
Do not hold trigger down long in Full Auto made (AKA: Hosing)
by Nathan S. on 05/06/2012
"This is an amazing gun! Iv had it for almost a year now and it has never failed me yet to kick butt in matches!

dead on accuracy
very solid/sturdy gun
almost everything is metal but what isn't metal is hard plastic or ABS plastic
shoots fast
great hop up
amazing speed
beautiful gun!
nice stock and grip
you can feel blowback on your should with every shot
great internals

CONS: some but are not a big deal/ easily dealt with
The front sight may screw down but you just have to unscrew it all the way and put it back in through the top and glue it or it will fall back down.
You will want to buy extra mags cause if you play extreme and fall the mag can break cause its so long

This is an absolute amazing gun, I recommend it to any and all airsoft players! By far a billion out of 5!!! buy this gun its soo worth it!!!
by matt s. on 03/05/2012
"This gun is amazing! i have used it so many times during airsoft tournaments and it held up well... i have a set of 8 dogs of war magzines that dont feed very well in the cold but just oil them up with WD-40 and they will work fine. i recomend .25 gram bullets with this gun because if you use .20 gram then the wind picks them up easy unlike the .25 which has a good momentum to keep the bullet flying strong. i chrono the gun before every airsoft war as a requirement and it shoots around 378 to 385 with .25 gram and with .20 gram around 410-420. this is a very awsome gun for the price and i highly recommend it.
by ann b. on 01/09/2012
"this gun is amazing!!! i have had it for a week, used it every day and the battery still has not run out!!!

good rate of fire
great iron sights
batteries last long
great accuracy

(if you shot a lot) go through bb's fast
by Elizabeth C. on 12/20/2011
"Very nice gun !

- Rof is good
- Range is excellent.
- Mostly Metal
- comes with battery and grip.
- Came with 2 mags.
- Very accurate.
- Heavy

- no cons.
by Jonathon W. on 08/01/2011
"THE BEST GUN I EVER GOT!!!! but dont use .20 because it jam use .23 .25 .28 .30.
And also it says on the web page that its small type but its really a large type. Other then that its perfect!!!! Thank you for being awesome!!!!!
by nick w. on 07/24/2011
"This guns horrifying so many people everyday, holds its own against "professional" air softers, leaves nice welts so no one lies about getting shot, over 360fps, very durable, great rail system, heavy, accurate, obliterates cans, bottles, and disks, it makes everyone i know want to air soft, and it looks sick, i recommend HIGHLY!!!!