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SRC SM8 Airsoft AEG Rifle w/ Two Hi-Cap Mags (Color: Grey)

30 Customer Reviews

by Dana R. on 08/30/2008
"Here's the story: I originally bought this gun for my Dad, but ,i decided to take it myself. After reviewing the pros and cons about this gun, i can tell anyone it's worth the money. I had to change a few things like a diffrent stock because SRC makes the crappest stocks, and a new Hop-up cause some of my friends do not know how to depress the trigger all the way(they paid for it),Evike was really supportive and sent me a gun case which was not in the order i made because there was a delay in the shipping(Really cool case a $40 value) . Overall, i am happy with the puchase and i plan on buying the KWA M4 next. My SRC Xm8 scares the hell out my other airsoft grunts when i play.
by Jeff C. on 07/07/2008
"This is a very impressive rifle. The scope on the rifle is real. If you got one from other retailers with a fake scope, return it and get it from Evike. The build in scope on this rifle is priceless! Its so nice, one of the best XM8 to get if you are looking for an XM8
by John C. on 05/24/2008
"This is a very good gun with the exception of one thing; you canít find any really good accessories for it, like rail systems and such. You have to customize. I added a 9.6v 1400mah Intellect battery. It does fit but it is snug. I have run at least 100.000 rounds through mine and have had no issues. It is still going strong. The scope in mine is way off but the one my friend has is dead on. I do plan on gutting the stock scope and putting a red dot in the same housing. One other thing, it does creak a bit in the front section.
by Jeffrey S. on 08/03/2017
"I've owned this M8 for about 3 years now and I'd have to say I have absolutely annihilated people using this gun with completely bone stock internals. It's a fairly solid design, some people have problems with the stock but mine has worked with no issues. I took off the scope bought a 1' rail riser for clearance and put a hollow sight on that bad boy, it looks amazing. I haven't seen another person sporting this gem making it rare to see in the wild, which is nice.

Accurate AF
solid hop up
very ergonomic
scope can be changed
inner and outer barrel can be extended
Kicks serous trash indoors
stock scope is pretty good
has holes to put a rail under the hand guard for grips

can become rickety over time
you have to get kinda close for outdoor use
by Alex T. on 06/13/2017
"an okay gun for CQB the one i got was shooting fine the only problems i have are it has a wobbly right the scope goes on and my front iron sight came bent other than that its an pretty okay rifle
by Fernando M. on 04/03/2016
"Great gun, overall. The internals haven't failed on me, and I've been fielding it every weekend for the last two or three months. Great response on the trigger, and solid accuracy. The plastic is good, but you'll need some Krazy Kola to glue some poorly-done union points. The scope is the only bad deal in this package, no eye relief, mine couldn't be adjusted, and frankly unsuitable if you like to do Rifleman. Maybe would work in a Designated Marksman role. Got some mid caps for it, and it fed a little weird on Semi auto, lot's of double-feeds, but is operating normally now. 100% recommended, just get another sight and a riser rail.
by Luke M. on 08/14/2015
"My first AEG
Exceptional gun
-Accuracy - fairly accurate, hop-up is easy to adjust.
-Standard G36 internals - no proprietary nonsense.
-Weight - has some weight to it but is still good for CQB/Field.
-Comfortable - compared to an M4/G36/AK this gun takes the cake in ergonomics.
-ROF - with a good battery (9.6v 1600 mAh), this gun absolutely shreds on full and semi-auto.
-Looks - this guns absolutely beautiful especially with the included scope, nobody has this gun so it's a real eye-catcher, and your loadout looks better because you have the Ghost Recon 2 cover gun.
-Maneuverability - carbine length barrel makes it good for both field and CQB, stock and scope is easily removed to make a PDW style gun for CQB, easy to put it back on for field use, not a burden to leave on in CQB setting.
-Build- It's sturdy, it can take a tumble or two.
-Included high caps - broke immediately, wobbly, crappy feeding.
-Scope - it's hard to adjust and screws to take it off the rail space strip easily, great scope otherwise.
-Rail space - there isn't any! You can add it on but there are no rails included, it looks better without rails and attachments anyway.
-Sling mounts - they're awful, get used to using the carry handle and leaving it behind when you use a secondary
The pros far outweigh the cons here. All cons here in my opinion are minor and this gun is certainly a great buy!
by James R. on 07/08/2015
"The gun is pretty well rounded has a heavy weight in the front of it and gets really heavy after a while its also pretty long so hard to keep on the side with sling shoots great tho however when it jammed and the gearbox broke i replaced it and now it doesn't seem like it used to be other than trying to replace the gearbox its hard to modify internally the battery also sits in there fairly tight fit and is hard to fit when closing the battery spot.
by Dion C. on 02/21/2013
"My first AEG, and it looks nice. After a few matches at an airsoft field, i'll say its pretty decent. The scope is actually removable revealing a rail, so there are other options to put on that rail (I put a reflex sight). My only problems with the gun is the rail itself is wobbly, and the front sights are garbage, only because the barrel is free floating. The barrel is out of line with the gun itself.

