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Matrix Special Force Quick Draw Tactical Thigh Holster w/ Drop Leg Panel (Black / Left Leg)

7 Customer Reviews

by dwight W. on 08/03/2012
"This holster is awesome it has a firm hold and does not wiggle!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It also can be detached if thou est wanted to use such a thing only on the hip with a belt.I recommend this to anyone who is getting a gun and needs a holster or has one ans still needs a good fairly cheap holster!....................................................-
........... Ps the dots are to make more characters....It is an awe=some holster!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
by Kevin P. on 07/29/2012
"i got this a while back, and at first i was using it for my buddy's Sig, and then my M9. i agree with the other posts, with larger pistols is can get a little unbalanced, but now i use a UHC revolver with a 2.5 barrel, and it works like magic. i use this as a last-chance sorta thing, and its never failed me. i highly recomend this to anyone whos looking to have a small or light pistol as a backup to their sidearm or for a lefty who uses a small sidearm

easy to use

large frame or heavy pistols can be akward while running
anything on rails will mess with the draw/holster

by Josh K. on 03/07/2010
"Great leg holster. Holds my 1911 and 1 extra mag easily. It will not hold pistol with accessories on rails, but stand-alone it works great. I agree with earlier reviewer that it can be bit heavy and pull away a little from your leg in an all-out sprint - doesn't "glue" to your leg... Probably the bigger your leg - the less of an issue this will be.
by James C. on 11/01/2008
"Great legg holster!
Out of my 5 years of airsoft, this is the best holster ive had!
Has very much adjustablity, and does exactly what its supposed to.

Very adjustable

Sometimes when you have your pistol ,and a spare magg in it, it becomes very heavy, and will begin to sway if you sprint hard, or do any violent diving/ dodging

But it does what its supposed to! Its great, an d i'd recomend it for any lefty.
by Howard H. on 07/01/2008
"Good Holster for a great price, It has a huge range of adjustability for the strap that goes around you thigh but the height can only be adjusted by a few inches but the height should be fine for most people.
Will hold almost any medium sized pistol, no Desert Eagles or MK23's but yeah Highly recomended holster.
by Mike T. on 01/03/2012
"This is a great holster for any lefty.It's quite comfortable,and it's pretty durable.This holster is actually the best holster I have,but the only cons I think that effect me is that it doesn't really glue to your leg when you sprint.Also this is probably just mine,but the 'O' think that holds the holster to the belt broke when I tried adjusting the holster since the holster kept on slipping down my leg.All is good though since I replaced that plastic 'O' or loop(dunno what it's called...) with a metal 'O' (still don't know what it's called..) So straight to the pros and cons.

1.It's pretty reliable.
2.It's comfortable.
3.It's cheap.

1.Kinda slips off of your leg.Doesn't really matter though,but it wastes your time trying to adjust it again and again.
2.Kind of plain jane.
3.The plastic 'O' loop or whatever broke on mine.
by Adam T. on 05/21/2013
"The holster is a good fit for most guns (my KWA usp compact fit) but it is flimsy built. The first game i played with it the stitching starting coming apart and my gun becoming very loose. It fits nicely but with it tightened a strap will flap around but you can just tuck it in. It would be good for a sniper or someone who stays still and does not run, but if you run, like i do when i play, it is not a good fit. I would recommend a different holster.

-universal fit
-tight fit (just have to re-adjust it sometimes like the other reviewer said)

-loose stitching
-Not durable (especially if you run when you airsoft)