Reviews: 50 Round Metal Mid-Cap Magazine for AGM MP40 and Sten MKII Airsoft AEGs


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Model: MAG-AEG-MP40

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by david b. on 2010-10-04 16:16:21
"Yeah. Just a 55 round mag. You would really need a 300 to 400 round one to have a good time.
But I wouldn't complain at 18 bucks. If you have 4 on you its pretty realistic.
by gary d. on 2009-01-01 02:24:43
"Just wondering if this mag also works with the MP40 from SoftAir?

WEbmaster: YES. The softair MP40 is made by AGM / Matrix. But licensed.
by James C. on 2008-12-28 01:35:14
"If it's not a high-cap it holds 55...........

by george b. on 2008-12-01 12:26:31
"it will hold 55rds just to let you know

ps. my dad has a mp40 and he has 2 mags each holding 55rds!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
by janet m. on 2008-11-03 18:40:53
"how many bbs does this magazine hold
and will it work for the matrix mp40

Displaying 1 to 5 (of 5 reviews)