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APS M4 CQB-R Convertible Barrel Adapter / Extension Set (Thread: 14mm-= Negative)

16 Customer Reviews

by Rick S. on 09/14/2017
"Got mine the match my ICS Komodo barrel looks like it was made for it
by OLIVER Q. on 01/14/2015
"Great threads. Screw together flush. Great buy
by Jake D. on 04/01/2010
"They do what they're supposed to - extend the outer barrel. Since they all have threads on the end, you can and are recommended to attach another piece on the end, like a custom flashhider.

The only oddness was when I first took them out of the little baggy they came in. They were attached to each other and covered in grease... Other than that, no problem so far.
by brian w. on 03/07/2009
"i have the dboys m4 cqb sd can i take the mock silencer off and put the extension on to use the mad bull amplifier.
by Kevin L. on 01/02/2009
"will I be able to attach a flash hider to the tip of the barrel?? if I can I will definetly buy this for my M4.

Webmaster: Yes, each section you see has a 14mm negative thread. So any 14mm negative threaded flashhider will fit.
by Wallace W. on 12/08/2008
"To answer the question before, yes, the JSL Scar and pretty much all the rest of the SCAR on the market today use 14mm negative thread. So it will fit.
by John B. on 12/04/2008
"does this barrel work with a JLS scar? if not can someone please tell me where to find one? thanks
by Hon L. on 12/03/2008
"ICS is 14mm negative thread, JG AEG are 14mm negative thread. So yes, it will fit both of them. It will fit all the AEG other than G&P and Western Arms (in which you will need to purchase a 14mm positive to 14mm negative adapter.)

A very useful extension set when you are just "off" a little on your custom work...
by Michael Y. on 11/10/2008
"im interested with this...can it fit my ICS-CXP and JG m16...can somebody help me...thanx...
by mike r. on 10/11/2008
"it attaches like a silencer but it is a pain in the bum to get off
by Andy H. on 09/16/2008
"John, these are outer barrel sets. It has no effect on your bb shooting what so ever. There are shells for your inner barrel.

If your inner barrel is bent, you'll want to replace that. Also, if your gun shoots hard you might want to consider using heavier bbs.

If it shoots over 350 fps you'll want to use at least Matrix 0.23g or 0.25g.

Also, if your hopup is too high, bbs will curve a lot, especially when wrong bbs are used.
by Taylor S. on 09/16/2008
"It may not be shooting straight due to the fact that theres a longer outer barrel and not a inner barrel. You may need to buy the correct inner barrel length, if you have the inner barrel u may need an entire new hopup system or to adjust your hopup correctly
by Derrick C. on 09/03/2008
"This will fit any 14mm negative thread. (DBOY has 14mm negative FYI)

All 3 sets can screw onto each other and so it can be used to install a M16 free float on a M4 if you want to convert your M4 into a M16....
by Jared W. on 10/14/2008
"yes it does attach like a silencer but they thing i noticed on my gun is it iisnt the same diameter as my barrel, it could be just because i have a classic army scar but im not really sure...... it might be the right diameter for a m4 or m16, but not my scar...... still this is a great barrel extension! slightly on the heavy side but very good.....
by Matt S. on 10/08/2008
"does you put this in as if it were a silencer, or do you actually need to open uo your gun and put it in, becuase I really don't know what im doing here if I have to rip open my $200 M4