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Matrix Rubber Armored 3-9x40 Illuminated Scope w/ Scope Rings

14 Customer Reviews

by James B. on 02/04/2014
"this scope is nice. ive had it for a few weeks on my kjw m700. the scope rings are about perfect, not too high, but high enough to see through it with a mask on. the illumination is not bright enough for a bright day.

black finish
cross hairs are great!

red part in the front of scope is VERY reflective
by ken m. on 01/04/2011
"Big fan of this scope. Bought it with my UTG MK96 and it works perfectly. One of my favorite things about this scope is that the rubber coating is very effective and prevents teh scope from getting scratched as well as it not being shiny so it doesn't give away your postion because of the shine on other non rubber coated scopes. However one thing that i was strange is that when you adjust eh knobs for the crosshairs they move in the opposite direction. When your round is hitting to the right of the reticle you have to turn the knob to the right to move the POI (point of impact) instead of moving the cross hairs where you think they should go. Its a little strange at first but is easier the more you adjust the scope. After learning about the way the scope had to be adjusted though the scope was incredibly easy to adjust AND it stayed adjusted. Another plus was that instead of the knobs that require you to have either a coin or a flat heat screw drives this has knobs that you can adjust with your fingers beneath the screw off caps.

Rubber coated for lack of shine and durability
Illuminated cross hairs for the occasional night or low light game
Very easy to adjust once you learn how
Stays adjusted
Finger knobs ineated of the coin knobs

Strange method for adjusting crosshairs- Move POI instead of the usual move the cross hairs
by michelle C. on 06/03/2010
"first of all this scope is awsome. it works perfest and i love the reticule.

the only bad thing is the little fins that are on the scope cover broke off when i push on them.

but overall i thing this is a great scope and for $60, get it.
by Andrew Z. on 10/07/2009
"Just like David before me said, the aesthetic appeal to this scope is worth $60 on its own. This cost is even more justified once it's mounted and used in an airsoft match.
I put this thing on my G3 and am never planning on taking it off again. LEDs in green and red add to the usefulness of this product, though, it's not something you want on during nightfighting.
I will say, though, protect this thing with your life - I had a scope cover shot cleanly off coming under heavy enemy fire.
by Dean M. on 06/12/2009
"I just got this scope today and let me tell you out of the box its BEAUTIFUL its very big (13in) and its pretty heavy. Its nice and sturdy so if u drop your gun the scope will be fine. The illumination is perfect very nice red/green adjustable brightness for different times of day. The package includes Scope w/ flip up sights, SCOPE RINGS (yes it does come with it!!!), 2 batteries, cloth, alan wrench, and extra screw. I HIGHLY recommend this scope its a must have for a sniper the zoom it perfect.

Comes with Rings and extra battery
great looking
beautiful illumination
perfect zoom 3-9
flip-up covers

It is a bit heavy for a scope but that doesn't bother me at all
by David G. on 01/07/2009
"First things first I have to say this scope is absolutely hot!!! Being just a hair over 13 inches long this scope is absolute beast!! I use it for my m16 and just the pure astetics of it is enough to pay 60 dollars for not to mention the function of it. The red and green illumination work flawlessly and ajust to the perfect brightness for ur situation. This scope is also Incredibly durable. Already it has survived. 20ft fall of off the top of a tree stand countless bumpings on the floor and also a drop In the local creak. The illumination is powered by the little 3v lithium button style batteries. The package come with two of th but u can go to the dollar tree to buy a 3 pack of them for a buck. This scope is the best scope for $60 you will ever be able to find. I even prefer it over the 50mm version because of it's stealthier profile. The only thing that could make this scope better is zero locking. But other than that this is a definate buy for all u riflemen/dmr's/snipers our here that don't want to bust their bank.
by John H. on 11/21/2008
"this is as good of a tactical scope that you can get for the price, unfortunately i have to upgrade the G36C i bought it for first, used it on my sniper works like a charm, red/green illumination works perfect, fully adjustable, awsome for the price
by Johnny L. on 10/05/2008
"This scope comes with the scope rings. The rubberized finish is great and its a nice scope! Get it! They sell this in real gun shops for twice the price!
by ty t. on 10/05/2008
"hey does this scope come with rings im going to get this soon
by Alec M. on 09/14/2008
"This scope is awsome 13 inches long it is tottaly beast
by kevin s. on 07/19/2008
"uhh im confused people say that this scope comes with rings but on the product it doesnt say rings incleded
by Johnny S. on 07/19/2008
"This is a nice rubberized scope. Already comes with rings ready to snipe!
by Sally B. on 07/04/2008
"this scope is worth the money. i got this with my L96 and its really accurate with the .23 BB. its god for about 300ft.
by Sean S. on 07/31/2008
"This is a very nice scope. The illumination is superb. It does come with rings, but they're high profile, so if you want to mount it to an M14 (as is my plan) you're going to need low profile rings so you dont have to turkey neck just to look through your scope. Also, there is ver little eye releif on this, so you're going to have to mount it pretty far back, or get close enough to the scope to see through it. Over all its a nice scope though, great magnification, sharp retecle, accurate, etc. I recomend it, though with the current mounts it comes with its more suitable for SR-25s or M16s due to the high rise.