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Condor Tactical Modular Chest Rig Type I MCR1 - Tan

10 Customer Reviews

by Conner W. on 06/05/2017
"Great vest lightweight plenty of space. Worth 30 bucks. Great buy
by Joe C. on 01/29/2016
"This is a great vest, its very durable and is definently worth 30 bucks!
by Jake R. on 06/03/2015
"Just received this chest rig today and am thoroughly satisfied. This is an initial review will do a follow up review once I use it in a skirmish.
Molle is easy to use.
Lots of space.
Spot for SAPI plate.
Admin panel (can fold down)

Cons: Needed to be adjusted all the way down to fit me (5'3 skinny)

Over all I like it very much so far.
by Anita L. on 04/09/2015
"This Chest rig is awesome I bought this put an admin pouch, mag pouches, and an EMT pouch and this thing works on the field and its $33, and I'm 5,11" and 190lbs an it fits fantastically.

space for a replica Sapi Plate
Tons of real-estate
affordable (even with added pouches just under $60)
room on back for backpacks or hydration
stays on tight when you adjust sizing

by Chris F. on 07/05/2014
"I love this chest rig. I'm tall and skinny and it's been very hard to find something lightweight, non-bulky, and tight fitting. The MCR1 is perfect for me. I use The Phantom Aggressor 3 mag pouch in the front with 2 utility pouches on the side and its perfect. I attached a small admin pouch as well and it suits my needs. easy to adjust all straps, you can also fold down the top chest part and use the rings as sling points. I got the tan and use black pouches which i think looks cool. There is nothing better for the buck than the MCR1!

Very lightweight
Fits snuggly even on a tall skinny person
Lots of molle webbing
Straps are easy to adjust
can wear criss cross or straight over the shoulders
Loops to run hoses or coms wire through
loops to hold excess strap so it doesnt sway around
Very durable
Nice color and look to it

Non at all

Buy it without hesitation!
by Michael F. on 04/28/2014
"This is my fav vest so far. I started with a full plate carrier, n that didnt work. I run, sneak, etc a lot. So when i look for a chest piece, its mandatory that its both light weight, and easy to bend, twist, etc. a plate carrier was like wearing a loose torso brace. Also for summer, i need it to not only be light weight, but also allow for air circulation. My second vest had a mesh netting as the base, so it was light and allowed more air circulation, but not by much.

Then i got this. The complete open back helps a TON. A lot of people prefer the version of this that has the hydration pouch on the back. I prefer this because in big games i can just add my camal pouch on top of it, but i have the option to have a bare back. It is very flexible and comfortably fits a slim guy like myself. One thing i recommend is connection the cross straps on the back via stitching them together, or by strapping them together. Makes them more comfy.

Putting this on and taking it off is comparable to a vest. Only two buckles once fitted. I attach/detach it on the right cross, and horizontal buckle, leaving the left cross strap on. So i pretty much throw it on my left shoulder, then two buckles later im set.

One downside is there are no d-rings or other contact points for belts/drop leg items, however its not hard to weave some para cord between the molle of the belt, and the plate.

A nice feature is that it has a velcro slot at the top (base of the collar) perfect for dead rags, speed loaders, anything small that you use on a regular basis.

There is plenty of space on this thing. The bottom row is wide enough to fit 6-7 m4 pouches side by side. I have x4 m4 pouches, and x2 nade pouches on either ends of them. Aside from that there is plenty of room above them, though i prefer that bare so nothing is in the way of my mag draws. I do keep coms above them.

My only real pet peeve with this is how narrow, yet thick the shoulder straps are. They sometime catch my sling, especially when im throwing my dmr onto my back to transition to my secondary. My old vest the straps were so wide yet thin, that i never had that problem if you use a single point sling then its likely not an issue.

Even with that said, this is stil my favorite vest for summer.
by Tyler S. on 11/18/2012
"Okay, to start my review I shall give my background so this will make sense. As my first MOLLE tactical vest, I bought the $80 Condor MOPC. I liked it, but I could not hold enough gear comfortably on it to suit my needs in combat. My friend had this vest, and he liked my MOPC, so we traded... Now, I have customized mine, and i can tell you, this vest is perfect to "gear collectors" as you may say, like myself. With this rig, i can carry 4 (and there is still plenty of MOLLE real estate so you can carry much more) M4 Magazines, a radio and two bottles of BB's.

-super comfortable
-dirt cheap
-suits gear whore needs
-LOTS of MOLLE real estate!!
-no back panel so I can wear a ghillie suit that works

-for some people the back panel would be bad thing...
-cant find anything bad!!
by Julian M. on 11/05/2012
"I'd like to start off by saying this is a GREAT chest rig!!! At first I found it a little hard to adjust but after about 5 minutes I got it adjusted perfectly to me. I'm 5'9 and 130 pounds and this fits great. There is plenty of space for any pouches except for a hydration carrier :(
Other than that all I have to say is that this is a great chest rig for any new or advanced player. I like it for all of the pouch space and the comfortability.

Plenty of MOLLE
Easy to adjust
Can hold a plate carrier

No real space for a hydration carrier.
I got the tan one but mine came a little darker than the rig shown. (Not really a big deal)
Straps can sometimes get annoying.

In conclusion, if you are looking for an inexpensive and easy customizable rig then this one is for you! It is inexpensive and very light so you will have no problem with mobility what so ever!
Thanks Evike!!!
by Kyle L. on 10/14/2012
"Ok so this is a great vest, it is the best one I have owned. It is similar to the Condor Gen 4. with some differnces. I bought this on Friday from the Evike Superstore and had great service. I also looked at the Echo 1 ST6, that things is a friggen beast.

TONS of Molle
Serves my purpose

HArd to adjust
by Sam D. on 07/31/2009
"Alrighty to start my review I will say that this is an extremely nice vest, made of very high quality material and is a very convenient design. This vest doesn't have a MOLLE panel on the back, it is open with 3 straps, one across the waist and 2 that cross over your back. This is great people who like lightweight rigs that keep you from overheating in the summer. One thing that I love about this rig is the ease of removal. All you need to do is undo 3 buckles and the whole thing just falls off of you. Another thing I like about it that coincides with the ease of removal is the ability to put a Condor Recon Butt Pack on the waist strap which can hold all your extra stuff with out hindering the open back design. Looks great with an admin pouch on the front panel which can fold down to give you a clean looking chest rig. Its very adjustable and once fitted, keeps a very tight profile for a clean look.

Looks Great
Very Adjustable
Many pouches already in the vest

No MOLLE webbing on back
No Hydration Carrier