Reviews: Matrix MP007 MP40 WWII Full Metal Airsoft AEG Rifle by AGM

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Model: AEG-MP007B

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by Dodge C. on 2015-01-29 18:31:16
"This is a really excellent gun for the price which is $120.00 and I am happy to pay that for a good gun. The battery it came with is okay, but I was able to squeeze in a double M4 battery and it works good. By the way DON'T grip it by the magazine because that can jam it. Grip it by the magwell instead.

*Good rate of fire
*Looks awesome
*Lots of metal
*Love the way you grip it
*Adjustable hop-up
*Makes other submachine guns look stupid :)

*Stock wobbles (not really a problem)
*Magazine capacity is extremely lacking considering you can buy mags that hold twice as much
*I wish the grips were brown like the real ones
*A pin thingy in my stock fell out after only a few months of use, and now the rear part of the stock won't unfold, rendering it useless
by Christian G. on 2014-08-16 15:19:48
-nearly entirely full metal
-easy to fold stock
-includes metal mid-cap
-somewhat easy battery installation
-full auto and semi, safety is under pistol grip,it will have the safety on when u acquire this gun

-very stiff charging handle
-doesnt include battery
-no trademarks anywhere on the gun

for $96(currently) its a major steal
by Rolene S. on 2014-05-31 08:18:23
"I'm giving this review 4 stars because of where the battery needs to go inside the gun, basically you have to split the gun apart to put in or remove a battery which can be a pain; furthermore, the magazine only holds 50 BBs which you'll go through extremely fast. Next, the required battery type did not work for mine I had to use a 9.6 which is a tight squeeze ( I have not found a smaller one of the power).
Now, this gun is amazing for $120 I would even be happy if I had to payed more, if you plan on using this gun for wars (as I am) you'll want plenty more magazines which are around $15 for only 55 BB capacity. I searched around for a bigger capacity magazine and found a pack of 5 plastic magazines with 110 BB capacity for about $40 (individual they're about $12), I bought the 5 pack and they didn't work, by looking in the gun and comparing the original magazine against the plastic ones the whole for the BBs seemed a tad bigger on the original, therefore, I cut away on the new magazines just a bit and now it's a tight squeeze but the work. Here' the link for the magazines:
All in all, I am ecstatic about this gun and definitely recommend it.
by Michael V. on 2013-12-09 10:08:44
- High fire rate
- Full metal
- Sturdy

- A BB got jammed inside the magazine well (Hasn't noticeably affected firing)
- Low magazine capacity
- Wobbly stock (Not much of a problem)
by Gabe J. on 2013-10-15 22:49:02
"This is such a great gun it is very sturdy and build to last. I have had mine for a year now and I have been using a 9.6 volt battery and they motor has stopped working. But I would highly recommend this gun to begginers and to advanced players. Also it is very affordable.
by Heidi W. on 2013-08-20 18:40:48
"Great gun! I just got this today for my birthday. I'm new to airsoft and this gun is great for me. I recommend to anyone new to airsoft or even the pros, it's a GREAT gun.

-Feels REALLY solid.
-Magazines are metal.
- Mostly if not all metal.
-Mine came with it's own speedloader.
-My friend's gun has great Rate of Fire and FPS.
-Fairly accurate, for a sub machine gun it's fantastic.
-Looks fantastic.

-Mine did NOT come with a battery and charger.
-The Stock, magazine and front piece of the gun but the stock and mag are easy to handle, the front piece of the gun and be firmed by turning a part of the barrel tight, you'll find it.
-Low magazine cap.
-I'm learning to actually load the magazine. I'm new to this and it's my first actual gun. Other people may not have this problem but I do.

That's it, that gun is AMAZING, I recommend to anyone looking t buy this.
by John O. on 2013-08-17 00:44:10
"I grabbed one of these from a boneyard and fixed it up. Its a decent gun if you are a WWII fan but it does have some drawbacks.

It uses a modified version 3 gearbox and no, nobody sells upgraded shells. It comes with funky Chinese gearbox grease and plastic 6mm bushings so a good cleaning and tune up help alot. I recommend downgrading the spring to prolong the life of the gearbox.
by michael m. on 2013-03-20 16:46:44
"I got one of these in 2007, as I had been obsessed with this gun my entire life, and I wasn't disappointed. I had been looking at ebay for an mp-40 "wallhanger", and was looking at Marushin shell-ejecting, cap-firing guns, and saw the Top version of this;back then I didn't know anything about aeg's. When it arrived I fired it and immediately became interested in airsoft, and have been playing ever since. Now I prefer guns with longer range, fps, and rof, but still have a place for this gun in my heart. Mine ended up shattering after it fell off a kitchen counter, and it was no longer fixable but I got more than my money's worth, having used it for about five years. All the complaints about the stock being loose are unfounded, because it easily folds up and serves no real purpose other than purely cosmetic; once it's folded up under the lower receiver it isn't going anywhere!! It's very realistic-weighing 7 lbs. gives it a sense of authority, and the magazine capacity mirrors the real steel. Get a few extra mags if you are prone to shooting at times other than when you know it's a confirmed "kill"! This gun is not for the player who mindlessly spews ammo at opponents behind cover.If I ever throw in the towel and become a cqb guy, I'd use this,because at ranges of less than 100 feet it gets the job done and looks way more cool than the sea of M-4's and AK's out there.
by johnny m. on 2012-10-02 09:25:53
"i love this gun. i have only had it for about a week and other than my thompson it is my favorite gun out of all of my other guns. when you get your hopup perfict, it shoots like more than 100 feet.

German gun
fold out stock
metal mag

mag capacity
wobbly stock
orange tip

I give this a 5/5 because it is a great AEG, and i love owning with it.
by adam h. on 2012-09-23 12:52:40
"I have got to say the best thing about this gun is the accuracy. as long as you adjust the hopup it's beast but as other comments have said, the sling will only go on the front mount because the back mount is too big. it shoots VERY fast for its mag size which can be a good thing or a bad thing. the metal/price ratio is incredibly good and the mag is really easy to load.

high fps

low mag size.
wobbly stock

I give this gun 4.8/5
by christine c. on 2012-08-08 18:10:26
"BEST i say best because it is full metal it comes with a strap but it ony can go on the front sling thingy good FPS good RPM (about 750)

good RPM
ahh who am i kidding every thing

too kool people might steal it
too good in a war you'll get kicked out
people will get jelly you

over all i give it 6/5 stars
by Jessica M. on 2012-06-25 18:37:52
"I bought this as my first "real" AEG because I love air soft and was only using crosman guns. This thing is incredible. It shoots about 340 with .20 gram BB's and has a terrific range. This thing was out- shooting my friends CYMA M14 and this is only a submachine gun. I use it all the time indoors and out. Great buy

great range
great fps
good for cqb
cheap for what it is!!!!!

wobbly stock
mid cap mags (no high cap i know of)

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