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Echo1 M4A1 Carbine Airsoft AEG Rifle (New STAG Arms Licensed Version)

32 Customer Reviews

by hendrix K. on 07/24/2008
"There is no such thing as "input" or "output" battery.

The gun come with a small type 1100mah 8.4V. It will fit most small type and nun-chuck type.

The biggest battery that can fit right into the gun is the matrix 9.6V 2300mah nun chuck. (Without going external PEQ or pouch).

I recommend getting a 9.6V battery and use the free 8.4V as back up. Get the 2300mah!
by Justin M. on 07/11/2008
"i have a CA M4-TC and what i did was take of the carry handle and the front site and put on a reflex site. looks and works great.
by Andy S. on 07/11/2008
"yes it is, all M4's have removable carry handles for the ability to mount scopes and could also get a mount that you mount on the carry handle so you have clearance of the front sight
by William M. on 07/11/2008
"is the handle at the top of the gun removable?because i want to be able to put a reflex red dot sight
by hendrix K. on 07/07/2008
"Since all JG / Echo1 AEG are pre-upgraded. Get a 9.6V battery and the rate of fire will increase. You cannot really expect the free battery to give you good rare of fire on this high power gun. The biggest NiMh you can put in this handguard is a Matrix 9.6V 2300mah nunchuck type
by Eamon O. on 07/06/2008
"I didn't get this gun from evike but its a great gun. Though mine is a version 2 and old it still functions great. I Once fixed the stock but that doesn't matter and the body feels a little weak.
comes with battery and charger
good for money
great power
great design

weakens over time
low rate of fire
sensitive hop up
by Eamon O. on 07/06/2008
"I didn't get this gun from evike but its a great gun. Though mine is a version 2 and old it still functions great. I Once fixed the stock but that doesn't matter and the body feels a little weak.
comes with battery and charger
good for money
great power
great design

weakens over time
low rate of fire
sensitive hop up
by George W. on 06/28/2008
"1.2V 2/3 1100mah is the reading on each cell of your battery pack. At 1.2V it will never power the gun.

If you count, there is 7 cells, the battery that come with the gun is a 8.4 (1.2 x 7 cells)

Else, it will look like a single AAA battery...

Standard AEG don't come with batteries. So, if you buy a matrix, echo1, or JG, always get a better battery and use the free battery as back up.
by justin s. on 02/04/2014
"This gun was my first "good gun" i had the Full Metal version which has been yet to be discontinued. I had this rifle for a year, with alot of play. This gun was dropped countless times from me being clumsy and tripping/sliding ALOT. And yet it was still kicking. My first few months of having it went TERRIFIC, one day i decided to take this out to test out the gun, one shot then stop. I sent it in to get a look at it, the trigger contacts burnt out. Was a heart break, not a big tech guy so i couldnt fix anything being inside the gearbox. But it's nothing serious. I'd recommend a MOSFET with this bad boy. i ran an 8.4V for awhile and got amazing ROF, then switched to a 9.6V its like dropping a corvette motor into a POS car. It was an amazing Increase, This gun is more for the beginners, especially since its a poly body. Yet just a few days after it's one year mark the gun had the same problem, the wiring harness went out, AGAIN. I wasn't too mad as i bought the gun from the local retailer for 100 and got my moneys worth in the year. Time for the Pro's and Con's

low Fps (in my case this was bad)
Great Build
Compatible with almost any aftermarket externals, i magpuled it out.
Internals are great but the wiring
motor is great for stock

horrible range, the gun had a tiny inner barrel.
low fps, wasn't my specific need
trigger contacts burnt out twice on me
other then that a great gun
by Jace Z. on 11/04/2011
"Well, this was my first PRO airsoft AEG. When I got it, it came in a nice looking ECHO1 box. I opened it up, and wow. The rifle was like nothing I've ever seen before. (Remember, first ever AEG.) It has a good weight to it. 5 months later I have not upgraded anything, and I've had quite a few problems with it. First, the stock became EXTREMEly wobbley. I took it apart, opened the buffer tube, and it turned out the screw had came undone, and the screw was stripped. I put it back in and its been ok ever since. Second, everything above the delta ring became so loose to the point i coud turn it a good half-inch. I took it apart, tightened it, and well-ah, it was fixed. I still gave to continue to tighten it after every use. And lastly, the whole handgrip fell off. This was my biggest problem. I put the motor back in, screwed it back in and discovered it would not shoot. I took it apart and put it back together and it started making a RRRRR~ noise when I pulled the trigger. But, performance wise, it is decent for a starter gun. I loved it at first but after a couple months I'm getting pretty tired of the gun. So overall, Great starter gun!

Decent accuracy....
GREAT starter gun
Nice heft and feel

Not the greatest accuracy with stock barrel at all...
Mostly plastic

Overall, 4/5 for starters, but definetly would NOT reccomend for veteran players. Put a little more money into a better gun like G&G or some of ECHOs better guns.
by Daniel G. on 03/31/2009
"My brother owns this gun, and I will be comparing it to mine, which is the G&G m4 (full metal pro series)

Good things:
The RoF is EXCELLENT. It actually shoots a tiny bit faster than the G&G.
Extremely accurate, once again beating the G&G out by a bit.
The price. It is a great bargain
The stock is very, very stable, the sling mounting point is affixed to prevent rattle
Trademarks look considerably more realistic
The charging handle makes an extremely satisfying "CLICK-CLACK!" when pulled.
Fairly powerful stock, although here the G&G triumphs by a considerable margain (50-60 fps)

Not-So-Good Things

The externals are, for the most part, bad. Almost no metal, the handguards look cheap as heck, barrel wobble is present.
Classic Army, Star, G&G, and D-Boys mags are ALL incompatible without modifaction.
The battery that comes with it is not only extremely bad, but barely fits in the handguard
The wiring job is REALLY bad, they need to be reattached wheneve you put in the battery.

Conclusion? If you have the cash, go for the G&G, they simply are the cream of the crop. If you are an airsofter on a budget, GET THIS GUN! it is, and I believe will be, THE staple airsoft gun for the next few years.
by Tyler L. on 02/09/2009
"Anthony i have had the same problem with and have had mine for a bout a year too. I have really upgraded mine got a lipo battery for it......king arms red dot acog.......500 rd extended mag......tight bore barrel. and i have a peq 2 box(for lipo), metal body, and metal 1 piece Hop up by g p on the way.
by James C. on 01/25/2009
"to alex h. the recievers (body) on m4a1s (jg and echo) are gray and the rest is black. the black body in the picture with the trademarks are on the echo 1 stag-15 but i would get the jg 2008 enhanced m4a1 (i have a review on it) because the stag-15 and i think this one too has a plastic spring guide, non reinforced gearbox, and plastic bushings. but if echo made an upgraded version then it could be compatible with JG. BTW.....JG AND ECHO 1 ARENT THE SAME!!!!!!!!
by Alex H. on 11/25/2008
"I'm a bit confused when doing research about this gun....
Now does this gun come with a gray body (receiver) or did it use too OR thats
just how the pictures are and it is all black?

And if it is gray what kind of paint and where should I get it at to make it all black?

thanks to who ever replys.
by Barb D. on 09/24/2008
"the description says counter clockwise way at the bottom.