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Guarder SP150 Infinite Torque-Up Kit for G36 Series Airsoft AEG

2 Customer Reviews

by Matt J. on 12/11/2008
"They say it's for a G36c, however the K, and the E, which are the two larger models are the exact same gun, only with a barrel extension and foregrip extension. I have a G36E outfitted to a sniper rifle and a G36c and I can swap any parts between them any time I want. This upgrade is actually very good for anyone looking to max out the performance of a G36, C K or E. However he is right on a C you will need something like a PEQ2 kit on the side to power this, which is exactly what I did, and had a custom 9.6v 3300MAh small type made for it. Though, I don't really recommend putting this one into a G36c unless the field you play at allows 450+FPS assault rifles, which I really doubt, otherwise you're looking at probably wanting to put this in a G36E(long type) with a 510mm 6.03mm tight bore barrel and high torque motor, using that with a good hop up bucking you will put some effective rounds very far down range rather quickly. This is a good tune up kit IMO, but for automatics, i would recommend the SP120 kit since that's around the 400FPS limit most places stick to.
by Dennis C. on 09/06/2008
"Be careful of this kit--you have to have powerful batteries, a reinforced gearbox, and a strong motor to really use it. The gears are definitely high torque with a low ratio (like first gear in a stickshift car--lots of power but low speed). They have to be that way to work the SP150 spring, but that means you'll have to have lotsa power from your motor and battery to make up for it.

Considering that it's so difficult to fit even a mini battery in the G36C, I find it strange that Guarder would even make a kit like this--if it were an AK or G36K, it should be possible to custom-build a bigger battery powerful enough for this kit, but a G36C?

I ended up just using only the parts I could use. It's a nice kit overall--well made with good components. I wish it had more shims included--at high torques, there can't be any play at all in the gears.