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Matrix MP007 MP40 WWII Full Metal Airsoft AEG Rifle by AGM

39 Customer Reviews

by Christian G. on 08/16/2014
-nearly entirely full metal
-easy to fold stock
-includes metal mid-cap
-somewhat easy battery installation
-full auto and semi, safety is under pistol grip,it will have the safety on when u acquire this gun

-very stiff charging handle
-doesnt include battery
-no trademarks anywhere on the gun

for $96(currently) its a major steal
by michael m. on 03/20/2013
"I got one of these in 2007, as I had been obsessed with this gun my entire life, and I wasn't disappointed. I had been looking at ebay for an mp-40 "wallhanger", and was looking at Marushin shell-ejecting, cap-firing guns, and saw the Top version of this;back then I didn't know anything about aeg's. When it arrived I fired it and immediately became interested in airsoft, and have been playing ever since. Now I prefer guns with longer range, fps, and rof, but still have a place for this gun in my heart. Mine ended up shattering after it fell off a kitchen counter, and it was no longer fixable but I got more than my money's worth, having used it for about five years. All the complaints about the stock being loose are unfounded, because it easily folds up and serves no real purpose other than purely cosmetic; once it's folded up under the lower receiver it isn't going anywhere!! It's very realistic-weighing 7 lbs. gives it a sense of authority, and the magazine capacity mirrors the real steel. Get a few extra mags if you are prone to shooting at times other than when you know it's a confirmed "kill"! This gun is not for the player who mindlessly spews ammo at opponents behind cover.If I ever throw in the towel and become a cqb guy, I'd use this,because at ranges of less than 100 feet it gets the job done and looks way more cool than the sea of M-4's and AK's out there.
by johnny m. on 10/02/2012
"i love this gun. i have only had it for about a week and other than my thompson it is my favorite gun out of all of my other guns. when you get your hopup perfict, it shoots like more than 100 feet.

German gun
fold out stock
metal mag

mag capacity
wobbly stock
orange tip

I give this a 5/5 because it is a great AEG, and i love owning with it.
by adam h. on 09/23/2012
"I have got to say the best thing about this gun is the accuracy. as long as you adjust the hopup it's beast but as other comments have said, the sling will only go on the front mount because the back mount is too big. it shoots VERY fast for its mag size which can be a good thing or a bad thing. the metal/price ratio is incredibly good and the mag is really easy to load.

high fps

low mag size.
wobbly stock

I give this gun 4.8/5
by christine c. on 08/08/2012
"BEST i say best because it is full metal it comes with a strap but it ony can go on the front sling thingy good FPS good RPM (about 750)

good RPM
ahh who am i kidding every thing

too kool people might steal it
too good in a war you'll get kicked out
people will get jelly you

over all i give it 6/5 stars
by Jessica M. on 06/25/2012
"I bought this as my first "real" AEG because I love air soft and was only using crosman guns. This thing is incredible. It shoots about 340 with .20 gram BB's and has a terrific range. This thing was out- shooting my friends CYMA M14 and this is only a submachine gun. I use it all the time indoors and out. Great buy

great range
great fps
good for cqb
cheap for what it is!!!!!

wobbly stock
mid cap mags (no high cap i know of)
by john r. on 03/02/2012
"awsome gun i encouage everybody that wants to buy to buy almost full metal, accurate, and it looks cool
by Thomas C. on 11/22/2011
"I had this gun not to long ago and let me just say that it is by far the sexiest gun I've ever owned. It's absolutely gorgeous, very well constructed, and shoots great! However, my friend broke my gun's magwell so I sent it back and bought an AGM STEN MKII which is another great gun but I missed this gun so much that I'm probably gonna buy another one
by presten h. on 06/27/2011

strong fps


wobbly stock
50 rd mag
by Lynne M. on 12/13/2010
"I got mine in the mail a week ago. It is so awesome!!


almost all full metal
nice ROF


heavy... aobut 7 lbs
pretty wobbly, yet stable
by Chris W. on 03/29/2010
"Great rifle for the price. If you are going with a WWII loadout, I HIGHLY recommend this rifle. While mine still is still on pre order status, I have borrowed one from a field and have fallen in love with it. It's historically accurate (except for safety and fire selector switch) and I have added the available Bakelite imitation side panels and hand grips and they really make this rifle pop out in overall looks.

Accurate to 150'
Metal (good and heavy)
No flimsy parts
Magazines are metal
some metal parts in gearbox (mainly gears but oddly not bushings...)

Magazines are expensive at $15 each
Bushings are plastic and not metal
shimming needs to be redone
Plastic spring guide
design choice of selector switch (wish they would have found someplace else for it or get rid of it.....)

This is of course just me nit picking. Overall, a fantastic replica and a good starter gun to make you stand out from the crowd of G36's and Armalite's.
by James B. on 01/08/2010
"When I got this gun it was nice, good clip size, good fps, doesn't break down. I've had this gun for like 5 months now(forgot to write review earlier) and it hasn't broken once. Overall this is a great gun and i recommend it
by Austin W. on 09/18/2009
"I got mine in the mail today! It felt like a real gun when I first took it out of the box. I'm very satisfied with my purchase. Shoots great!!!!!!
by kyle b. on 02/18/2009
"By the way...there is not that much orange tip, its only about an half an inch.

I was playing with my mp-40 the other day and it is leaving welts on people the size of a large marble... now when ever i yell blitzkrieg, the enemy runs the other way. In another short summery this is a very, very good gun. I recommend it to anybody...
by Craig B. on 01/31/2009
"This gun is fantastic. I got one with 2 extra magazines and it could be considered a reenactment piece in my mind. It is naturally heavy, no added weights, and that made it feel more realistic. It took me a while to figure out how to hold the magazine catch when holding the gun. The fold out stock became a little unsturdy after a while, but i pushed the pin back in with some pliers and it is fine now. I recommend you get this gun.