Reviews: UTG 1" 3-9X50 AO True Hunter IE Scope w/Zero Locking/Reset WE, Rings & Sunshade


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Model: Scope-U395AOIEW
Location: U9-098 WO16-M01

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by Tristan G. on 2015-04-14 22:00:08
"-------PLEASE READ--------

When is first arrived I was worried, the box was open and it seemed either used or just scuffed from the poor packaging.
After a one over however, the packaging had everything included in the picture.
The scope rings are a little on the small side and wont close all the way on either side but nonetheless holds the scope on the gun firmly. The scope was really close to the rails, not touching but close. The colored reticle thing was a little hard to figure out as far as any color other than red or green, (hold both R and G buttons until other color shows up other than green or red, this may take a second or two).

Colors are awesome
Zoom is clear (make sure adjust ring in the very front of the scope to get clear image)
Windage and elevation knobs are functional
batteries pretty cheap

Big (pro or con from person to person)
Long (If using on m4/m16 variant gbb you might not be able to rack the bolt if the scope is to far back)
Heavy (probably a con for most people)
Easily scuffed (not exactly a display piece though)
Really close to rails (consider getting a riser)

Note*: Colored cross hair is mostly for night use

The cons are minimal however, really clear image at the end of the day.


That is all, carry on............Why are you still here? Shoo.............
by Trevor H. on 2012-05-26 06:30:18
"This is a must buy if you are into any sort of long range shooting. The green/red sight is perfect, different brightness settings from a very bright to a very dim. The settings will cover all sorts of different day times. Has a very professional feel to it. Solid as a rock. Does not come with scope rings though. One of the best buys off of evike! No reason you shouldnt get it.

It may seem a bit high in price. But honestly I would say with the quality of the product/its preformance I would put the price round 120-150. So it is well worth the price!
by richard b. on 2011-01-11 18:14:51
"Got this scope from another airsofter in the area. very nice, easy to use. Havent gamed it yet as were still in the off season. Buy it if you like scopes. the adjustability of this makes it suited for a large variety of rifles and there different ranges.

all in all leapers has a great product

by Tracey S. on 2009-02-16 20:40:11
"Ok so i dont really want to write a long review so ill basically sum up this scope....

by Jordan R. on 2008-12-10 20:26:28
"This scope is amazing, i haven't used it in a battle yet but it is very nice, it doesn't give you scope rings unfortunatly. The green and red crosshairs are great, this scope is a must for snipers. I have this scope on my M14 RIS Long. the scope rings you'll need to get for this is medium or high scope rings because this scope is big.
by denette k. on 2008-07-26 22:55:45
"This is a great scope. I have it mounted on my kjw m700 sniper rifle and I can hit someone 200-300 feet consistently. It light up very and bright and the low setting is also great. With the mil dots it is easy to know where to aim at different ranges(although not needed cloeser than 175 feet).
by Ron R. on 2008-06-24 22:51:11
"This is a superb scope. It has amazing lighting with the red/green illuminated lights. The battery comes with it and you get an extra battery. I have this for my utg mk96 and it is amazing but the wezver 1" rings (low profile) do not work very well they are a little too low for this huge scope. So do not buy the low profile rings. Other than that it is a great scope.

Displaying 1 to 7 (of 7 reviews)