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Pre-Order ETA July 2018 WE Full Metal Hi-CAPA Hyper Speed Airsoft Gas Blowback (Threaded Barrel / Railed Frame)

25 Customer Reviews

by dakota b. on 02/15/2015
"I have had this gone for over 2 years now. It was my first gbb and i still love it. Upgraded the barrel to a longer and tighter bore so it shoots about 370 with .20 bbs. Good enough for me to use it as a primary gun in indoor arenas. Highly recommend this gun and all other WE guns.
by Hugh W. on 04/14/2014
"Ok, so far from what I can tell, this is a great gun. I'm not sure if Evike just updated it a little bit or what, but my gun has a logo on the grips, a black trigger, black grip safety, and no rails. I thought Evike might have just sent me a different gun, but it still can rapid fire, so I'm just not quite sure. Now, the gun

High cycle rate
Full metal
Has a nice weight
Made by We Tech
High capacity (about 31 bbs)
Feels very sturdy/solid

There is a little bit of wobble if you shake it
I would like to have higher FPS, but that probably won't happen in a pistol
by Jon G. on 04/14/2014
"Recently purchased this pistol and I'm very pleased with it! The rate of fire is fantastic and the lightweight slide allows you to shoot accurately, even while shooting rapidly. Haven't had a chance to chrono or use in the field yet but the blood from my friend's leg says that it shoots hot! Overall, sweet pistol and very reliable service from Evike. Had a similar problem as Myles but after a quick phone call and e-mail, the problem was taken care of. Turns out the custom was updated with a smaller rail but same size slide. Excellent help and thank you Kent. Will be ordering from this site again in the future!
by Doug D. on 04/14/2014
"this gun is amazing! shooting around 325fps and the cycle on this thing is spectacular, i just skirmished with it today and it was awsome. I gave on of mi friends a huse welt in the cheek and another in the arm and the list goes on forever, i love it as a secondary to mi echo1 614. This gun is the frikin god of gbbs in its price range and can compete with WA's. If ur thinking about buying this gun, stop thinking and BUY IT!!!!!
by Erik D. on 04/14/2014
"This pistol has server me well. It has serious blowback, especially the first shot. The blowback "can" hinder your aiming if your shooting like a madman, but not a big deal. The high capacity mag is great since this gun can shoot really fast. It flew out of my holster onto a concrete floor and broke off part of the sights, but still shoots just fine. If it were a plastic pistol it would have totally broken... So, I highly recommend this pistol to anyone who wants a trusty backup.
by John M. on 04/14/2014
"This gun is based off a WE-HICAPA with a aluminum light weight 1911 slide installed.

All the WE-TECH magazine will work on it.
All the WE parts / Marui parts will work on it (for those looking for replacement / repair parts) These parts are very available on and they seem to have every other little part you might need on WE guns available if you email them. (Which is very important because having replacement parts and support means your gun will never "retire" no matter how much you play / abuse it).
by Susan S. on 04/14/2014
"With experiance from several gas pistols i must say this is the best pistol i have ever used! The gun is extremely accurate, precise up to about 20 meters (with good ammo and ideal conditions). This gun is perfect for experianced and new players alike who are searching for a new gas pistol.
by justin d. on 04/14/2014
"All i have to say is this gun is simply amazing. It has a hi cap magazine, and when you shoot it, it really kicks. I don't have any cons for this gun. Buy it, its worth every penny.
by Adrienne E. on 04/14/2014
"One of the best pistols in this price range! I'm not sure about one reviewer here claiming this gun is inaccurate, but when I shoot it, I'm able to shoot a 1 liter soda bottle about 50 feet away. It shoots hard, has a nice blowback kick to it, feels and looks great, and it's damn powerful! The only thing I don't like are that the sight's aren't dotted like the many other Hi-Capa's and 1911 variants. But the pros outweighs this only con, earning it a 5 out of 5 stars!
by donovan e. on 04/14/2014
"This thing is great!! I just got one and its great, it has a realistic feal and has power for its size. Its a get gun to get!!
by Dan V. on 04/14/2014
"Well after a complete FIASCO with trying to get a gun this one finally ended up in my hands. only a few words can describe this gun, simply amazing. The feel, look, quality, and not to mention CUSTOM built by evike themselves makes this GBB a most wonderful item. Boasting true beauty but major guts is what made me decide on this gun in the end. After a rigourous field test i will post more about the performance and epicness (i realize it's a made up word) of this beauty in battle.
by Nicholas B. on 04/14/2014
"Just orderd it and was looking for a good feeeling and loooking gun and this made both....If you are looking at it just buy it now you will get it in your hand sooner.
by Daniel N. on 04/14/2014
"All green/red gas guns are loud... This gun is amazing, 5 different guys on my team have one, they are not disapointing, they work like a charm.
by Gavin H. on 10/14/2013
"The Hi CAPA Hyper Speed GBB pistol is truly incredible. During gameplay, it feels perfect within my hands and it looks very intimidating. It has a simpler design than the other Hi CAPA's but a cooler more complex look than your average 1911. The blowback action is great and feels very strong. The gun shoots far and strong. Slight accuracy issues, but what would you expect with a pistol that has a hop up unit?

+good fps (~400-410) not 300-330
+great range (accurate at ~75 feet)
+full metal everything besides...
+high quality polymer grip
+realistic weight and feel (3.5 lbs.)
+intimidating look and sound
+threaded barrel
+great sights for daytime
+effective hop up unit
+double safety (actual safety and grip safety)
+adjustable rear sight
+light pull trigger
+magazine capacity
+hard kick blowback action

-rattles like a snake from Texas
-metal rail must be modified to fit certain attachments
-right side safety will fall off
-slightly inaccurate
-a little too big to be discrete
-magazine may fall out (happened to me once after 5 full wars)

Overall, this gun deserves a 5 because of the field performance. It's an incredible gun and it's very durable (it may have slipped out of my hands one or twice). Recommended to CQB players, not to field players (although I am one). Heads up, magazine holds 30+1 bb's, it is a double stack magazine (side to side), and it takes 8 seconds to fill the magazine exactly with FirePower: High Powered green gas. I do not suggest using propane because it will break the gun fast.
by Justin M. on 05/07/2011
"I've had this pistol for over a year and have used it in Multiple battles. I've had the gun break on me due to it being dropped....I'm not talking about short drops, I'm talking about 10-20 feet drops....and once it flew out of my holster because it wasn't adjusted correctly and it broke the beaver tail which jammed the slide and I forced the slide forward and it now works fine.
Overall, if you want a large pistol that will last through all battles and wear and tear...this is that pistol. I don't exactly like the serrated slide, but it's bearable.
One large note: take extra care of the mags....mine have been dropped multiple times and not just by me, but friends too. The bottom of the mag...the larger portion of the plastic and have broken off's not crucial to keep it, but be careful with it.
Mine did not come with a threaded barrel.

Accuracy: 9.5/10
Durability: 10/10