Reviews: Phantom MOLLE Pouches - Tactical Open Top Triple AR / M4 / M16 Mag Pouch - Black

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Model: Pouch-MA27-BK

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by Seth C. on 2015-10-30 10:21:57
"I got this to go on the front of a JPC plate carrier. These are a great fit for the mags. They hold decently well even without the retention strap. They are individual pouches on the same backing which makes it really easy to get the mag in the right place every time. The knots on each retention straps were very loose when it arrived. Make sure to tighten the knot before using or you may lose the retention strap and/or pull tab. The molle webbing is consistent there shouldn't be any issues with attaching another layer to the front. The biggest problem with these is the lack of button snaps. This does not hold onto molle webbing well. The JPC requires you to pull the front forward to attach the side retention straps. Even without directly pulling on this mag pouch attachment it comes loose every time I put on, take off, or adjust my vest.

Mag Retention

Does not secure well on a molle vest or battle belt

Overall, I regret this specific purchase. I will not be fielding this product.
by spencer h. on 2014-07-25 10:15:01
"These mag pouches are over all very good. they fit snug and flush against the vest, and have removable retention straps. i took mine off and i've yet to have a magazine fall out. my only gripes are that when i got them, they were so tight that it actually torn a little bit in the corner off the left most pouch. not a big deal, it is after all a very small tear, but a tear none the less. if you buy them, put the mags your going to use in them in it for at least 2 days to loosen them up and you'll be good to go.
by Sheryl K. on 2013-06-19 17:37:43
"This is a great mag pouch. They fit smoothly in and are snug. The only con is that they are hard to get in and out. But other than that they are a must have for any MOLLE loadout.
by kevin T. on 2013-01-06 19:09:55
"I got 2 of these for my adjustable condor vest (highly recommend) theses are very comfortable look very nice double stacked, mags fit snug, and it's not that lighter black so it doesn't blend.

All in all get these

High quality
Nice look
Nice fit all around

At first they're pretty snug and hard to move, but if you put mags in them and something on the side of them and then that will break them in nicely.
by Travis c. on 2009-02-14 02:53:42
"Pritty good kinda hard to get mags in and out but holds them good verry low profile

Displaying 1 to 5 (of 5 reviews)