Reviews: Guarder Infinite Torque-Up Gear Set for Version II/III A.E.G.


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Model: Gears-GE-02-05
Location: SO-193 S7-134

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by Jim A. on 2009-09-12 04:04:36
"Does anyone know how high of a spring can these handle? I was wonder if these torque up gears will work with my systema M160 spring?
by Robert G. on 2008-08-29 20:23:53
"When you torque up you loose speed but you gain reliability and power. That being said these are EXTREMELY hard to install! The beveal and spur gear both contact each other with helical style gears. These are VERY hard to shim!! These are really big and bulky and for most gearbox's require dremmel modification. However, they seem to possess very good power and potential. I have yet to try these gears through time and abuse but so far they seem pretty neat.
by Casey S. on 2008-06-19 12:20:41
"Just got them a few minutes ago, very nice feel to these gears, they interlock with each other VERY well, one thing to note though, is that these are Helical gears. Luckily I held off on buying my piston for my project gun and now I can buy the right one. So just be sure if you're purchasing a piston to use with these gears that you purchase a half teeth one.

Displaying 1 to 3 (of 3 reviews)