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Shadow Op MB01 Type96 MK96 APS-2 Airsoft Bolt Action Sniper Rifle - Desert Tan (Package: Rifle)

26 Customer Reviews

by Jenny C. on 06/23/2008
"This rifle is very accurate and powerful. There is another one like it by Both elephant that don't carry anymore. I strongly believe the previous review is not the same brand.
by Paresa R. on 10/15/2014
"This gun is a really good gun. I bought it for backyard games (I have lots of land) this gun is really heavy (good or bad) the bolt is easy to pull back. With .2g I get 390 fps.

High fps
Durable plastic
Come with scope and bipod (option)
Hurts ;)
Metal barrel
Working safety
Metal mag

Scope rings are bad
Bipod screws come loose
Alan wrench is annoying
Scope is hard to sight in
When I load up the mag on my last shot my gun jams
Terrible sling

Overall I give this gun a 4:5. TOTALLY GET IT
by Trevor B. on 05/20/2014
"I bought this gun on a Sunday afternoon an it arrived on a Friday morning the next week. When I opened the box it was taken apart as expected. I looked at the paint, and I can tell I did not pay for a good paint job but that does not bother me. The bolt slide is really smooth it shoots a little higher than you're aiming but with a little adjustment to the hop-up it shoots perfect. On Evike it says the packed includes the gun a 1 mag. My package came with a sling and a speed re-loader, the loader is useless because it does not work with the mag that comes with the gun. I give this gun an 8 out of 10 because of the paint job.

Pros- Works awesome - smooth bolt slide - sturdy

Cons - bad paint job - scuffed up - body has oil stains on it
by Nathan F. on 02/25/2009
"best spring sniper rifle i have ever used but i still like my Cheytac
by jarrett h. on 11/14/2008
"should i get a red dot scope for this gun or just get the zoom scope u can buy with it for like $30
by bob c. on 10/12/2008
"i would realy like to get this gun but im not shore if you get the bipod with it that is in the photo,if someone nows please get back to me
by Rocco V. on 09/28/2008
"Ok, I have personally owned and tested bot the WELL/UTG and BE versions of this gun. First off the BE chronos at about 460 fps with .25's, but shoots barely 120 feet with any accuracy, after that the bb veers off to the right. By the time it reaches 170 ft it will be a good 7-10 feet to the right of the target and even that is inconsistent, mine broke it is a pos.

The UTG version is somewhat better, I owned one and have seen others in action. it is accurate to maybe 160 ft and will make it to close to 200 ft but will be 5 or more feet off from target. the other ones I have seen perform inconsistently, one could shoot as well the BE version, two were shooting in between the two, and the other two were about as good as mine.

I recommend getting an aeg over this unless you are a backyard player (in a very big back yard) because unless you are very good fieldcraft aeg's will rip you to shreds. My KWA M4 and CA m16 shoot further and more accurately, it doesn't make sense to get this over an aeg. Another problem is the distance you have to use it. Minimum engagement distance at most fields is 100 ft for a gun above 400 fps, this gun is close to 470 with a .25g bb, so you only have 20-50 feet to work with in order to make a shot with any accuracy. so on top of this you will have people laying down massive amounts of fire power in you direction with the same if not more range. Again, if you casually play on private property go for it, but if you skirmish at actual airsoft fields don't.

For $25 more you can buy a jg G36 or M4, just do that because this is a poor example of a sniper rifle (at least stock). If you want a decent sniper rifle get a jg Bar-10 and put in $400 worth of VSR-10 upgrades, you will have one of the cheapest possible effective sniper rifles.
by Mike K. on 04/02/2009
"I had this gun, a different color, but after about 7 days the pin on the cocking handle, snapped out and couldnt be fixed. Before that though the gun shot great, had a curve to the right, migt of been the hop up. maybe it was just mine, but the fire power was really good.
by brett s. on 06/20/2008
"i used to have this gun but sold it. its exteemly fragile, i dropped it once on carpet and the barrel came off and i had to use duct tape to keep it on after that, its really big so you might have trouble walking around with it and it will slow u down alot, and its crzy innaccurate. if you just want it for the unlucky person that comes through your bedroom door then go ahead spend $100, if you're actual;ly bringing it to a war, spend your money on somethin else. oh and i had the black one i dont know exactly waht color this thing is
by barry s. on 11/29/2008
"this si to jarret h. get the scope for 30 bucks. a red dot is not for a sniper. i sniper needs a zoom scope.
by evan m. on 07/15/2008
"this gun and all other rifles made by this brand suck ass at 50 feet i had horrible grouping and could not shoot through a cardboard box all in all it is a piece of shit and a waste of money the only way to get a good spring rifle is spend at least 500 dollars.