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by Ellen A. on 2010-10-14 05:10:30
"ok i bought this gun and it is outstanding i used it at a springer only cqb match and i took out at least 4 guys with one mag and it weighs like 13 ounces with the mag out perfect gun for cqb
by Kevin L. on 2009-02-18 20:07:56
"didnt expect much from a 10 dollar package but the gun has a good look to it. with .20g BB's its good within 6-10ft. which isnt much.
-very light compared to HFC M9 Spring Pistol.
-magazine holds 14 rounds of bb's
-does not have funtioning hammer, or safety.

the case is plastic and broke before i got it so it doesnt close but if u carry it, it will stay shut.

the speed-loader is really good, the best part of this package.
holds 90-100 bb's in the speed-loader
by Michael P. on 2009-02-12 19:02:14
"Like everyone else has said - the speedloader and case are well worth the 10 bucks. I think out of all the speedloaders I own this one seems to work the best. The case fits 2 UHC 1911s and isnt too shabby. The gun , well it shoots BBs out of the orange end.
by Robin P. on 2008-10-14 16:52:58
"will this pistol work alrite with .25 6mm high grade bbs? i got this and it tends to curve with .20
by Daniel H. on 2008-09-19 00:43:42
"I got this for free from another retailer when I bought an AEG at their shop. The case and speed loader could be worth the $10, the case was nice. The gun would be best used to throw at your opponent in the hopes of confusing them enough to let you run for cover to reload. The one I got had a lumpy plastic inner barrel and couldn't hit a person from 15 feet away. Maybe that's why it was free. I fitted an aluminum inner barrel from a dead springer into it and now it actually shoots pretty well. Great deal if you have inner barrels to swap into the springer, definitely worth it for the case anyway.
by jeff r. on 2008-07-23 05:43:46
"This package is great... it comes with a very good spring pistol a speedloader and a my opinion the gun itself should be 10 dollars the guncase and speedloader is a good bonus.I just got mine yesterday and i love it.

Displaying 1 to 6 (of 6 reviews)