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Matrix MP007 MP40 WWII Full Metal Airsoft AEG Rifle by AGM

42 Customer Reviews

by Michael V. on 12/09/2013
- High fire rate
- Full metal
- Sturdy

- A BB got jammed inside the magazine well (Hasn't noticeably affected firing)
- Low magazine capacity
- Wobbly stock (Not much of a problem)
by Gabe J. on 10/15/2013
"This is such a great gun it is very sturdy and build to last. I have had mine for a year now and I have been using a 9.6 volt battery and they motor has stopped working. But I would highly recommend this gun to begginers and to advanced players. Also it is very affordable.
by Heidi W. on 08/20/2013
"Great gun! I just got this today for my birthday. I'm new to airsoft and this gun is great for me. I recommend to anyone new to airsoft or even the pros, it's a GREAT gun.

-Feels REALLY solid.
-Magazines are metal.
- Mostly if not all metal.
-Mine came with it's own speedloader.
-My friend's gun has great Rate of Fire and FPS.
-Fairly accurate, for a sub machine gun it's fantastic.
-Looks fantastic.

-Mine did NOT come with a battery and charger.
-The Stock, magazine and front piece of the gun but the stock and mag are easy to handle, the front piece of the gun and be firmed by turning a part of the barrel tight, you'll find it.
-Low magazine cap.
-I'm learning to actually load the magazine. I'm new to this and it's my first actual gun. Other people may not have this problem but I do.

That's it, that gun is AMAZING, I recommend to anyone looking t buy this.
by John O. on 08/17/2013
"I grabbed one of these from a boneyard and fixed it up. Its a decent gun if you are a WWII fan but it does have some drawbacks.

It uses a modified version 3 gearbox and no, nobody sells upgraded shells. It comes with funky Chinese gearbox grease and plastic 6mm bushings so a good cleaning and tune up help alot. I recommend downgrading the spring to prolong the life of the gearbox.
by Collman Y. on 03/11/2009
"Solid mp40 by agm. I got mine and was immediatley happy with it's weight and feel. Although i dont use it much (never) i agree its a nice mid priced aeg. It performs well out of the box and comes with one mag and charger. If you like WWII stuff get this u will be happy you have it around. BOOTY.
by austin h. on 01/08/2009
"love it world war 2 mp40
i would suggest u get more mags
by Bryan S. on 09/07/2008
"This AEG is very good for getting BBs out.It is has a low price but acts as a profesional gun. The only problems i have encountered: after a while the bolt gets loose from playing with all you have to do is screw it back in or tighten it, the screws came out of the stock but you can screw them back in and the paint scratches out in some spots but it makes it look real.I have had this for a year and a half now so those problems are very minor. As a WW2 airsofter i would recomend this to a German player who wants a hard hitting gun with a cheap price.My Mp40 has been sighted in for 50 yards and gets pretty solid groups so it has good range for a submachine gun. So now that i have this i will be getting a cybergun Thompson M1A1 in the mail very shortly. Overall a very solid gun GREAT BUY!!!!. 4.5 out 5.
by Jack F. on 07/23/2008
"This gun is so cool. its got a nice metal feeling to it but its not to heavy i just got it and it shoots great. in two weeks im going to take to a field and really test it out. if u get this gun by some extra mags and a triple mag pouch
by Jacob P. on 04/05/2017
"I would say this is a decent gun out of the box. but there are just a few things wrong with it.

Unique gun on the field
can take upgrades (V2/V3 parts)
Surprisingly large battery storage

Eventually the stock WILL wobble, A LOT
Small mag capacity
Gearbox is difficult to work on
Mine eventually developed a wiggle on the take down tab and that made it misfeed almost every shot

I would not recommend this for anything other than reenactment its a very cool gun but AGM did design the hop well on it. There are a number of forums that show you how to modify an AK hop to work and its worth it. That being said, after all the time I have put into mine I love this gun and everyone always has something nice to say about it.
by Cheryl C. on 11/23/2008
"are there rings to mount a red dot on thisssssssssss..........................
by Peter S. on 09/15/2008
"hey bryan if its the thompson im thinking of for 170$ go read the review i wrote. i have it an di love that gun
by Patrick G. on 09/15/2008
"To the guy a couple reviews down, yes it does mean feet, the maximum range test on a foot ball field is 60 yards. BE warned the hop-up is horrible and it is not accurate. 11 inch groupings at 25 feet, the stock is wobbly and it has cheap pot metal, but is a good collector's item.