Lots of people said that the stock was wobbly. This problem was present on the real version, and I never had a problem with the wobble.

Great gun.
by Josh B. on 02/28/2012
"First off this gun is quite impressive. I received it about a week and a half ago, though I myself have not fielded it yet my buddy has and being on the receiving end of it I will say it is a beast. The rate of fire with a tenergy 9.6 is very good and the fps is great as well out of the box. The scope is nice and the feel of the gun is divine. Accuracy is good. The only few downsides is that if you press the fire selector switch too far down past auto it will not fire and the battery space is VERY limited....i suggest a 9.6 tenergy nunchuck or 7.4 lipo. Overall this gun is a great buy for and level of player, oh and the stock is a little short for bigger players.

Good FPS
Good ROF
Good range.
Scope is a nice add-on
Good accuracy

LIMITED Battery space
Short stock
fire selector switch defect (at least on mine)

Final take this gun is a great buy for entry to elite players the Pros outweigh the Cons.
by alec c. on 08/25/2011
"I got this gun about 3 weeks ago and played 2 games with it and It is wounderful. It shoots a good 388fps right outta the box and is very comfortable to hold.

Light weight
good sights (without scope)
Good fps
Good rof

Battery space
Stock is a pain to adjust
Scope came broke in mine

Overall this gun is good in my opinion I recomend getting a butterfly type battery fits ok I guess oh and another good thing is that you don't need the scope or iron sights the carring handle is the overall best sight. Hope to see src come out with more amazing guns.
by Joel S. on 08/19/2011
"- SRC XM8 -

I got this gun because I needed to replace my G36C AEG and I needed a field gun. When I took it out of the box, the gun was comfortable, the metal scope that came with the gun was really neat but it took time to adjust. The body of the gun is pretty nice, metal cocking lever, abs plastic body, 6-position adjustable stock and the nice paint. (I got the Tan one) The metal hop up unit is awesome and it is easy to adjust. This gun is pretty heavy and I recommend buying a sling. I didn't like how the stock and the scope was kinda wobbly. First time I pulled the stock I made it come off but I attached it back with no problem. The flip up sights we're handy but I did not like how the rear sights were pretty small. The accuracy of the gun is not perfect but still does the job in range.

- Design
- Realistic weight
- Built in metal scope
- Paint Job
- Fire Rate

- Wobbly Stock
- Wobbly Scope
- Scope hard to adjust
- Rear Sights are bad
- Gigantic orange tip

by James S. on 01/09/2011
"THIS GUN KICKS ASS!!!!I used a poor mans chrono and it went through and through so this guns gotta have around 380-410 fps.Reccomend getting a 9.6v intellect 1600mah butterfly battery with this though.

Great fps and rof (9.6v and .2s )
Excellent Scope!(Better than AUG)
Uses G36 Mags(Easy to clamp together)
Metal orange flash hider(No Joke!)
Not chinese!(AKA not a piece o' crap)

Battery Compartment is an optical illusion(it looks like it can hold a large but it can only hold nunchuck and mini batteries)
Stock(Can only pull it fully out and put it back fully in)
Non Metal Body(Not a problem for me but for some it is)

Highly recommend this product for any airsofter beginner or proffesional!
by Wiiliam P. on 07/12/2016
"I wish I had more good to say about this gun. First off, it looks great, it feels great (especially if you replace the scope with a little red dot), and it's really one of the only options out there if you want the fantastic fishgun.

Other than that, the flash hider came crooked, as was the front sight, but tilted in a different direction so it wasn't just the barrel being misaligned, and I have found no satisfactory way to fix it thus far. The bottom of the shell encasing the stock also splits because it is just smooth plastic pegs holding it in place, but you could fix it with superglue if you felt so inclined. If you don't, the stock will inevitably start collapsing on you at the slightest pressure because the force on it's latch system will push the shell apart. Just don't be a fool like me and leave the stock in when you glue it. Luckily I left it in my most comfortable position.

If you buy this, pray that the QC gods find you in their favor.
by Jeff M. on 02/22/2012
"Despite being a huge XM8 fan, this gun has more problems than features.

1. Right out of the box, the buttstock is broken. The plastic outer housing is too weak to hold any pressure in your shoulder, so it splits open and fully retracts the stock. had to use tape to fix.

2. The upper part of the foregrip is the same way. Flimsy, and splitting.

3. the sight that comes with it has practically no eye relief. You have to be right up on it for it to be even remotely useful.

Now, here comes the best part.

After using the gun in ONE skirmish, two major problems had already developed.

4. The fire selector wouldn't work on semi, only auto.

5. The gun had already stripped and gear, and wouldn't shoot anymore.

Last time I buy SRC.

On a better, note, the magazines are nice, and the duckbill flash hider look great on my M4.