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Model: AEG-MP008-OD

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by wayne j. on 2016-03-24 16:35:11
"This is a great gun i recommend it but it needs a few upgrades.

Great fire rate
good trigger
sturdy build
heavy (pro or con depends on you)

The barrel is 6.04 so its not that accurate i suggest a tighter barrel
Not that powerful (pro or con depends again) so i suggest upgrading gear box
Some parts were loos but just screw it back to gether easily (thats just evike's shipping)

all in all a great gun just needs some upgrades.
by Randy B. on 2015-09-13 15:56:25
"I loved this gun when it first came out of the box it was a beauty . Then I dropped it and screws came loos the gun fell apart and now it doesn't shoot right . so avoid dropping it and don't be me and you will have a good aeg
by nicholas h. on 2013-12-08 08:12:50
"Excelent gun.
This M14 is my favorite gun. The ROF is good and an excelent FPS for a gun right out of the box. It is competitive to be sure with all the trimmings. I added a silencer which greatly reduces the noise. The only sound heard is frim the motor. The barrel is silent.

I would like to note that this gun is Long. I mean really long. It is also heavy. Most people will find it to be a burden but i love it. I would not recomend this to anyone small in stature. I'm 6-4 and this gun fits me like a tailored suit. I only regret that I didn't buy this gun sooner.
I would highly recomend.
by George P. on 2013-09-09 12:01:36
"This is the best gun I've ever had. I played a match the other day and dominated. I was shooting people across the map. I have no vomplaints PLEASE BUY THIS GUN
by Andrew B. on 2012-07-03 16:03:53
"This gun is pretty good. The fps was about 380 when i got it and it was fairly acurate. I spent 50 dollars to upgrade it. I got a madbull 6.01mm inner barrel and an m130 irregular pitch spring. Now it is extremely accurate and it shoots about 500 fps. before i had this gun i used a utg master sniper with an upgraded spring but this is more accurate and shoots harder plus its fully and semi automatic.

cost- its cheap for what you get
ok rof with 9.6
relistic weight
came with 2 high caps (mostly metal)
Its durable
realistic sounding bolt
scope mounts included

heat shield is cheap plastic

overall: its a great gun for the price and you can get a cheap upgrades to make it even better
by kyle g. on 2011-08-10 21:36:35
"This is my 4th airsoft gun. I have a echo1 M4, Desert eagle, bolt action remington R700 and now this M14. This gun is AMAZING!!!!!!! it chronoed at like 350~360 so it was a lower fps gun. i am a sniper on our team so i just got done with a 400$ upgrade on it. belive it or not IT WAS WORTH IT. now im shootin at 520fps with a complete rebuild and i can hit a 12"x12" target about 300feet away with lobbing it a tad. after a battle about 2 days ago we got a tape measure so we could measure a kill i made it came out to 342ft 6in. this shot was in a wooded area but it was insaine if your looking for a great cheap base gun GET THIS you will be impressed. even the R700 doesn't compare to this and the R700 has the "sniper rifle" name tag. This M14 is the best gun ever!
by Clayton F. on 2011-04-26 16:19:31
"This was my first aeg and i have to say this is the greatest gun i have ever used while airsofting. This gun is really long so if you're small i recommend you don't get this gun, but if you're big and strong this gun is for you. It is really heavy so i wouldn't move as much. This gun is dead on accurate and has never misfired and even though it is plastic on the outside it is a super strong ABS plastic. The internals are full metal so you won't be disappointed and the battery given is amazing for this gun. Mine chronos at about 380 fps so good for sniping on fields. It has incredible iron sights so there is no need to waste money on a scope.

heavy (pro or con but i like it better if heavy)
extremely accurate
high fps
good rate of fire (i recommend 9.6v)
metal internals

not made for cqb
can't think of anymore amazing gun
by Clay O. on 2011-02-11 16:45:39
"This gun is an amazing gun. Very accurate, and very powerful. Effective range is roughly 200 ft.
If you're thinking about getting this gun, GET IT!!!!!!!! You won't regret it. It's hard abs plastic, and the slide, sight, barrel, trigger and trigger are all metal.

Great accuracy
Great rate of fire
Looks beautiful
Great material

Gets heavy after awhile
Magazine goes in from an angle so you can't just pop it in
The orange tip is plastic and mine broke the first time I used it, so I'd get the steel one for only 15 bucks and the nut you unscrew to remove the orange tip is a PAIN IN THE @$$ to get off
by Jody H. on 2011-01-10 19:41:03
"This gun os absolutley amazing! Great fps and really good in combat. It is super accurate!!! But i definatly recomend buying a new battery.

great range
great fps
super accuracy
great material

bad battery
a lil heavy and long
a lil slow rof compared to other AEGs
by Victor M. on 2009-09-27 17:32:52
"this is a great gun. super accurate. really heavy. weight with scope is about 9 pounds. weight without scope is about 7.7 pounds
by mary b. on 2009-09-01 16:22:49
"this is my mom's account but does this gun have a threaded barrel because i read the description but i don't think it said anything about it
by Brock B. on 2009-02-21 15:22:11
"I got this gun awhile ago and I love it! but disclaimer if your short or not very strong, don't get this gun.

Its big! life-like and feels very solid
Good FPS
Long barrel allows for great accuracy
Full and semi auto for many situations
Nice stock battery
good mounts for scope

If your small its a big gun to handle
Definitely not for CQB, field and long range engagements only!

I was very impressed with the quality of this clone, If your looking for a nice M14 but don't want to spend 400$ for the TM get this gun! Great build gun or awesome for beginners

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