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Black Owl Gear / Phantom Interceptor Replica Modular OTV Body Armor / Vest - Medium (Coyote)

12 Customer Reviews

by Cameron K. on 12/08/2014
"I LOVE this vest! It is very well built and stitched. I just wanted the base vest but the pouldrons, groin protector and neck protector are actually very nice. It is however very big. Not so big that it cannot fit me. (6 foot and 135 pounds, yeah, I'm skinny)

1. Great protection, especially if you are afraid of the BB hits.
2. Very well stitched.
3. The adjustability is great. It fits me at 6 foot and 135 pounds.
4. The extras are actually quite nice.
5. Plenty of molle.
6. Can hold large dummy sapi plates.
7. If you go without a sapi plate, you can put a hydration bladder in the back.
8. Has velcro for nametape.

1. Could be too big and bulky for some, or if you don't like being restricted. I personally don't mind it at all, even in CQB I have great movement.
2. I either got the wrong color (OD Green) or this is an extremely green tan.

Overall I would certainly reccommend this plate carrier to everyone, especially if you are going for a marine loadout. It will be great for Milsim.
by Kevin D. on 06/03/2013
"This vest is amazing, Sadly they were out of Black :( but thats no biggie :) Ok onto Pro's and Con's

-Top notch quality
-VERY realistic
-very adjustable (I'm 5'4'' and it fits me just fine)
-comes with crotch, neck, and shoulder guards
-Secret map pocket
-Nice overall padding on Vest
-surprisingly comfortable
-BASASS factor :)

-minimal padding on neck, shoulder, and crotch guard (i fixed it with more padding)
-Can get very hot very quickly when running

Overall its a great buy, I don't regret a thing, for this price, this vest is as good as it gets when someone is looking for that interceptor look as well as great functionality. BUY IT :D
by Weston S. on 11/04/2012
"The best-looking and functioning vest you can buy. This vest is better than any I have seen, whether they are $30 or $350. This looks like the real thing and the pouches it comes with are top-notch. I have used it so far in 2 OPs and it has performed well. I also bought the SAW mag pouch to hold all of the M16 and G36 magazines I use. Slight problems: the drawstrings on the pouches (very handy) are frayed at the ends but can be easily taped up with masking tape, and the rear MOLLE webbing is too high up on my back to use for anything but no biggie and the mag pouches are just slightly too small to hold 2 mags or a Green gas bottle. everything from the neck guard to the pouches can be taken off in a matter of seconds if needed. The pouches it comes with are great though and work every time. Looks realistic (I bought the Digital woodland) and the colors aren't really that bold. Comes with a neck and crotch protector (nice, but not always used), 4 magazine pouches, 2 grenade pouches.
has very good color scheme.
Comes with free pouches!
looks great
is actually bigger than it looks (could be a con)
very secure triple velcro front with button reinforcement.
A secret map pocket.
neck and crotch protector (free)
Is inexpensive compared to other vests
has sling holders on the shoulders (no more slipping slings!).
Good cordura-like material (?)
almost completely modular with the attachments
overall a great and inexpensive vest.
Fits well (I'm 6'2'')
Digital woodland looks great
grenade pouches double as loose-equipment pouches (if you don't have 2 grenades)
everything fits well and securely and is easy to remove when needed.
Rear webbing almost impossible to use (too high up on back)
neck guard tends to chafe
drawstring ends are frayed.
i didn't buy it sooner
A little bulky
mag pouches are a little too small to hold 2 mags but too big for 1.
The pouches seem to catch on the bits and pieces of MG36 mags and can make it hard to remove them.
Friends tend to try to pick you up by the handle on the back.

Overall: BUY IT!
by Tyler G. on 11/04/2012
"This vest is amazing. It comes with a neck guard and a crotch guard but I took them off because they get in the way. It fits really well with a combat shirt(underarmour tank top with sleeves and collar in BDU material) Like the ACU set sold here on Evike.

Best vest I have seen on my team who have CIRAS and stuff.
by James R. on 11/04/2012
"I purchased this vest to help complete my "Generation Kill/Operation Iraqi Freedom 2003" attire. It is incredible realistic. I love the versatility and feel to the vest. I purchased the Woodland camo.

