Reviews: Guarder SP150 Infinite Torque-Up Kit for AK Series Airsoft AEG

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Model: FTK-GE-ITK-27

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by Steven D. on 2013-07-22 09:05:22
"Okay, i received this kit about a week ago and so far i really like it. the gears, anti reversal latch, and cut off lever are made of steel. the gears are heat treated and fit nicely into the 6mm steel bushings that come with the kit. the piston is the only thing that made me give the kit a 4 out of 5, i assembled the gearbox, fired 90 rounds and the piston stripped. it's supposed to be able to handle an m150. i was using an m130, this is why i rated it a 4 out of 5. the cylinder, cylinder head, air seal nozzle, piston head tappet plate, and spring guide are all very well made. the kit has an extremely good air seal, and probablly won't break on you any time soon!

so yea it's a great kit, except for the piston. buy an aim or matrix half rack piston. it'll save you a lot of pain in the end!!!

Displaying 1 to 1 (of 1 reviews)