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HFC M9 High Grade Heavy Weight Airsoft Pistol (Color: Black)

5 Customer Reviews

by Joel H. on 06/11/2011
"this pistol is amazing for its price. it is very heavy, accurate, and reliable. you can push out a few pins and take the slide off to work with the internals if necessary. the mags don't leak BB's when you drop then (if they're not empty).
great gun!
by Grant B. on 09/01/2010
"best air soft gun for beginners

cool :)
good range
17 round mag
good with 3.gram bb

spring so what its for beginners:)
i got mine from Dunhams :(

by Aaron M. on 12/05/2008
(comparing to KWC and UHC Spring M9s)

First Impressions: BLARING orange tip, made it look very fake. The weight is nice, balanced, and decent. The grips are fatter than they should be (compared to real steel); causing me some difficulty in reflex sighting drills. The magazine release is heavier than on the UHC or KWC berettas, hence less likelihood for those newbie accidental mag drops from holsters or combat.

Externals: The slide is very thick sturdy feeling plastic (assuming ABS plastic). The frame is smooth thick durable feeling plastic; it feels as if it can take a beating and will last you a LONG time with proper treatment. The Barrel is metal (refer to picture, barrel is shiny), along with the hammer and entire trigger assembly. The Grips fatter than the real M9, or the UHC and KWC. Not by too much though.

Internals: From peaking into the rear of the slide while the slide is back, you will see a bunch of full metal internals; just like the HFC G17. When firing, the pistol feels like it's meant to be fired, while when shooting the UHC shoots superb, it feels like it's slowly breaking.

---When racking the slide, it feels sticky, at certain points in the movement you will notice inconsistencies in resistance (like it's catching on different levers and such). However, pop in a tiny bit of lube and you have some nice smooth slide action. The slide feels like it's well secured to the weapon, and that it won't break unless you throw it at the road (haha).
---Trigger pull is kind of weird. It is firm, however very smooth.
---When firing, the weapon seems to jump as if there is recoil, as I think this is where the inaccuracy
comes from. Simply use disciplined trigger skills, and grip using proper Pistol form for a firearm and you should be good.

Accuracy: From what I can tell it is at the very least decently accurate. However, sometimes it seems to miss a 4" target at 45-50 feet with .2 ammo. This is POSSIBLY shooters error, however I hit it every time with UHC M9 or gas pistols.

Range: With .2g ammo, you will find the rounds starting to drop at 70-75 feet. (I was impressed, it out ranges the UHC)

OVERALL: Excellent weapon for reflex training, transition shot transition, sight lock, speed reloading, etc. You can do A LOT of training with a spring pistol; simply to not put wear on your firearms or beautiful prized GBBs ;)
by Andrew M. on 12/26/2011
"It is a great gun for starters after 4 or 5 games the paint started to chip off but that can be fixed with some black paint and 16.99 for a spring it is great for new people to airsoft but after the second game I ran out of ammo on my main gun so I pulled this out and the hammer jammed and kept jamming never was able to fix it and it wouldnt fire with high grade bbs only with walmart crappy bbs so overall I will give it a 3.5-4.5
by Chuck H. on 06/11/2010
"This is a great pistol. Its cheap and accurate. I love this gun and would reccommend buying it because it doesnt break. the only problem is sometimes it jams but it fixes in like 4 seconds.