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Hero Arms Cheetah 3000 round Electric Winding Drum Mag for MK36 / MK36C / KM8 / KSL9 series Airsoft AEG

10 Customer Reviews

by chucky s. on 09/16/2010
"I have a questions about this magazine. How many rounds can I shoot before the batteries die?
by Matt J. on 12/09/2008
"Alright, that's a good question actually, and I hate supporting review-board questions but this one I think should be visible to anyone with a G36 looking to get this drum mag now or in the future. I have a JG G36c and a Classic Army CA36E(the longest one) and have tried several times to get the C's stock to fit around this thing, but it just won't go, however on the E's stock, 1" bigger it fits without a hitch. This is because on all G36c models, the stock is shortened by about 1" to help make it more spec-ops frienldy and compact. I believe the K, and for sure the E models have the longer stocks that will fit around, but I assure anyone who will try this as one who has already experimented with it, folding the stock on even a G36c with 3000rds under the gun will get VERY heavy on your wrist very quickly, so a K or E will be even heavier. However, if you get a good one(i got a lemon from the bunch), a G36E with an M203 on the bottom, scope on top, add this sucker and that's all the aggro and firepower you'll ever need on a field.

More specific to the drum, it's got a few internal flaws that could be looked at and some reinforcement that wouldn't hurt. The internal spring that keeps the BBs going towards the feeder and keeps them from rattling is, in my opinion, a little stronger than it needs to be. Also, the motor in mine isn't that great but works really good while it does; in just under 10 seconds I can go from full auto firing to out and back to fully wound again while firing. This will apply to all of the drums because the only difference between the models is a seperately attatched mold for different magazine designs held on by 2 screws, one on the front and back. Feeding isn't the easiest I usually just unscrew the top, pour in until it's full and can't hold any more, then attatch the top and top it off. Be careful to remember the pressure switch is either in or out of your mag before swapping once it's out(if you can fire that much) because it's a pretty mediocre cord. That should about cover most everything about this, oh, and it takes AAA batteries and is a power hog so I would suggest investing in a wall charger and a pack of rechargables. Hope this helped and happy huntin!
by Jett E. on 12/08/2008
"I really like this, its about twice the price of a high cap, its also auto winding which is awesome, though it uses batteries. Just try not to get trigger happy with it, and shawn, don't give it a 2 because of your own problems learn to shoot less.
by Gabriel V. on 11/26/2008
"When i have this in can i still fold the stock enough to lock it?
by James G. on 10/11/2008
"a very good mag i did get it for my gun but i realised that i like the regular hugh caps better because it makes me feel cool so i sold it to my cousin half price.
by Bin Q. on 07/30/2008
"This is the best drum mag to get for your G36C by JG, Echo1, Matrix, SRC, TSD or Marui G36C type AEG. (Seems like it does not work on CA very good).

Pro: It is single drum shape, doesn't get in the ways like the C-mag that spreads out to both sides.

Pro: It is electric powered.

Pro: It holds 3000 rounds, which will virtually last you entire game and more.
by D. M. on 06/24/2008
"Yea, don't use any drum magazine on a CA, their non-metal parts seem to be poor quality. Get a JG G36C or an Echo1.
by Matt J. on 06/23/2008
"Well, one month review, can say i'm irritated at my previous post, I jupmed the gun and now I'm reconsidering this. After a month, it decided to break on me the day before my comp.... convenient for a mag that doesn't want to work. Well I found out it wasn't winding because my pressure switch broke, so i 'fixed' it the best i could without a soldering iron and went to town. Needless to say misfeeding got me out more than I thought was legit, this mag fired when i DIDN'T have a target, but when I did, it took a crap and wouldn't work. Unfortunately this thing's massive weight cracked my G36's mag well and now i'm forced to get the M4 adaptor and make the epitome of all I hate(a non-m4 converted to an M4) because I can't find a replacement one. I'm going to buy a few Hi-Caps and be happy with that, but the mag still works so if i get the pressure switch to work again i'll sell it to my cousin since it works a lot better in an Echo 1 G36c than my classic army.
by Matt J. on 06/08/2008
"Alright, owned it for a whole weekend now and can say for the most part this is definetly worth the $65 and I will buy another for my next comp next month. Come on, $65 for 3000rds, or $20 for 500rds, ratios? 2.1c for each round of the drum, or 4c per round in the straight mag, and you have to buy 6 to get the capacity of the drum, so that's $120, which is almost 2 drums!!! But pros and cons, here you go, Pros: ammo capacity, you're a walking pillbox with this thing and it winds(very quickly too) for you at the push of a button, and on that note, the wire is removable so you can swap drums without swapping cords. It's not exactly *quiet* when it winds but it's not too bad, and if you need to lay down covering fire..... good god it'll just make bushes explode with ammo. Cons: It's heavy.... easily doubled the weight of my CA36E with .2g fully loaded, and the winding mechanism needed some serious lubing before the high-pitched wine was over with and it fed properly. Feeding, not sure but you may want to keep it only semi-wound to avoid it otherwise if you wind it too much it'll misfeed a lot, but if you just tap the winding button a few times before you fire it you'll be fine. All in all, this is a very simply designed, effective, DESTRUCTIVE peice of hardware for any G36, and maintinance is great because it's so simple. You will love this but rest assured you'll find out quickly, you will be shelling out a lot more money for ammo than you used to, but it's SO WORTH IT!! When you see someone running and tree leaves exploding behind them from the ammo you're throwing at him you'll find your smile grows larger with every greed burst of foliage. Also, a final note, compatability wise, this fits my Echo1 G36c a LOT better than my Classic Army G36E(full size), and that might have a little to do with the feeding issue but both guns fire great with semi-winding.
by shawn w. on 11/14/2008
"i prefure the reguler 470 round mag becouse the drum mag will use up all your bbs pretty fast i used up all my bbs in 2 days with this thing with the 470 round mag i used up all my bbs in like a month