Reviews: CYMA CM031 AK74M Full Metal Airsoft AEG Rifle

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Model: AEG-CM031-STD

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by Martin M. on 2015-11-09 23:41:33
"Honestly, this gun has to be the best starter gun for anyone that is looking for an AK style weapon. This gun can take a beating and can take days of usage and not cause any misfires, breaking down in middle games or anything. I've had this pass down from a close buddy of mine and he has had it for 3 years and now i have it and has not had one problem. Besides switching the battery fuse for holding the auto trigger so damn long. But other than that, for $100????? That's a damn steal for a great gun like this.

Great ranged (Chrono'd at 280 fps using .25g using a 9.6v battery) (could be higher)
Light weight, not to heavy
Never had a misfire
Parts are easy to find like mags,etc.
Under a $100?? hell yeah

Only con i can think of is honestly nothing. Besides there are not rail mounts for scopes,flashlights,etc.
by Kevin B. on 2015-08-23 08:56:34
"First off, I'd like to clear up something. The description says "full metal", which the gun is not. It has a metal upper recriever, or dust cover, but the body is a high strength nylon polymer. This is not the crappy ABS plastic from cheap crosman of double eagle guns; it's extremely tough, lightweight and durable.

Anyway, onto the review of the gun itself. It weighs in at exactly 6.5 lbs. and has a good weight, but it's not overly heavy. When you shake the gun there is no wiggle besides if the mag is in, the mag will click. The gun itself is super solid. I use .25 gram elite force bbs, and am just breaking it in. I have had one misfire/skip so far but that's just breaking in the gearbox. It shoots at about 380-400 fps with .20 bbs, but using .25s drops it down to about 330-350. It's accurate out to about 50 yards, then the bbs start to drift.

Overall, this is the best gun you can buy for under 100 dollars. Believe it!
by Jon W. on 2015-08-11 07:37:09
"this is my first airsoft gun, and i have to say that this performs way beyond what i expected.

full metal
less than $100
little to no wobble
good internals

no rails to mount things to (but if you want rails you can buy one like this with them for a little extra)

overall i would rate this gun at 5/5

(the only problem that i had was my fault because i bought two stick batteries for it instead of two small type batteries)
by Jason G. on 2015-02-20 22:07:39
"where to begin...
I have had this gun for well over a year and it is an extremely good gun for the price. This gun has survived many skirmishes and is still preforming great.
-Full metal barrel assembly (its not going to crack, ever)
-very solid internals (good rof and fps)
-come with a battery and charger (I would throw the charger away)
-polymer lower receiver (helps keep the weight down)
Overall this is an amazing gun for the price and I would highly recommend it to all players
by Malik W. on 2013-09-10 18:44:03
"Just got this gun and I have had it for 2 weeks I have had 2 wars with it against KJW M9 a G&G Combat Machine some other assault rifles a random shotgun and a TSD L96 and I have too say i'm pretty much owning the field. I'm about 5'7 and weigh 155 and this is pretty heavy for me but I like it but for long wars its pretty hard and I play football and wrestling and stuff so yea be ready for that.

Good Build
Nice Fps/Rps
Pretty accurate
Full stock for bigger batter (Get a 9.6 volt 3000mah or maybe 1000 if you don't wanna get a better motor)

Heavy(maybe for some peaple)
Scratches easy but you don't have to worry unless your like really reckless
kinda long but that's what I wanted. Get the Cm031B if you want is shorter

-Don't let the cons discourage you this is a nice gun for the price and is nice for beginners to intermediate so just go out and buy it its good.
by Bryan M. on 2012-07-02 12:11:15

fire selector : can break and will only function on semi and not full auto

Overall : its a good gun for the price
by scott m. on 2011-08-17 18:38:01
"I got this gun a few months back and I have to say it is the best starter gun ever. It's easily upgraded and with a new battery the ROF is great. It has good range and accuracy for that price.

Only cons really is that the handle came wobbly (easy fix), the mag included broke but also easily fixed, and it's not that great for cqb because it is a 38 inch gun.

Other than that if you want an amazing starter gun this is definetly the one.
by andrew c. on 2010-06-02 08:16:01
"i have had this gun for about 2 years now and it is amazing! its accuracy is extremly good and ROF is wayyyy more then most stock guns. the only problem i have ever had about it is that the selector switch got loose and fell off. the screw to put it back on was stripped so i had to glue it, but it fell off again... its not really a big deal tho sence u can get a new one for like 15 bucks... other then that there r no more problems. except for no scope rails or side mount that is like the only con i could find... overall a GREAT gun, no dought 4.5 stars, only cuz of the selector switch falling off and being stripped
by Cole M. on 2009-01-28 12:25:29
"This gun is very nice for the price, it is a good starter gun.

2 Magazines included
Battery included lasts very long
Hop up
Scares people with cheaper store bought guns to the point where they attack you steal your gun take it to their side and leave you with a pistol
Accuracy in semi

The plastic is ABS which is tough but it is not polymer
One of my magazines broke when I used cheap store bought .2 grams
Accuracy in full auto outside 90 feet
not much else

It is a good first AEG, I have a G&P now but I am sure I will still be using this very often.
by Patty k. on 2008-12-23 07:13:01
"dude this is such a GREAT gun. some parts that involve the battery were kind of bad so i had to pry it out but overall this is the best gun i ever had. its great if you get 2 extra clips and the 7 pocket chest rig thingy 10/10? no more like 10000000000000000000000/10
by Lori M. on 2008-10-23 13:05:05
"This gun is awesome. I have had this gun for over 6 months and it still works just as good going 380 fps with .2. I recommend this gun for any type of person beginner or expert. There are all types of guns out there but this ak is the best that i have seen other than 200 dollars gun.
by Davin J. on 2008-09-21 19:42:42
"Terrific gun! On my airsoft team we had four people buy this gun. myself and another kid still have ours and they work like a charm. If you are new to airsoft this is the perfect gun. As long as you treat it right (dont throw it in the mud, use mags not intended for it, use 7.4v and 9.6v batteries, clean it once a month) it will return the favor. i personally have (accidentally) fallen on it, and slid on (over ice) and it has not even gotten a scratch. a lot of it is ABS but it's very durable. two parts that you might want to watch. the pin that holds the mag release, and the flash hider and front sight can come off it you don't watch that front screw. both are easy to fix. so all in all one of the best weapons i have EVER bought.

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