-Versatile (MOLLE)
-Sturdy fabric
by Jerry C. on 11/04/2012
"This vest is great! I purchased the Digital Woodland version. The colors are a bit bold, but the vest itself looks just like the real thing, it even has pockets for the SAPI plates. It also comes with a crouch protector(which is not shown in the pictures) If you are going for the modern U.S. Infantry look you must get this vest(although if you want ACU I would suggest the Condor version, but for any other camo GET THIS) THe vest is VERY high quality and I highly recommend it.
by Michael C. on 09/28/2010
"I got this vest about 4 months ago, and it is great. Extremely well made, very durable. It will also accept both 9mm SMG soft inserts and hard ballistic plates (SAPIs), and supports their weight as well as the real thing, but for much cheaper, assuming you can find SAPI plates and soft inserts for about average price. The MOLLE straps are high quality, the velcro and buttons are high quality and very sturdy, and it has a small compartment in the front flap for papers that is easily accessible without taking the armour off. The only small minus is that, like the real thing, it can be very restrictive and uncomfortable until you get used to it.

well made

can be hard to get used to if you are not used to that extensive and restrictive a vest
by Joseph A. on 01/08/2009
"Review date: March 19, 2008
Model: Complete Outer Plate Carrier
Type: Tac Vest
Manufacturer: Condor
Price: $89.99

Wanna get the real deal Interceptor look?

Well, this is the vest. I'll give you little background on my decision. I am the Team Leader for a Resident Evil
Umbrella Corporation themed team out of Florida Airsoft called U.B.C.S. or Umbrella Biohazard Counter-
measure Service. I wanted something that would look striking at sci-horror conventions while seamlessly
translating to the field in terms of practicality, usefulness, and realism. The Condor fit all those criteria
with no problem. With all the attachments on, it looks very intimidating and catches the eye quite easily.
Take into account that this is based on the Interceptor vest being worn by soldiers serving in Iraq and
Afghanistan currently, it is absolutely realistic and practical. Also, the protection it provides (especially
in CQB environments) and the ability to easily remove the provided attachments in heat or add to the
MOLLE system (which is amply provided) as needed make it very useful.

Is it cost effective?

Absolutely. Look around and you'll find most vests based off of this design at $150 and going up in price
from there. Non of them can boast a better build than what you get from Condor. Matter of fact, after
receiving the vest, I decided to use Condor for all my other MOLLE equipement.

First Impressions

Upon removal of the vest from it's packaging I was amazed with how sturdy it felt. I also noticed no loose
stitching. I was a t first a bit worried due to how "stiff" the material was and immediately worried how this
would translate on the field in regards to mobility and breath-ability in the Florida heat. So I decided to test
it the following day. I wore the vest, indoors and out, from about 10am til about 5pm. At first, it was a bit
uncomfortable when bending over, but breath-ability proved to be no issue. After a couple of hours of wear
and movement, it "broke-in" just fine and movement, for the most part, was comfortable and easy. This
continues the more I wear it, as everytime I wear it, seems get more comfortable. Then, I noticed something
else, during the entire time I had the vest on, I never noticed any "hot-points" or areas where the vest bit
into my shoulders or neck as I had experienced with every vest I had owned previously. But since I wasn't
loaded down with mags and such, I needed a better test. Intro to my 3 year old son always eager to help. I
had him hang off of the emergency drag handle and again no hot spots. Then I had him hang off of the front
and, Voila!, same results. This means that the design causes even weight distribution regardless of load


5 out of 5 stars. Construction, wear-ability, cost, appearance, and versatility all make this great purchase
for those looking to be Mil-sim and having an imposing look on the field. I believe this is one of the best
airsoft purchases I have made in my 5 years of playing. And further, since i may be deploying overseas
with a private company this year to do Executive Protection, whole-heartedly intend on having the company
just supply me with plates to install in this vest and make it my primary while deployed.

Thank you for taking the time to read my review, I hope it has been helpfull.

----Sonik, UBCS
by Patrick P. on 12/11/2008
"Zero issues, good fit, great build quality. Seams are good, accepts SAPI plates AND ballistic padding from real interceptor to replace foam.
by Brandi L. on 07/14/2008
"Vest fit well, the material inside the vest greatly reduced the impact from airsoft and paintball rifles. I got many pouches to go with mine, as well as a set of replica SAPI plates, and it now looks exactly like my issued one, except for the velcro on the back flap. Good stitching, overall a decent vest.
by Liam D. on 07/30/2015
"I opened this vest up ten minutes ago and I like it, but I've had better.

Pros: a LOT of MOLE space
Nice and light, but still protective
Fits plates (medium in front, large in back)

Cons: I'm 5ft 10 1/2in. and this kinda got to my neck
Needs both size plates (con bc I have two large size)
Front neck guard is flimsy (I just took that off)
Got WAY too hot after 20 min of wearing it, it does not breath at all (and that's in a 65~70 degree (f) house)

It's a vest for certain load outs like Marine or Army infantry. Definitely not worth the $104 I spent, but VERY durable.
by carlos i. on 11/03/2014
"I bought thus vest when I just started airsoft because it offered the most protection now playing for a while adjusting to getting hits i now vie this vest as a wast of money it's to big and bulky not much practical use

Good for starters
Most protection
Looks great

To big
Trouble aming
Over patting
Terrible for cqb